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ADULT stories are not directly linked to this page. Readers will be required to provide an age statement in order to access them. (Please note that stories not classified as "adult" may still contain violence and profanity.)

ATF stories are set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS Virtual Season episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches


The Maggie Chronicles Part I - Emily Johnson

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 1 - Mods ATF

Magical Cats and Sewer Rats, Part 2 - Mods ATF

The Magnificent Eight - K Hanna Korossy

The Magnificent Fight Before Christmas - Celeste

A Magnificent Fourth - LaraMee Deux ATF

The Magnificent Leap - Bunny (Crossover "Quantum Leap")

The Magnificent Pimpernel - Sue D. AU (Scarlet Pimpernel )

THE MAJESTIC: 1. A Place To Call Home - TJ AU

Make a Joy-full Noise - LaraMee

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

Making Rounds - K Hanna Korossy

A Man Ain't Made of Stone - Cass ATF

Man Against Water - Bernadette

Man, I Feel Like A Woman - Tidia ATF

Man In Black - Q'Mar ATF

The Man In Black (Poem) - ?

The Man Inside - Joy K ATF

Man on Fire - Rowdy Tanner

The Man With No Name - Debbi K. (xover A Fistful of Dollars)

Marked - Tidia ATF

Matches - Ladysmiths ATF

Matches - Seremela

A Matter of Heart - The Neon Gang ATF

Matter of Pride - Alex K.

A Matter Of Privacy - KT AU

A Matter of Trust - SoDak7

Mauled - Winnie

Maybe - Ruby

The Maze - Yolande

MCAT (Series) AU

  1. Transitions - tannertexaslady
  2. Connections - Tonny
  3. Decisions - texastannerlady & Tonny
  4. Past Transgressions - texastannerlady
  5. Illusions - tannertexaslady
  6. Additions and Apprehensions - tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh

MCAT II: STRENGTH AND SOLIDARITY: 7. Written on the Wind Trilogy: Part I: Winds of Change - tannertexaslady AU

MCAT II: STRENGTH AND SOLIDARITY: 7. Written on the Wind Trilogy: Part 3: Voices in the Wind - Tannertexaslady and Sue M AU

The Measure of Trust - Linda Borchers ATF

Meet Me at the Fair: Chris and Mary - Catseye

'Memb'ring - Angie AU

The Memo - Zarina ATF

Memory - Amelia

Memories - Andrea M. ATF

Memories - Jenn AU

Memories of Eden - Susan Zell

Memories of the Past - Linda

Mending Fences - Monardia LB ATF

Merry Christmas, and Chicken Pox to You - LaraMee LB ATF

Merry Christmas, Chris Larabee - Chris [Poem]

Merry Christmas, Cowboy - Debbie P.

Mexican Sunscreen - Luna Dey ATF

Midnight - Jade

A Midnight Clear - Nancy W LB AU

Midnight Waltz - Cindy Brewer

Migraine - Hombre ATF

Mind Games - Winnie AU (The Firm)

Mind Jack - Neon Gang ATF

Mind Matters - Jeanne LB/AU

Mines and Other Dark Places - Jeanne ATF

Minions of Satan - Stacie

Mishap - ElenaRoan AU

Misplaced Guilt - Wgang

THE MISS JESS CHRONICLES: Meeting Miss Jess - Hunter LB AU



Miss You Most - BM ATF

Missing Link - Sue M ATF

Missing One Agent, Slightly Used - Ronnee ATF

Missing Scene: Vendetta - Helen Adams

Mission of Mercy - The Neon Gang

The Mistake - by Shywalker

The Mistake - Wendy

Mistaken Identity - Heather F.

Mistletoe Challenge - Cobalt ADULT

Misunderstandings - Purple Lacey AU

Mixed Messages - WendyW

Mixed Signals - KT

MizPrichard - LaraMee LB ATF

Moments - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

A More Perfect Union - Sue Bartholomew

More Than a Friend - Rasmussen

More than Friends - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers)

Mounting Distractions - Jesfrealo ATF [CHALLENGE #8]

Mountain High Revenge - Kelly A. AU (Search & Rescue)

Mother Love - Rowdy Tanner

Mr. Larabee for President - Karen Shannon ATF

A Mr. Murphy Weekend - Freespirit ATF

Mudslide - Sue M

My Beloved is Mine - Debby ATF

My Brother's Keeper - Sue M ATF

My Job is Done - Linda ATF

My Kingdom for a Match - Kath T.

My Name is Legion - Sarah B.

The Mystery of Larabee's Missing Hats - Brigitta B.

The Mystery Seller - Susie Burton ATF

My Rules - JudyL

My Team - Jill ATF


Naming Ceremonies - Jeanne LB ATF

Naughty or Nice - KBilier ATF

Necessary Apologies - Wgang

Necessary Evil - Quincy ATF

Negotiations (Collection) AU
    Negotiations - Sasha
    One of Our Own - Sasha - LaraMee
    To Ride Again - Jen R

Neighbors - Susan Macdonald ATF Crossover "The Master"

Neither a Sender Nor a Larabee - Beth Green ATF [CHALLENGE #6]

Nemesis - Chya

Never Alone - Charlotte Hill (mild slash content)

Never Released - Kris

THE NEW AGENT (Series) - Kati ATF

A New Beginning - Dawn Drake (Sequel to Past and Futures)

New Beginning - Heather Hillsden

New Beginnings - Winnie (xover "Stargate")

A New Year - Sue M

Night Caller - Laramee ATF

Night Ride - Sue B.

Nightingale- atolar

Nightmare - Sandy Griggs

The Nightmare Takes a Twisted Turn - Wgang ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Nightmares - Bernadette

Nightmares, Dreams and Reality - Marian

No Cards or Flowers - LaraMee

No Greater Gift - Yolande

No Man is Useless While He Has A Friend - Heidi

No Matter What - Kayim

No One Like You - Gold Dust Woman ATF

No Rain - JIN

No Regrets - KRH ATF

No Rush - Sue M AU

No Way Home - Anne Tolar

No Way Out - The Muse 77

A Normal Day - Tidia ATF [DEATHFIC]

North Pass Ranch: Running Blind - Joy K LB AU

Not Again - Clair Beaubien

Not by Bread Alone - SoDak7

Not My Day - Joy K ATF

Not No but HELL NO!!! - Twyla Jane

Nurse Tanner - Anneack


Oblivion - Ruby ATF

Obsessed - Nickbait

Obsession - Anonymousisme

OCTOBER 31st (Collection) - LaraMee

Odd Man Out - Celeste ATF

odi et amo (Of Love and Hate) - Heidi

Of Mist and Moonlight - Deirdre AU

O Holy Night - Dawnsunrise ATF

Old Debts - The Neon Gang ATF

Old Friends - Alexa

Old Ghosts - The Neon Gang

OLD WEST CHRISTMAS (Collection) - Wendymypooh

On Chris and Shopping - atolar

On a City Street - KT AU RNLI

On a Wing and a Prayer - LaraMee

On the Count of Three

On Eagle's Wings - SoDak7

On My Knees - JIN ATF

On A Raven's Wing - Ithildyn AU

On Your Horses Boys - Jordan McKenzie

Once More - C.V. Puerro ATF ADULT

Once Upon a December - Amelia ATF

One Bullet - mcat

One Day in Sector Seven - Nancy W. AU ("Star Trek")

One Destiny - JIN ATF/OW crossover

One For All Or All For One? - Tiffiny ATF

One Hit - Tonny ATF

One Night in Purgatory - LaraMee

One Reason - Kim ATF

One Sunday Morning - Sue Kelley ADULT

One Soul (Series) - Mary Ann AU
    The Gift

One Week - LaraMee ATF

Only a Matter of Time - Kim Maddox

Only the Strong Survive - JJJunky (Crossover "Stargate SG-1")

Only a Today - CGSL AU

Only Wanted to Help - Phyllis Loafman

Only When it Rains - Sag ATF

Operation Cat - KT LB ATF

Orphans - LaraMee

Ours To Defend - Sue M. AU

Out Among The Stars - Holly ATF

Out of the Darkness - Alanna

Out of the Past - Rhiannon AU 

Out of the Shadows - Deirdre ATF

Outcasts - Jeanne LB ATF

Outhouse Shootout - WendyW

The Outlaws - Desperado's Daughter

Over Hill and Plain - C.V. Puerro ATF ADULT

Over the Threshold - Quizegan ATF ADULT

Overprotective - Caitriona


Pacing the Cage - Greenwoman

Pain and . . . - atolar

Pain in the Butt - Yolande (Part of the Lone Wolf Series)

Pain on Memory - Kathy B.

PANTHEON (Collection) - ElenaRoan  ATF AU

Par for the Course - JudyL ATF

Paradise Lost - Tiffiny ATF ADULT

Parallax - BMP ATF

The Pardon - Tracy

Partners - Q'Mar ATF

Parts of the Past - Rose Larabee [Incomplete]

Passing Fancy - Charlotte Hill ATF (mild slash content)

Past Links - Jade

Past and Present - Dawn Drake

Past or Present - CGSL LB ATF

The Past Remembered/The Past Returns - Carla ATF

The Past Returns - Debbie

Past Sins - Catseye ATF

Patience Rewarded - Hombre

Payback in Pink - Rhiannon

Payback's a Bitch - The Neon Gang ATF

Paying on Sins - Heather F.

Payoff - Sue M.

Peace and Joy - WendyW LB

Peace and Quiet - SoDak7

Peaches - Flaw

Penitence - Derry

Perceptions of the Rock - Heidi ATF

Perchance To Dream: Chris - Tiffiny ATF

The Perfect Crime - KETanner

The Perfect Crime - KETanner ADULT Version

A Perfect Pair - Anneack AU

The Perils of Menial Labor - LaraMee

Perspective - Mitzi

Peso Strikes Again - senorabutterfly ATF

Pickoff Moves - Monica M AU

Pick-Up Man - Hawk50 AU

A Picture Is Worth - Tiffiny

Picture Perfect - Carole  LB ATF

PIECES - The Neon Gang

Playing Hooky - KT LB ATF

Playing in the Snow - Susan K.

The Pledge - LaraMee

Please, Call Me... - Kaelyn

Poet's Heart - White Raven

Poetry in Motion - RonneeM (Poem)

Points of Authority - Twyla Jane AU

Poison - Heather F.

Poison Ivy - Kathy B

Pondering - JudyL

Ponderings - MMW LB OW/AU

Ponderin' Friendship - LaraMee

Pony - LaraMee

Pop Tarts - Sue M AU

he Power of Love - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Power of the Word - The Neon Gang ATF

Power Play - SilverWolf AU

Practical Joke - Tonny ATF

Precious - Anonymous

Preludes AKA Bath Night - Susan Zell

Present Bonds - Jade

Pressure - Linda AU (The Ranch)

Pressure - Tapestri AU

The Price of a Broken Promise - Winnie  ATF [CHALLENGE #1]

Priceless - Charlotte Hill ADULT AU

A Pride of Lions - Deb (Facets Series)

Princes of the Universe - Kathy B.  ATF ADULT

Professional Courtesy - Pat

Proficiency - Sue M ATF

A Promise to Keep - Raquel AU

Promises - Ice Hunter

Promises - Kimberly

Promises - Tiffiny

Promises To Keep - Raven LB ATF

Promises Kept - Winnie

Promises Made... and Kept - SoDak7

Proof of Innocence - SLR

Prove It - Elizabeth Sullivan (Alternate Universe)

Providence in Spurs - LaraMee Deux

Proving Ground - Anne Tolar

Punching Bag - Raquel ATF

Puppy Love/Hate - LaraMee ATF

The Punching Bag - Sylvia ATF

Pure Poetry - JIN

Purgatory - The Buffalo Gals

Purgatory - Maria M. (Poem)

Put It Aside - JIN


The Quandary - Phyllis ATF

Quatre-Mains - sevenall

A Question of Time - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

A Quiet Lesson - SoDak7

The Quilt - LaraMee Deux


Raisin Hell - Beth Green LB ATF

The Ram - Ruby ATF

Ramble For An Incredibly Hot Day - Robyn ATF

The Rancher's Wife - LT

A Ranger's Code - Maggie AU (Alternate Old West Universe)

A Rare Friendship - The Neon Gang ATF

Rattled - Xiola ATF

Razor's Edge - Charlotte Hill ADULT

A Real Father - JK LB

The Real Thing - Shirley

The Really Great Day - JIN

Reap a Bitter Harvest - Deirdre

Redbridge's Hostage - Wyvern

Rebuilding the Past - Yolande ATF

The Reckoning - Linda Thackery (#4 in "The Scrolls" series)

RED GLOVE: Understanding the Other Side - Kati AU

Red Star - Jenn AU

Red Zone - Deirdre ATF

Redeemed - SoDak7

Reflections - Catseye

Reflections - KellyA

Reflections on Giving Thanks - Jeanne LB

Regret and Obsession - atolar

Reindeer Games - Kathy B. ATF

The Reluctant Artist - Joy K LB-AU (North Pass Ranch)

Repairs and Renovations - WendyW

The Replacement - Titan5 ATF

Reports of My Death - The Neon Gang ATF

The Rescue - LaraMee AU (World War II )

Resignations - KRH

Resolutions - Stormm ATF

Responsibility - Moose ATF

Rest and Relaxation - Sue M AU

Retliatory Measures - Rhiannon

Retribution - Bern [CHALLENGE #1]

Retribution - Morgan

Retribution - Wyvern

Return Journey - WendyW LB

Revelations - Angela Gabriel

Revenge - Andrea M AU

Revenge - Winnie

Revenge And Childish Things - KT AU

Revenge is Mine - Winter

The Reverse Side of the Coin - Chris

The Ride - Angela B

Ride the Green Horse - LaraMee

Ride a Lonely Trail - Rhiannon

Riding For Home - LaraMee LB

Right Hand - Tonny

The Right Kind of Mirrors - Killash

The Right Path - MMW

Righting Wrongs - Hombre ATF

Riot Act - Wendymypooh ATF

Risk Gwendolen

Rivals - Wendymypooh

The River Styx - Estevana Rey

The River Wild - Violette ATF

The River Wild - Tonny AU

The Road to Yuma - Susan Zell

Rockface - Sasha AU (Search and Rescue)

The Rocker - Joy K LB ATF

Rockin' - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Rocky Ground - Hombre

Rocky Road - Sami-j ATF

Roller Coaster Beginnings - Sami-j ATF


ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY (Series): Then You Fall... - TJ ATF


Roses & Dreams - Carla ADULT

Rough Stones - Ruby J (sequel to "Blood Trail")

Royal Deception - Winnie AU (The Firm)

Rumble - Gina ATF

Run - Jeanne

Runners - Gil Hale AU

Running on Empty - Joy K, Winter, Nancy W AU


Sabbatical - ssinco

Sacrifice - Hombre AU

Samhain Night - SilverWolf

Samuel "Kansas" Black - The Neon Gang

San Francisco Way - Charlotte Hill

Santa - Marian

Santa Claws - Helen Adams AU (Little Ezra)

Santa's Little Helper - Loui ATF

Santa's Little Helpers - Charli and Andi ATF

Santa's Little Miracle - CGSL AU

Saturday Night Life - LaraMee LB ATF

Savage Company - Rowdy Tanner

Saving Vin - AJB LB ATF

Scars That Bind - LaraMee Deux and The Muse

Scenes of My Life - Raquel ATF

School Supplies - Jeanne LB

The Search - Bernadette

The Search - LaraMee Deux ATF

The Search Ends - Wgang

The Searchers - Rowdy Tanner

Second Nature - Armaita ATF

Secrets - Vickie G

Secrets (Series) - Carla Stinson  ATF [In progress]

Secrets from the Past - Steelknight

Seeing is Believing - Carla Stinson  ATF [CHALLENGE #5]

Seeking and Finding Wisdom - Anneack ATF

Seminar - Quincy ATF

Serendipity - Jesfrealo

Serpentine - JudyL Missing scene "Serpents"

Served Cold - The Neon Gang ATF

Served Cold - The Neon Gang ATF (different story than previous listing)

Settin' Things Straight - Rhiannon

The Set-Up - Pamela ATF

7 x 5 x 15: Book 1 - AJB LB (Alternate ATF Universe)

Seven - Séreméla

Seven - Tonny

Seven Days - Linda. T ATF [In progress]

Seven Hallows' Eve - Princess Nat LB ATF

Seven Deadly Hangovers - Sue Bartholomew

Seventh Heaven - Cin ATF

Shackles - Heather F.

Shades of Grey - Heather Hillsden

Shadow in the Moonlight - Joan Curtin ATF

SHADOWS (Series) - Yolande

A Shining Place Called Hope - Deirdre

Shining Tears - atolar

Shock - Ronneem ATF

Shop With a Cop - AJB LB ATF

Should the Angels Call - the Traveling Dimestore Novelist

A Short Story - JIN

Shortcuts - JK

Shot at Again, Mr. Larabee? - Hombre

Shot in the Dark - The Neon Gang

Showdown - MMW (crossover)

Siege - Lady Angel ATF

Silence - LT and Niteowl LB ATF

The Silence - Mods [death fic]

Silence is Golden - Winnie AU (The Firm)

Silent Dreams - Maggie

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Deirdre

Silent Wishes - Lisa Roeske

Simon Says - LaraMee ATF

Simple Pleasures - Hombre ATF

Simple Truths - Seagray

Simple Truths ... Honest Lies - Cobalt ADULT

The Sin - Greenwoman

Sin of the Past - JJJunky

Since I Lost You - LaraMee ATF

Sins of the Father - Cass Smith (Part of the Lost Legacy Series) [In progress]

Sins of the Father - SoDak7

Sins Of The Father, Part 1 - Susie Burton

Sins of Omission - The Neon Gang

Sins of the Past: Epilogue - Merl

Sins of the Writers - LaraMee

Sister-In-Law - Gold Dust Woman

Sizzle - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

Sleeping with the Fishes - Kathy B. AU

Slippery Road - Raquel ATF

A Sliver of Night - Joan Curtin (The Legends Born Series)

Small Favors - Shellie Williams

Small Sacrifices - J. Brooks

Small Steps - Angela B AU (Little Ezra ) Sequel to Spilt Milk

Smoke and Whiskey - Sally M

Snake in the Grass - Not Tasha

Snake Oil, Dynamite & Pink Flamingoes - Twyla Jane ATF

Snake on the Loose - NotTasha

Snakebite - Winnie AU (The Firm)

Snow Angels - Winnie AU (The Firm)

Snow Biehnie and the 7 Whatsies - Sasha

Snow Day - Sue M Alternate Universe "Brothers Larabee"

So Far From Home - NotTasha

SOLITUDES Series: To Remember - Hercat ATF

Somebody's Watching - Maggie ATF

Somethin' Wrong Chris? - Marianne

Something - Ruby ATF

Something New - Thalia AU (Street Gang)

Something Tangible - Yolande

Sometimes the Past Comes Back to Haunt Us - Kati ATF

Somewhere Along the Road - Estee LB ATF

Song for a Winter's Night - Susan Z.

Sons, Lost and Found - Black Rook AU

Sorrow - Hombre  ATF [death fic]

Soul Survivor - Ice Hunter

Soulmates - Sarah Robinson ATF

Sound the Bugle - GSister ATF

Sounds of Silence - Joy K AU

Southern Thunder - Lady Standish

Sparklering - Kathy M LB-ATF

Spellbound - Jeanne LB D & D

Spilt Milk - Angela B AU (Little Ezra)

The Spine of the Matter - ElenaRoan AU

Spirit - Ruby LB ATF

Spirit of Friendship - JJJunky

The Spirit of the Wolf - SilverWolf

Split Second - The Neon Gang ATF

Spooky - Cindy Brewer ATF

Spring Cleaning - The Neon Gang ATF

Stagecoach - KellyA

Stakeout - Bernadette ATF

The Stakeout - Cecilia ATF

Stalker - Jeanne ATF

Stampede - Ice Queen ATF [CHALLENGE #22]

Stand Alone - LaraMee

Stand Beside You - Maggie

Standing Outside the Fire - Winnie

Standoff - SoDak7

Star - Katrina Sanders

Star of Wonder - Joan Curtin

Start of a Beautiful Friendship - Tarlan

The Start of Something - MWK

Starting Over - Becky E ATF

Starting Over - CGSL ATF

Staying Afloat - Xiola ATF

Steal Of The Night - Tiffiny ATF

Step Back and Ponder - Jackie

Step by Step - Amelia

Sticks and Stones - Roo

Still Waters - Xiola

A Stitch in Time - SoDak7

Stolen Moment - MMW LB-AU

Stone's Throw - The Neon Gang ATF

The Storm - LaraMee LB ATF

Storm A' Brewin' - Derry ATF

Storm in the Mountains - ssinco

A Storm in the Soul - The Neon Gang ATF

Storm Trouble - ssinco

Storms of the Past - mcat

Stormy Weather - Wendymypooh

Stranded - Winnie AU (The Firm) [CHALLENGE #7]

Strange Folk - KT AU

Strangers in a Strange Town - SasseyJ

Strays - SoDak7

Stressful Day - Hombre ATF

The Street - Maygra

Strum und Drang - Beth Green ATF

Stubborn Fool - LaraMee Deux

Stuck In the Middle With You - Gray ATF

Stuck On You - Judy S. & Bishonen Chan ATF ADULT

Stud Fees - Anonymouseisme ATF

A Stumble in the Dark - Luna Dey ATF

Stupid - Clair


Styles - Heather F. ATF

Sui Generis - Macx AU

Summer Heat - the KT (Alternate Universe "Runaways")

Sunday Blues - Carla Stinson ATF

Surprise! - LaraMee ATF

Surprise - Charlotte Hill ATF ADULT

Surprise, Surprise - S. Larabee Tanner

Sweet Delight - VampyrAlex ATF ADULT

Sweet Revenge - The Neon Gang

Swinging Doors - KRH

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")


Titles A - E
Titles F - L
Titles M - S
Titles T - Z

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