I've Got Your Back

by Kathy Teresa

ATF Universe

This story contains strong language and violence. It takes place in the wonderful world of ATF, a delightful playground created by Mog. My thanks to her and to my wonderful beta people...KAP and KET (who also helped me rework a couple chapters. Thanks, guys). And of course my buds in cyberspace that give encouragement and nag just at the correct times. I have profited greatly from trading ideas and stories with you.

This is my first attempt at general fiction. I have stories in other AU's and all my stories can be found on that GREAT website blackraptor. Thanks again for the help Nancy!

Disclaimers: The characters in this story belong to MGM, TRILOGY and others...I just borrowed them. Don't make no money or anything else off this stuff.

Warnings: Violence. Language

Chapters 1 - 6

Chapters 7 - 12

Chapters 13 - 16

Chapters 17 - 22

Chapters 23 - 26

Chapters 27 - 30

Chapters 31 - 32

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