By Joy K, Phyllis, Nancy W, Winter, KT, GinaD, Chris G,  and LaraMee

Little Britches ATF AU

It's summer vacation and horror of horrors, Vin finds out that he has to do homework all summer to help keep his skills sharp. Uncle Ezra is recruited to continue tutoring sessions with Vin and to check over his weekly essay.

Vin's in a quandary of what to write about each week, when JD comes up with the perfect solution. After seeing Buck reading a book written by his mother about things Buck did when he was small, JD wants to make a book for Buck and Chris. Vin's essays, voice software on the computer, and JD's drawings combine to make a keepsake the family will never forget.

Join Vin and JD on their adventures through an amazing summer with their new family.

Week 1 - 'Sponsible - Joy K
Week 2 - One Little Word - Joy K
Week 3 - Plan B - Phyllis
Week 4 - Batter Up - Joy K
Week 5 - Stripes and Fried Stars - Joy K
Week 6 - Midnight Snack - Winter
Week 7 - Peso's Day Out - Joy K
Week 8 - Feeding Fishes - KT
Week 9 - Special Delivery - Nancy
Week 10 - Fountain of Youth - Joy K
Week 11 - Campout - Phyllis
Week 12 - The Redemptor Horse - GinaD
Week 13 - Head & Shoulders, Bees and Toes - LaraMee
Week 14 - Smarts - Chris Gantt
Week 15 - Dancing With the Wind - Joy K


Thanks to the Bad AOeLement for the wonderful ideas, suggestions, plot bunnies and encouragement. Special thanks to Ronnie, Chris and Carrie for the late, late night sessions of taking a single idea and warping it into a full blown plot.

Thanks also to the M7FunNGames group… Quiz #3 (and Vin & JD's subsequent unsupervised reading of Buck's email) inspired the 'spirit' of these stories.

Torkus (the Tortoise) belongs to Nancy and made his first appearance in the great adventure, "Are We There Yet?"

Ringo  (a black and white, blue-eyed Malamute) and Elvis (a brown eyed Golden Retriever) belong to LaraMee and first made an appearance in "Merry Christmas and Chicken Pox to You".

Heather F's fun and poignant, "Hey Joe," likely influenced the idea of Vin's essays in this series.

JD is responsible for his own artwork…

Comments: Joy K