Lucius Larabee

by Laura H.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Chris, Buck, JD & Vin

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is a sequel to Harry Potter Mania Hits the Montecito, by Sue & Lisa S., and is written with their full approval and cooperation.

DISCLAIMER: The characters of "Magnificent Seven" do not belong to me and no copyright violation is intended - no money being made, etc... Thanks to Sarah, Lisa & Rhonda for starting this AU and letting us play in it. All feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks to Antoinette for the beta!


"Well, this isn't so bad," said JD as he and Buck stood in the corner of the convention room, trying not to be noticed, which was rather hard considering Buck's large stature, fuzzy overcoat and bristle-brush beard and wig.

"Speak for yourself, kid," growled Buck, scratching his chin. "I swear I'll kill Larabee for this." JD ducked his head. He'd been smart enough not to mention to Buck that he had suggested that Buck accompany him as Hagrid and said that Chris had ordered both men to attend as characters asked for by the convention leaders. Just then, a tall blond young man walked by in robes with the Slytherin crest, his hair slicked back. JD grinned.

"You want to get back at him?" he asked innocently. Buck instantly looked down at his young friend, seeing the mischievous light shining in his eyes.

"For this?" he asked, waving his hand at his costume. "Do you even have to ask?" JD just grinned. After a quick search located the convention heads, JD lead them into discussion. Fifteen minutes later, Vin was knocking on the door to Larabee's office, a note in his hand.

"What's up?" Chris asked, looking up from his paperwork. Vin bit his lip, trying not to laugh. He had debated with himself since taking the message whether to drop it and run or stick around to see the look on Larabee's face when he read it.

"Message for you, from JD & Buck." Larabee grinned. It had been priceless to see Buck walking about as the half-giant Hagrid.

"Anything wrong?" Chris asked, reaching for the message. Vin shook his head before dropping the paper into Larabee's hand and making for a quick exit. Chris paused, certain he heard snorting laughter just outside his door. He looked at the paper, cautiously. <This cannot be good,> he thought to himself before opening it up and reading:

"Dear Mr. Larabee, Thank you for allowing your two employees to join our convention - you have been most hospitable and cooperative. I will be certain to thank Mr. Travis, personally, for the quality and pleasance of his staff and accommodations. That being said, I do have one more favor to ask of you. Tonight, we will be recreating short, memorable scenes from the books and, unfortunately, one of our performers has turned up ill and will not be able to participate. His character - Lucius Malfoy - plays a vital role in certain scenes and the night wouldn't be the same without him. Your employees have assured me that you would not only be happy and willing to fill in for him, but that you bear a certain resemblance to the character in question. You have been so helpful I know you will not refuse me this request. Please be in the convention center no later than 6p.m. for make-up and costume. Hoping you are well, Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic."

Chris stared at the message and re-read it. "Make up and costume?" he said aloud. The message was crushed in his fist. "Damn you Buck Wilmington," he bellowed. From his position in front of the monitors, Vin chuckled and relished the fact that he didn't look anything like any character from Harry Potter before figuring out just which camera would give him the best view to tape Larabee's performance later that night.



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