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ADULT stories are not directly linked to this page. Readers will be required to provide an age statement in order to access them. (Please note that stories not classified as "adult" may still contain violence and profanity.)

ATF stories are set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS Virtual Season episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches


Face From the Past - Kaosrock

Facing the Consequences - Sue Salter and Heather Hillsden

Fade to Black - Sue N. ATF

Faith - Deirdre (Missing Scene "Wagon Train")

Faith of the Heart - KT AU

Falling Heroes - LaraMee

False Identity - Bernadette

Family - Katrina Sanders [Incomplete]

Family - Sue M and Phyllis AU

The Family Business - Meredith

Family Business - MistyC & Debra Noellert ATF xover "The Sentinel"

A Family of Friends - Kiti Bloom LB ATF

Family Secrets, Family Ties - KT LB

Far and Away - Jeanne

Fast Enough - MMW

Fatal Vision - Ladysmiths ATF

Father and Son - Hombre

Father's Day - Sue M LB ATF Poem

Father's Day, Tornadoes and Tigers - Heather F ATF

A Father's Embrace - Jeanne LB

A Father's Hope - Winnie AU

Fathers - Dawn Cunningham

Fathers and Sons - LaraMee

Favors - Charlotte Hill (May not be suitable for all readers)

Fealty - Lady Angel ATF

Fear - Celeste

Fear Factor - Estee LB FUTURE ATF

February Thaw - Jeanne

Feels Like Home - Susan K.

Feelin' No Pain - BMP LB ATF

Festivity - Brate AU

Feud - Cmurph

Fever - LaraMee

A Few Simple Words - KRH

A Few Words Between Friends - Tiffiny ATF

Fields of Blue - SueN

Field Trip - Angie LB ATF

The Fight - Winnie

Fights, Flights, and Hard Choices - Heidi ATF

Find the Film - Hombre ATF

Finding Family (Series) ATF (Xover The Sentinel)
     Finding Family - Debra Noellert
     Family and Strangers - Susan MacDonald
     Family Business - MistyC
     Tribal Guardians - Debra Noellert
     Channeling Rage - Debra Noellert
     A Good Guide is Hard to Find - Debra Noellert

A Fine Colt -  Tarlan

The Fine Line - LaraMee Deux

Finer Than Gold - LaraMee

Fire in the Night - Trekkieb

Firebug - Kelly

Fire Dance - Chris

Fire Drill - MMW LB ATF

Fires - LaraMee

Firestorm - AJ LB ATF

Fireworks in Four Corners - Susan Macdonald Crossover "Alias Smith and Jones"

The Fish - atolar

The First Dance - LaraMee Deux [CHALLENGE #10]

First Day Encounters - KT AU

The First Day of School - atolar

The First Noel- A Season for Change - Margarett Cassidy

First Snow - Kaed ATF ADULT

The First Step - Susan K.

The First Time - Quizegan ATF ADULT

Fishing - Winter ATF

Five Years - Tonny

The Fix - Sasha ATF

Flow Bye-Bye - Sasha ATF

Flying High Over the City - ElenaRoan AU

For Auld Lang Syne - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

For the Best - Cobalt ADULT

The Foreplay Series - TexasAries ATF ADULT

Forget-Me-Not - Impamoudara AU

Forgive Me If I Hurt You - sablecain

Forgiveness - LaraMee LB

Forgotten Encounter - Sandy Griggs

Forgotten Memories - Raquel  ATF

Forgotten Sister - Gold Dust Woman (Xover Young Riders)

Forms - Aimless ATF

48 Hours - Wendymypooh ATF

Found - sablecain ATF

Found Treasures - Phyllis LB AU

Foundations of Glass - Karen Lally ATF

Four Days - Gray LB AU

Four Days - Jeanne sensitive reader warning

Four Nine - Joy K LB ATF

Fragile Dragon Wings - JudyL AU

A Fraternal Visit - KlingonCat AU (Two Blood)

Free - Ruby

Free Bird - Susie Burton

Free From Liberty - Tidia ATF

Freedom From the Past - Heather M

Freefall - Anonymous ATF

Free Weekend - Kili Bloom LB ATF

Friend - ssinco

A Friend in Me - Winnie AU (The Firm)

A Friend in Need - Sue B.

Friends - The Neon Gang

Friends - Tarlan

Friends in Low Places - atolar ATF

Friendship - Sassey J

The Friendship Collection: Stay - MMW

The Friendship Collection: Night - MMW ATF

The Friendship Collection: A Strong Foundation - MMW ATF

FRIENDSHIP COLLECTION: Coffee with Bear Milk and Friendship - MMW ATF

Friendship Walk - LaraMee

From Here to There - And Back Again - Yolande

The Front Lines - Scribe AU ("Star Trek")

Frontier Fleet - Gil Hale AU

Frontier Justice - Lyn


Full Circle - Jeanne LB ATF

Full Circle - S. Larabee Tanner LB AU

Fumblethumbs - Hombre ATF

Fun at the Fair - KT AU

A Fun Night - Sasha ATF

A Fun Night II: The Aftermath - Sasha ATF

A Fun Game - Sasha ATF


The Gamble Paid Off - Wyvern (Sequel to I Took a Gamble)

The Gambler’s Wealth - LaraMee Deux

A Game Replayed - Bernadette ATF

Gemini Man - Kathy B ATF ADULT

The Generic SlashFic (or, Too Much Vin Hurtin') - Kathy B. ADULT

Genesis - Ruby AU

Get Me There - HF

Getting Back - Xiola LB ATF Sensitive subject matter

Getting to Know You - Beth Green

Getting out the Door - Sandy G. ATF

Ghosts - Joan Curtin (Sequel to Killing Time)

Ghosts Ride Again - Maggie (Part of the Lost Legacy Series)

Ghosts of the Past - KellyA

Ghosts from the Past - TexasAries OW/AU Crossover

Ghosts from the Past - Carole

The Ghosts That Haunt Me - Susan Zell

Ghost Town - LaraMee [CHALLENGE #23]

The Gift - Marian ATF

The Gift - Winnie

The Gift (Epilogue) - SoDak7

A Gift From the Heart - Anneack ATF

The Gift of Love's Memory - LaraMee Deux ADULT

A Gift From an Old Friend - Cassie ATF

A Gift To Die For - Stachy ATF

Give 'Til It Hurts - Winter & Nancy ATF

Giving Thanks - The Neon Gang ATF

The Glare - Ruby

Glint of Steel, Flash of Blade - MMW

Going Home - Nightowl AU (Civil War)

Going Home - LaraMee (NOT a deathfic)

Going Home: After Wagon Train Part 2 - SasseyJ

Going Nowhere - Maggie

Golden Seven - Wolfa Moon AU "The Golden Compass"

Gone - HF

Gone Fishin' - LaraMee

A Good Day? - Mary Ann  ATF

Good Enough - MMW

Good Luck... for Once - Raquel [Larabee Lashing Challenge]

A Good Man - Helen W

A Good Name II: - NotTasha

Goodnight Cowboy - Carole LB ATF

A Good Man Down - LaraMee

A Good Reason - SoDak7

The Good Samaritan - LaraMee

Goosebumps - Rowdy Tanner

The Greatest Gift - Winter ATF

Green Beer - Diamondback ADULT

Green-Eyed Monster - Sharmini ATF

Grey Ships Pass - Ness Ayton (Deathfic)

Grief and New Found Friendships - Jesfrealo

Grudges - Aldaj

The Guardian - Lynda

Guardian Angel - Winnie

Guardian Angels - Tonny

The Guide - KRH

Guilt - Tiffiny

The Guilty - Mods

The Gun - Tarlan

The Gunfight - senorabutterfly ATF

Gunfight in Nogales - Jennifer (xover "Lancer")

Gunslingers - atolar (Crossover "Tombstone")

The Gunslinger's Revenge - Winnie

The Gunslinger's Woman - Kath Tate and Vicki James


Hairy Days - Sasha

Hair Today - Tarlan ATF

Halloween Nightmare - Mary Ann ATF

Halloween Plans - WendyW LB

A Handmaiden's Story - Scribe AU ("Star Wars")

Hangman - Heather F

The Hangman's Shadow - LaraMee

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Larabee - Kris ATF

Happy Birthday, Mr. Larabee - Kim ATF

Happy 4th, Cowboy - Pamela AU (The Firm)

Hard Day's Work - Lady Standish ATF

Hard Feelings - Winter

Harmless Secret - MMW

The Harmonica - Wen

Hasty Actions and Words - Wgang16 ATF

Hats Have Their Uses - Susie Burton LB ATF

Haunted Canyon - Chris

The Haunted Whirlpool - LaraMee Deux

Hauntings - Maria (Crossover - "Highlander")

HAVEN: Reclamation - Brate AU

HAVEN - Brate AU

He Ain't Heavy - Winnie

He Broke It - Phyllis  LB ATF

He Keeps Sending Me Angels - Hawk50 ATF LB

He Sees - sablecain

He Understands - sablecain (Sequel to "He Sees")

Headache - Claire Beaubien

Heading Home - Ladysmiths

Healing - Kayim

Healthy Measure of Insanity - Ladysmiths ATF

A Healing Touch - Winnie
(Some content may be too intense for sensitive readers)

The Heart Lives On - S. Larabee Tanner

Heart of the Storm - Stormm (follows "The Black Storm")

Hearth and Home - LaraMee

Heavenly Momentos - Ezraschild ATF

Hell Cat - atolar

Hell of a Miss - SoDak7

Hell Week - Lady Angel ATF

Hell's Wake - Wyvern

Hell-Bound Firebrand - Wolf and Boar (not suitable for all readers)

Help - Clair

Helper 2.2 - Megan AU

A Helping Hand - Jan

Helpless - Clair

A Helpful Shove - Marie [CHALLENGE #21]

He's My Son - JK ATF

Hero Worship Can Come in Handy - Hombre

Heroes and Villains - JIN

Hidden Enemy - Wgang

Hidden Enemy Lurking - Wgang ATF

Hidden Talents - Ranger

The Hideout - MMW

Hiding Too - Clara Moore LB xover "McKenna"

High Water - JJJunky

Highway Heroes - Joy K ATF

His Soul to Keep - LaraMee AU

Hitches - Linda

Hobson's Choice - Jordan McKenzie

Hoka Hey - Winter (xover Young Riders)

Hold On Mr. Larabee - Jackie

Holding On to the Wind - Dreamer

Holding On to You - Tonny

Hole in the World - Sage ATF

Holiday Traditions - LaraMee

Home - GSister

Home Alone... With Child - LaraMee  [CHALLENGE #10]

The Home of the Brave - Titan5 ATF

Homecoming - LaraMee LB ATF

Homecoming - KETanner

The Honorable Thing to Do - Linda

Hoofbeats - Loui

Hope - Mel

Hope Springs Eternal - C.V. Puerro (mild slash content)

A Hopeful Future - Anneack LB AU


Hostages of the Heart - Laramee

How Not to Get to a Vacation - Megan AU


The Hunt - Sondra

Hunt for Vengeance - Linda

The Hunted - Bernadette

Hunted - SoDak7

Huntin' - Jeanne

Hurtful Words Lead to Rash Actions - Wgang ATF

Hurtful Words Lead to Trouble for Vin - Wgang ATF


I Ain't Missin' You - JIN

I Don't Wanna Cry - Jordy

I Hope You Dance - Wendy Myers ATF

I Just Thought - Ruby LB ATF

I Need a Silent Night - Amelia ATF

I Took a Gamble - T. Evans

I Will Not Take These Things - Limlaith ATF

I'll Try - LaraMee ATF

I'm Already There - Carol M.

I'm Fine - Lyn

I'm Here - LaraMee LB ATF

In Action - Stan Lee ATF

In The Arms of a Friend - The Neon Gang ATF

In the Cards (Series) - Caitriona
     Jack of Clubs

In the Depths of My Despair - The Neon Gang ATF

In the Year - Series AU

Incarceration - Sue M ATF

Innocence - Sami-j  ATF (Sequel to "Rocky Road")

I've Got Your Back - Kathy Teresa ATF

Ice-Capade - SoDak7

The Idiot's Guide to Petty Theft - BMP ATF

If I Should Die - Ice Hunter (Link inactive)

If Wishes Were Horses - Barbretta Hayden & Pat LB ATF

If You Can't Beat 'Em - Winter ATF

The Illusion of Self - Linda. T AU ("Star Trek")

Immortal Seven: Tales Not Told - Katherine AU

Imperfect Thoughts - Twyla Jane ATF

In Appropriate Places - C.V. Puerro ATF ADULT

In the Arms of a Friend - The Neon Gang ATF

In Between - SoDak7

In the Company of Angels - Mods

In Dreams - Kim Maddox ATF


In a Heartbeat - The Muse 77

In His Hands - Winter

In the Middle - Twyla Jane

In My Life - LadyChris

In Too Deep - The Neon Gang ATF

Incarceration - Sue M ATF

Incident on a Summer Day - Sue

Incidental Memory - MMW ATF

Incidental Memory 2 - The Forty Dollar Question - MMW ATF

Inconsequential Details - Sue M ATF

Inevitable - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

Infidelities - Yolande

Initial Meetings - Wgang AU

Inmate 78 Missing Scene: The Reunion - Susan Zell

Inmate 78: Revenge - Winnie

Inn of Lost Souls - Winnie

Inner Strength - Sue M ATF

An Innocent Man - Angie ATF

Inside the Fire - atolar

Into the West - Ness Ayton ATF DEATHFIC

Intoxicated - Raquel ATF

Invaluable - Helen Adams AU

Invasion - Sue M ATF

Investment - Helen Adams

It Happened This Way - Lisa S. AU

It Really was a Good Idea - Sassey J.

"It'll Be Fun" - Jeanne ATF

It'll Never Happen - SoDak7

It's a Wonderful (ATF) Life - Angie - Angie ATF

It's a Wonderful (Old West) Life - Angie

It's a Wonderful Life - Winnie ATF

It's All In the Cards - Freespirit ATF

It's All in the Spelling - SoDak7

It's Not Fair - Joy K LB ATF

It's ONLY Office Work - Anne Tolar AU


JD's Sacrifice - Phyllis LB

Jo - Karen Shannon

The Journal of Sarah Larabee - Rowdy Tanner

Joy Ride - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF


Judgment Day - mcat ATF

Judgment & Justice - atolar

Jumping at Shadows - Yolande (Follows "Spectral Shadows")

Just an Ordinary Day - Angela B AU

Just Another Day at the Montecito - Lady Viper AU

Just Finish It - Anne Tolar AU

Just Get Me to the Next Town - Jackie

Just a Little Longer - LaraMee

Just Smile - Dierdre ATF

Just the Two of Us - Rhiannon LB ATF

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al. (Multi-Universe)

Just Words - JIN


Kansas - KETanner

Karma Killer - Rhicy AU

Keeping A Promise - Sue M ATF

Keeping Watch - Carole

Kidnapped - Andi and Charlie Charleville AU (Texas)

Kidnapped - Carol

Killers to Go - LaraMee ATF

Kin - SoDak7

A Kiss is a Terrible Thing To Waste - Tidia ATF (Continuation of "Man, I Feel Like a Woman")


La Force de L'amitié - LaraMee AU

Lady Killers: Missing Scene - Susie Burton

Lapse in Judgment - The Neon Gang ATF

A Larabee Christmas - Wgang ATF

Larabee's Lepers - LaraMee AU (World War II)

Larabee's Prayer - atolar

Larabee's Prayer - Marian

The Last - Englishspirit

Last of a Dying Breed [deathfic]

The Last Goodbye - LaraMee Deux [deathfic]

Last Patrol - Joe Lawson [DEATHFIC]

Last Stand - Katie

The Last Three Bullets - Kim

The Last Valentine - Debby ATF

The Last Word - Linda

Late Night Conversation - Mods

Lawman's Intuition - J.L. Stone

Laying Blame - Susan K.

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

The Leader's Paw - Ruby [deathfic]

Lean on Me - LaraMee

A Learning Experience - Nomooretears LB ATF

Learning to Listen - KT

Leaving Messages - Indra Leigh ATF

Left Hanging - HF

Legacy - Jesfrealo

Legend - Ice Hunter 


Legends Never Die... They Just Mature Like Fine Wine - Brigitta B.

Lessons - KRH

Lessons Learned - Winnie AU

Let it Snow - LaraMee LB ATF

The Letter - E Broen

Letting In the Jungle - Lethe AU ADULT

Lex Talionis - Artisan447 ATF

Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas - by Bucklin1 ATF

Lies, Lines and Fishing One Day Out West - Kathleen

A Life in the Balance - Sue M ATF

A Life for a Life- Chris Epilogue - Maggie

Life Left Behind - Mods ATF

Life Lines - Jackie (Poem)

A Life Threatened - Bernadette ATF

The Life and Times of Johnny Larabee - Rowdy Tanner

A Life Worth Living - The Muse 77

Life's Endeavor - Maggie Smith

Life's Gambles - Tonny

Life's a Picnic - Laramee LB

A Lifetime Appointment - K Hanna Korossy

A Light in the Darkness - Chris Noto

The Lights - Indigo Cat ATF

The Lights of Town - Clair Beaubien

Like Dominoes Falling - Roo

Like Old Times - Charlotte Hill ADULT

Like Cats and Dogs - Mitzi

Lines of Drift - Joan Curtin ATF

Little Bit of Revenge - Mary Ann AU Xover Without A Trace

Little Boy Lost - IndigoCat ATF

Little Boys and Heroes - JK ATF

A Little Piece of Paradise - Nomooretears ATF

A Little Souvenir - Estee LB

Live By the Gun - WendyW LB

Living Dangerously - Beth Green ATF

Living Life Without Colour in Purgatory - Roo

Lloyd at 20,000 Feet - Ruby ATF

Locket of Hope - Cobalt

The Loft Assignment - Sue M AU

The Lonely Deck - Ezra's Girl

Lonesome Star - Chris and Laurie Anne AU

A Long, Lonely Road - Sue M ATF

The Long Night - Carla

The Long Way Home - LaraMee LB ATF

THE LONG WAY HOME (Series) - Yum@ AU
     Book 1: The Soldier's Homecoming 

The Longest Trail - LaraMee

Look to your left, Mr. Larabee - Bernadette

Looking Back - Sandy G.

Looking Back - Shaina

The Looniest Dream - Dreamer and Stormhawk ATF

Lord of the Past - Candice AU

Losing Adam - Debra Noellert AU

Loss - SoDak7

A Loss of Confidence - Bernadette

Loss, Sorrow and Hope - Winnie

The Lost - LaraMee

Lost - ssinco

Lost - Winnie Power AU

LOST: 1 Without a Trace - Tonny2 ATF

LOST: 2 The Wheels of Life - Tonny2 ATF

Lost Boys - JIN

Lost 'n' Found - Mary Ann Crossover "Without a Trace"

Lost in Las Vegas - Happy Psycho Bunny ATF

Lost in the Night - Linda

Lots of Thankfuls - Carole LB ATF

Love is a Battlefield - VampyrAlex ATF ADULT

Love and Honor - Pamela

Love is Thicker Than Blood - Ruby LB ATF

Love Remembers - Marian

Love Ruins Everything - Morgan

Lucius Larabee - Laura H AU

Lucky Bastard - Lady Angel ATF

Lucky Day - Raquel ATF VS

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - E
Titles F - L
Titles M - S
Titles T - Z
Recently Posted Stories

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