Father's Day

by Sue M

My thanks to Mog for ATF, to K Poffenberger for the LB universe and to all the wonderful authors who have made this AU so special.

Just a fun ditty I came up with for Fathers' Day. It's linked to a seven colors, seven numbers drabble so don't judge me too harshly, ha!

Fathers' Day

Seven wrapped packages, all in a row,
Each one tied with a different bow,
Gift number one had a bow of red,
"Here ya go da!" Buck's li'l bit said.

Package number two with its bow of blue,
Vin smiled wide, "Chris, this is for you."
"Lookit, da!" JD let out a bellow,
As the third went to Buck all tied with yellow.

Vin reached out to give Chris number four,
Spirals of ribbon, reaching the floor.
A purple bow sat atop number five,
JD laughed as Buck shook it,"Is it alive?"

Chris took the sixth with its bow of black,
Vin fussed to tidy it then handed it back.
Buck smiled with pride at his Father's Day treasures,
And squeezed JD hard as the boy squealed with pleasure.

Vin stood quiet as Chris read his card
And stroked the boy's hair, as he rubbed his eyes hard.
The boys pulled away, with a skip and a hop,
To pick up gift seven, a gold bow on top.

"This is for both of you" each boy squealed,
Chris and Buck cried, when its contents revealed
A silver-framed photo; four faces of joy,
Chris and Buck handsome, each holding their boy.

"Happy Fathers' Day, dad," the boys said in chorus,
"Thank you for getting these seven gifts for us."
They all hugged together, Chris looked to above,
And thanked the good Lord for this gift of love.

Buck did the same and they looked at each other,
Two precious sons, and each man like a brother.
A knock on the door and three men walked in,
The family together, "Let the party begin!"

The End