Just When You Thought...

by Luna Dey, et. al.

This is a story collection in progress

When Wet Just Isn't Enough
(Buck and JD) Old West

In Sickness and in Health - with Suzy B.
(Buck and Nathan) ATF

A First Time for Everything - with Suzy B.
(Josiah and JD) Old West

Oh, What a Relief It Is
(Chrs and Ezra) ATF

In Too Deep with Suzy B.
(Nathan, Chris, Vin) Old West

All Washed Up - with Midnight Profit
(Buck, JD) ATF

Size Does Matter - with Lady Viper
(Casey, Seven) ATF

Lustful Tastes - with Lady Viper
(Seven) ATF

Just a Little More - by Steelknight
(Buck, Ezra, Chris, Vin) ATF

Mornin' Surprise - by Lisa S. & Midnight Profit
(JD, OFC, Chris) ATF

When Push Comes to Shove - by Luna Dey & Glori
(Mary, Ezra, Chris, Vin) Old West

It's All in the Hands - by Luna Dey & Glori
(Nathan, Buck, Mrs. Potter, Josiah, Ezra) Old West

Dipping - by KT
(Buck, Nathan, Josiah) ATF

It's All in the Wrist - by Lisa

It's All in the Wrist (Pard Deux) - by Lisa & Mary
(Ezra, Vin, Nathan) ATF

Stakeout - by Lisa & Mary
(Buck, JD, Chris) ATF

So Good It Should Be A Sin - by Lisa & Lady Viper
(Buck, Nathan) ATF

Three-Way Virgin - by Luna Dey, Midnight Profit & Lisa S.
(JD, Vin) ATF