Magnificent Seven fiction written by fans in which Chris Larabee is either the main character, or has an important part in the story.


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ADULT stories are not directly linked to this page. Readers will be required to provide an age statement in order to access them. (Please note that stories not classified as "adult" may still contain violence and profanity.)

ATF stories are set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS Virtual Season episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches


About Birthdays - MMW ATF

Absolution - Cmurph

Acceptable Risk - JIN ATF

The Accident - Heather M. LB AU Future LB

Achilles - Raven ATF

Acquisition - Cmurph ATF

ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE: Chris - Sue Bartholomew

Adam's Touch - Ruby ATF

Addicted - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

Addiction - MMW ATF

Adios - The Neon Gang

Admissions - Ysrith [In progress]

Advice to my Son - NotTasha

Afraid - Cassie

After - Tonny

After Clouds, Sun - Linda ATF

After Obsession - LaraMee

Aftermath - BMP ATF

Aftermath: One Day at a Time - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

After Words - BMP ATF

Again No Words - A. Stuart ATF

Ain't Gonna - Twyla Jane

Ain't No Fun - JJJunky (Crossover "Stargate SG-1")

All Frosting - Chocolate - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

All in a Good Cause - Chameleon LB ATF

All in the Way You Smile - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

All Wrapped Up in You - Amelia ATF LB

Allies - WickedBlue ATF (Crossover "NCIS Los Angeles")

All Aboard the Seaquest - Tarlan AU ("Seaquest")

All For One, One For All - Carol M.

All Good Things - The Neon Gang ATF

All Hallows' Eve - Deirdre ATF [CHALLENGE #4]

All Hallows Eve - Jeanne LB

All in the way you smile - Yolande AU

All is Bright - Catseye [link inactive]

All or Nothing - Kay Brown

All the Reasons Why - G.M. Atwater

All Things Considered - Nilah Khan ATF

All Wet - Anneack

Almost Paradise - Kathy B.

Alone - Tonny

Alone Again, Naturally - Ice Bear ATF

Alpha Males - Tipper (Crossover with The A Team)

Alright - SoDak7

Always The Hero - Winnie

Amazed - Cassie (Part of the Lost Legacy series)

Ambush - KellyA

America the Beautiful - Charlotte C. Hill (mild slash content)

Amy - LaraMee ATF

An Ancient Gift - Chris

And That's Forever - LaraMee ATF LB

And a Time to Die - The Neon Gang ATF

The Anderson Case - Bunny, Angie, Sue M, Phyllis AU

An Awakening of Hope: The Book - Alias

An Inconvenience Rightly Considered - Julia Verinder

And a Pale Rider Will Come - Catseye [link inactive]

And for This We Give Thanks - Phyllis Loafman LB

And I Know How to Use It - MMW ATF

And So This is Christmas - Beth Green AU

And That's Forever - LaraMee LB ATF

And That's Forever - LaraMee ATF-LB

And Then There Was Light - Ice Bear ATF

And Then There Were Seven - Anneack ATF

ANGEL GIRL (Series) - Purple Lacey ATF

Angel of Mercy - Cassie

An Angel on Earth - Jordy Link inactive

Angels in the Desert - Robyn

Angels Watching Over Me - Winnie

Angels Watching Over Me - Winnie ADULT

Anger - Wendymypooh

Anniversary - Andi & Charli AU

Another Year - Tonny

Another Chance - Nilah Khan

Another Day, Another Dollar - Sue M ATF

Another Day Out West - Carol Pahl

Another Saturday Night - Sue Kelley ADULT

Another Time and Place - Debby


Anxious Moments - Carole LB ATF

Apollyon - Heather F ATF

Apologies and Truths - Wgang

Arachnophobia - The Muse 77 ATF

Are Your Cases Always this Eerie? - Kris (ATF / "X-Files" Crossover)

Arrested - Mary Ann

Arrivals - KT AU

Arrows - LaraMee

As the Day Goes By - Séreméla

As The Saddle Turns Trilogy - Kathy B. ADULT

Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies - KT LB AU

The Assassin - KellyA ATF

At Least Until - Mary Ann ATF

At The Restaurant - C.V. Puerro AU

ATF VIGNETTES (Collection) - S. Larabee Tanner ATF

Attack of the Irish - Anneack AU

Auld L'anxiety - C.V. Puerro ATF ADULT

Aurora's Embrace - Deirdre

Autumn Rain - Sue Kelley ADULT

Autumn Dawn - Sue Kelley ADULT

Avenged - SoDak7

Average Day of Patrolling - Amelia

Aw Hell - Twyla Jane

Awaiting Doom - Kay Brown


Baby Talk, Listening to Hope - Jesfraelo

Back for Good - Raquel ATF

A Bad Day - Twyla Jane AU (Land of the Lost)

The Bad Element - Deirdre

Balance - Cobalt ADULT

Balancing the Equation - ElenaRoan AU

The Ballad of Bad-Ass Beamington - Sarah B.

A Bang of a Beginning - KBilier ATF

Band Aid - Hombre ATF

The Bandits - Janine

The Bank Robbery - SasseyJ

The Bar-keep's Simple Request - Kris Mashburn

Be Brave - Cassie ATF

Be My Valentine - Susan, Texas & Winnie

Be Still - JIN

Bear Trap - KellyA

The Bear Trap - Lyn

Bearing the Pain - Angela B AU Crossover Big Valley

Beat the Heat - The Neon Gang ATF

Because He Said So - Saga ATF

The Beginning...? - Jo

The Beginning of Friendship - Jensen [ARTWORK]

Being Neighborly - Sue M AU (Monarch of the Glen)

Being There - mcat

Believe Me, Please - Maggie ATF

Been Had - Aislynn

Beneath the Surface - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers)

Best Christmas, Worst Christmas - Kathy B.

Best Laid Plans - Catseye [link inactive]

Best Served Cold - Kath

Best of Times, Worst of Times - Tarlan ATF

The Bet II - Luna Dey

The Bet VI - Scotty Scott

The Bet VII - Luna Dey

The Bet VIII - Luna Dey

Bet You Could - Mel

The Betrayal - Bernadette ATF

Betrayal - Leslie

Better The Devil... - Wyvern

The Better Man - Tiffiny

Between Heaven and Hell - PennyM and May Robinson LB

Between Hell and Paradise - Margarett Cassidy

Between the Lines - LaraMee

Beware the Ides of March - Winnie ATF

The Big Chair - Sue M. AU

Big Iron - Mary Ann

Big Iron on His Hip - senorabutterfly

Big Lie, Small World - JIN

Billy Travis - Merl

Billy's Sin - LaraMee

Birthday - Tonny

Birthday Treasures - Raul Sanchez LB

Black and Bruises - Pamiekae ATF

Blackfell - Ruby

Blackmail - Bernadette

The Black Storm - Stormm

Black Water - JIN

Blame - Cobalt ADULT

Blame - Violette ATF

Blame - Sue M ATF

Blanket Security - SoDak7

A Blast From Hell - Winnie

A Bleak Mourning - Suzy ATF

The Bleeding Moon - Heather

Blind Justice - LaraMee

Blind Man's Bluff - Winnie

Blinded by the Light - Heidi ATF

Blink of an Eye - Holly LB ATF

Blizzard - KellyA

BLOOD BROTHERS: All in the Way You Smile - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Beneath The Surface - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Color Me Black - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: More Than Friends - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Young Warriors - Yolande AU

Blood on Blood - Deirdre

Blood and Guts - Roger (deathfic warning)

Blood Pressure Rising - Jesfrealo ATF

Blood Trail - Ruby J

Blood Money - BMP   Sensitive Reader Warning

BLUE RIBBON: Nemesis - C.V. Puerro AU

Bonding - Etakyma ATF

Bonding Seven Style - KBilier ATF

Bonds - LaraMee

Boots - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

Bored - atolar

Bound and Determined - Michele Robbe

The Bounty - LaraMee

Bourbon Cowboy - Ice Hunter

'Bout All a Man Can Ask For - SBerry

Boxing Day - NotTasha

The Brave II - Rowdy Tanner

Breaching the Wall - Rhiannon

Break The Rules: Law & Order - Tarlan

Breakfast in Bed - Susie Burton LB ATF

Breaking Point - JIN ATF

Breakout - Sasha Martin ATF

Breathe - BMP ATF

Bring Him Back - HF

Brothers II - Sevenstars AU (Old West Alternate Universe)

Brothers Born - Jade

Brothers Broken Apart Part 1 - Wgang ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Brothers Broken Apart Part 2 - Wgang ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Brothers Can Be a Pain - Wgang ATF

Brothers Chosen, Brothers by Blood - Part I - Wgang ATF

Brothers Chosen, Brothers by Blood - Part II - Wgang ATF

Brothers in Arms - Winter

Brothers Larabee - Phyllis AU

Brothers in Name Only - KellyA

A Brother's Tale - Tracy Palcic

Brothers and Thanksgiving - Wgang ATF

A Brother's Vengeance - Kim & Mady

Brung Ya Spring - Mary AnN

Buffalo Man - Tarlan

Building a New Tradition - KT LB ATF

Bumpy Roads & Building Blocks - Joy K LB ATF

Buried Alive - Winnie AU (The Firm)

Burning Bridges - Sue Salter (missing scene: Obsession)

Burning Bright - Neon Gang ATF

Burnt Offerings - aesc AU (WWII)

But I Thought... - SoDak7

By Any Name - Estee

By Any Name - WendyW LB

By a Thread - Kim Maddox ATF


Cabin in the Woods - AJB ATF

The Call of Friendship - LaraMee

Call of the Wild - Annie ATF

Camino del Diablo - Diamondback ADULT AU

CAMPFIRES (Series) - C.V. Puerro ADULT

Camping With The Larabee Family - Wgang ATF

Candle of Reflection - Yolande

Captive Fires - Kathy B.

Captives - LaraMee Deux

Cardsharp - Dreda

Careless - The Tanner Triplets

The Carnival - Heather F. ATF

Carnival of Souls - Deirdre

Case 'Larabee' - Tonny AU

Castles Built of Sand - Estee LB AU

Catastropy - Selene ATF

Catch Your Breath - The Neon Gang ATF

CASTAWAYS: Adrift - Yolande AU

CASTAWAYS: Tide's Turning - Yolande AU

Caught in the Act - MMW ATF

Caught by the Past - Winnie (xover "Navy SEALS")

Cave In - Bernadette

Chains Of Memory - Rita Clark

The Challenge - atolar

Challenges Produce Results - Dawn Drake

Champions - Jo Ann

A Chance Meeting in Washington - Black Rook ATF (xover "NCIS")

Chance Met Friends - Tiffiny

Changes - Lady Standish AU/ATF

The Changeling - Winnie ATF (not suitable for all readers)

The Changlings - Angie AU

The Changelings IV - Angie AU


The Chase - Desperado's Daughter

Chasing Signals - Jackie ATF


The Chest - Linda Borchers

Chicago - Armaita ATF Crossover: THE BEAST

Chicks Dig It - Andi & Charli AU

A Child's Cry - Carla ATF

Child's Play - Wyvern

A Child's Wisdom - Chris and Laurie Anne AU

China in Your Hand - Jackie

Choices - Sue Salter and Heather Hillsden

Choices - Rhiannon

Chosen - Sue M ATF

Chris and Mary: A Love Story - Susan K.

Chris and Stars - atolar

Chris' Box - Angela B AU

Chris' Comforting Angel - Texas Aries (Crossover Touched By An Angel)

A Chris-Mas Carol - Audrey and Morgan

Christmas Eve - Cheryl W. ATF

Christmas - Cheryl W. ATF

Christmas Angel - Winnie ATF

Christmas Memories - Carole LB-ATF

Christmas Memories - Winnie

Christmas Memories - Liza S. AU

Christmas Miracles and Dreams - Winnie LB ATF

Christmas Presence - Winnie

Christmas Search - Phyllis LB ATF

The Christmas Shoes - Joy K LB ATF

Christmas Together - Jan ATF

Christmas Village - Anneack LB

Christmas Wish: Chris - senorabutterfly

Citadel - The Scribe (#17 in "The Scrolls" series)

Clearing the Air - SoDak7

Clichés and New Meanings - White Raven

The Climb - LaraMee

Close Call - Jessie

Close Encounter of the Spooky Kind - Tannertexaslady AU

Close Quarters - Susan Zell

Close Shave - Kemmae ATF

Closure - SoDak7

Closures - KT AU

Cody - LaraMee)

Coercion - Desperado's Daughter

Coercion - Hombre ATF

Coffee, in Hindsight - Sarah ATF

Cold Hard Cash - J. Brooks

Cold Nights - Cheryl W.

Cold Ride Home - Nite Owl ATF

Collision Course - Kathy B. ATF

Color me Black - Yolande AU ("Blood Brothers")

The Colors of Love - LaraMee ATF-LB

Come Home - JIN

Come Sunrise - BMP Some sensitive subject matter

Come With Me - The Neon Gang ATF LB

Comes a Horseman - Cmurph OW AU

Comfort - Ithildyn AU

Comfort and Protection - Dayna [deathfic]

The Comfort of Friends - LaraMee

Coming Home - P. Anderson

Coming to Terms - LaraMee

The Compassion Trap - Gil Hale ATF (crossover "The Sentinel")

Complications - Aldaj

Computer Blues - Catseye ATF [link inactive]

Concrete Angel - LaraMee ATF-LB

Conflicting Details - Kris ATF

Connected to You - Susie Burton ATF

Connections and Favors - Black Rook ATF

Connor Larabee - Heather M ATF

Consequences - Allison

Contradictory Intentions - JIN

Contrast/Comparison - Karen Shannon

Convergence - Scribe (crossover Time Trax, The Terminator, Terminator 2)

The Conversation - Carla

Conversations - Tonny

The Cookie Monster - Winter LB ATF

Corner - Gray

Could Be Luckier - Kris ATF VS

Count On Me - LaraMee


Counting Airplanes - JIN ATF

Counting My Blessings - Teri ATF

Counting the Ways - BMP ATF

The Country of the Heart - Charlotte Hill AU ADULT

The Cowboy in Me - Heather F.


Cradled in the Arms of Love - LaraMee

Creatures of Habit - Susan Zell

Crime's Punishment - Stan Lee ADULT

Crossroads - Rowdy Tanner

The Cub and the Kit - Debra Noellert AU (Crossover: The Sentinel)

Cult - Winnie ATF

The Curse - SoDak7

Curse of the Red Nose - Mods ATF (sequel to Magical Cats)


Daddy - Lady Standish

The Dance - Robin

The Dance - Jann

Dancing in the Dragon's Lair - Deirdre

Dandelion Memories - Cimmer LB ATF

Danger in the Dark - Wendymypooh

A Dark Past - Bernadette

The Dark Side - Estee LB ATF

Darkness, Light - Amy ATF

The Darkness Within - Whiterose

The Date - Estee and MMW LB ATF

A Daughter's Love - The Neon Gang ATF

Dawn of a New Day - Maggie

A Day in Dodge - Sue M ATF

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Teri

A Day Like Any Other (or is it?) - Sandy B.

Days of Friendship - Helen Adams

Day of the Hunters - Yolande ATF

Daytime Nightmare - Phyllis  LB ATF

Dead Man Talking - White Raven

Dead or Alive - Aldaj

Dead or Alive - mcat ATF

Dead or Alive - the Neon Gang

Deadwood - CherylW

Death Strikes Twice - The Neon Gang ATF

A Death Too Soon - Sherri

A Death Too Soon - Lady Standish [Deathfic]

Death's Shadow - Margarett Cassidy

Debts & Decisions - Firefox

Deceptive Control - Winnie ATF

Deciphering - NotTasha

A Decision For A Life - Kris VS

Decisions - Ladysmiths ATF

Decisions - Gold Dust Woman

The Decisions We Make - Anneack AU

Decorated with Love - Carole LB-ATF

The Dedication - Lady Angel

Deep Breath - Neon Gang ATF

Deep in the Heart of Taxes - Kathy B. ATF ADULT

Deer Hunting - Beth Green LB ATF

The Defeat of the Magnificent Seven - Kathi Holmes ATF

The Defender - atolar

The Defense - Shastelly [in progress]

Deja Vu - Maria Villa ATF

Delayed Reactions - Bernadette

A Delicate Situation - Christy KC

Delinquent (Series) ATF AU - Ami-chan

Dental Work - Muse 77 ATF

Dependability - mcat

Demolition Men - Gil Hale ATF (crossover "The Sentinel") [Sequel to 'The Compassion Trap']

Derailed - KlingonCat17 ATF

Descent Into Darkness - Kathy B.

Description of a Gunfighter - L C Martin

Desert Run - Monica M AU

Deserter - Ace

Desperate Measures - The Neon Gang

Desperation - Neon Gang ATF

Destination Tascosa - Rhiannon

DETECTIVE LARABEE (Series) - Lu AU [In progress]

The Devi in the Cave - LaraMee Deux

Devil of a Time - NotTasha

Devil on Horseback - Brate OW-xover "Supernatural"

Devils, Angels and Friends - LaraMee

The Devil's Destiny - Winnie

Devil's Hand - Cindy Brewer ATF

The Devil's Spawn - Winnie

Diablo - Heather F ATF

A Different Breed Of Woman - Atypicall

A Disastrous Turn of Events - Sue M ATF

The Distance Home - Claire Link inactive

A Different Man - The Buffalo Gals

Dinner - US ATF

A Dish Served by The Neon Gang ATF

Disjuncture (Series) - DeathSprite ATF [In Progress]

A Distance To Home - Tidia LB OW-FUTURE

Diversionary Tactics - Rhiannon

Divided Heart - Carla Stinson ATF

Dixie - Jesfraelo

Do You Hear What I Hear? - Amelia ATF

Doggone It - Beth Green LB ATF

Don't Call Him That (Poem) - Mog

Don't Go There, Kid - Linda ATF

Don't Know From Adam - Jordan McKenzie [CHALLENGE #1, #2 and #9]

Don't Leave - Jeanne LB ATF

Don't Let Go - CGSL AU

Don't Wait Too Long - Yolande ATF

Don't You Dare - Brate

Don't Wait Too Long - Yolande ATF

DOUBLE BOND: Twofold - Purple Lacey AU

Double, Double Pants and Trouble - Ithildin

Downfall - JIN

Downfall - Trekkieb ATF

Downpour - The Neon Gang

A Dozen Roses - skaia7 ATF

Drawing Home - Joy LB ATF

Dreaming of Angels - Barbretta Hayden LB ATF

Dreams - Marian AU

Dreams - SLR ATF

Dreams or Reality - Carla

Drifting - Seremela

Drips - Heather F. 

Drive - JK LB ATF

Driving Chris Larabee - Sasha ATF

Drought - Kelly A.

Dry Gulch - MMW

Duck Tales - Jesfraelo ATF

Durango - atolar


Each Deed of Shame - The Buffalo Gals

Each Must Know His Part - Strangevisitor7 AU

An Early Bath - Susie Burton ATF

Easy Silence - Laurel ATF

Echoes in the Dark - Dawnsunrise ATF

An Egg-Citing Easter - Kathy B. ATF

Elvira's Wedding - Rowdy Tanner

Embers - Hawk and Tidia

The End of All Things - Rhicy   DEATHFIC

End of the Line - Yolande AU

Enter the Dark Kingdom - LaraMee ATF

Enter Mary - Tidia ATF

Enter Mary into the Fold - Tidia ATF (Continuation of "Enter Mary")

Epidemic - Tarlan VS

Escalating Hostilities - Rhiannon

The Eternal - Alanna

Evanescent - Susie Burton

Evening Primrose - Kath & Vicki

Evening the Score - Rhiannon

EVERYDAY: This Wonderful Life - Sue M LB ATF

EVERYDAY HEROES #1: The Easter 500 - Joy K LB ATF

Every Fanfic Ever Written - Melissa R

Every H/C Story You've Ever Read - SueN

Extort thy Childhood - Yolande AU ("Blood Brothers")

Eye of the Deceiver - Deirdre ATF

An Eye for an Eye - Rhiannon ATF

Eyes Opened - Kelly A.

Eyes of a Child - Holly LB ATF

Eyes of a Stranger - Maggie LeMay

Eyes Wide Shut - Rowdy Tanner

E.m.7: Blast From the Past - Brigitta Brookman AU (E.m.7 Universe)

E.m.7: The Magnificent Seven - Brigitta Brookman AU (E.m.7 Universe)

Every New Dawn - Julie

Explanations - The Neon Gang ATF

Extenuating Circumstances - Wendy W. LB

Ezra's Feast - NotTasha

Ez-Ra - Ezra's Girl

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - E
Titles F - L
Titles M - S
Titles T - Z