Love Remembers

by Marian

December 11, 2005

Don’t own them wish I did.

I watched you from afar, your golden hair flying in the wind. It took me back to another place in time. Where I first gazed into your sparkling blue eyes; first kissed your luscious lips. And fell in love with your beautiful smile. You were but a girl entering womanhood.

Although we still had separate paths to follow, you found your way into my mind’s heart and there you have always remained.


You appeared to be a man of the world. I was but a girl seeing through innocent eyes. I remember your touch, your handsome face, on which the warmest smile shined. Your kiss.

The way your arms felt around me. The fire you set blazing in me with just the mere touch of your hand. That was the day I lost my heart. Time was against us then, but the flame was rekindled when you rescued me from Wicks.


Destiny could not be denied. Here we stand face to face. I see the realization in your eyes. You know as well as I, our feelings are still a part of us. Ours was a young love, a true love that stood the test of time.