Magnificent Seven Old West Universe
The Letter

by E. Broen


Mary is working in the newspaper office as usual, but what is unusual is the fact that she has a letter that she now has to deliver to Chris Larabee. While Mary likes to spend time talking with Chris she reminds herself that this time she would keep the conversation brief so that he could read his letter that the postman had said was very urgent. When she sees Chris walk past her office she goes up to him and says, "Chris, I have this letter that the postman said was urgent. Well, here it is."

Mary hands the letter to Chris, and beats a hasty retreat before she gets the urge to stick her nose where it doesn't belong.

As he is watching Mary beat a hasty retreat, and while he is thinking about the possible contents of the mystery letter Mary gave him, Vin comes up to him saying, "Ya goin' ta stand there decorating that pole all day?"

Chris pushes off the pole and says,  "No. Hope that you enjoy your week of hunting."

Vin smiles after getting on his horse, and says, "Planned on it, and I hope that my trip hasn't put you out what with Nathan and Josiah being gone, and JD and Buck all set to handle that prisoner transfer tomorra'."

"I'll be fine. Besides, Ezra is here to watch my back," Chris assures Vin as he rides of out of town. Chris goes to sit outside of the Saloon, and enjoy the beautiful day. As Chris is sitting there contemplating things with Mary and this town he remembers the letter Mary gave him this morning. Chris takes the letter out of his pocket, and reads it.

27 July 1882

My Son,

It is with great sadness and even greater guilt that I write this to you now. Even though we have not always gotten along I am very fond of you, and understand the weight of your grief after I lost your Mother. The last ten years I have spent living at the very bottom of the bottle, and it took a very kind hearted and persistent woman to drag me back out again. Even though she is unable to marry me it has caused me to reflect on the past, and it is time for me to tell you about the biggest mistake of my life.

When you were ten years old an exceedingly beautiful woman came to town, and she had stolen my heart from the first time she smiled at me. We spent so much time together that we got to know one another quite well. Oh My Son that Southern Belle, was so beautiful that I let the fact that she is a gambler slide.  I knew that she wasn't really suited to the life of a ranchers wife when I saw her parading around in them fancy silk dresses, and then I knew that the woman is from the city. It made me want to know what she was doing in such a dusty little town like ours.

Our relationship didn't last very long, and when she left she took my unborn child with her. I know this because nine months later I get a telegraph from her telling me that we have a son, and she tells me that if I don't give her $5,000 I will never get to meet my son. I refused to give her a single penny, or even tell your mother about the incident, and then when the deadline had past I got another telegraph telling me that because I have chosen to be so unreasonable I have given up knowing my son.

I have never forgiven that blonde haired devil for stealing my boy from me, but I am old now and I wish that I had gotten the chance to meet my youngest son just once. I also want you to have the chance to get to know your brother, and try to build up the relationship that you should have had for the last thirty years. I am so sorry I hope that you can one day forgive me for my infidelity.

Your father,

Micheal Larabee


Chris is angry that his father would dare to cheat on his mother, and puts the letter in his pocket slightly crumpled in his anger before walking into the Saloon to get a drink, hoping that his friends will have the good sense to leave him alone for awhile.

After drinking a couple of bottles of whisky, Chris decides that he needs some time to think and informs Ezra that he is heading to the cabin for a bit, and then they will need to have a serious talk when he gets back to town. Ezra is puzzled by these developments, but agrees to watch over things while he is gone. When Chris gets to his cabin he sits on the porch, and takes out the letter to get some kind of clue to tell him who his father's mistress is. Chris re-reads the part of the letter where his father describes his mistress, and as he is reading an image begins to form in his mind. As soon as the image settles into his mind he knows exactly who his father had an affair with, and with this knowledge comes the realization that Ezra is his half brother. Chris also realizes that the first thing he is going to talk to Ezra about is Maude having an affair with his father. With all of his thoughts sorted out Chris saddles his horse, and returns to town to have a talk with his brother.

When Chris gets to town he walks into the Saloon, and finds Ezra sitting at a table finishing up a hand of poker. As soon as the newest round of losers have left the table Chris sits down, and pours himself a drink waiting for Ezra to acknowledge him. After pouring himself a drink Ezra sits back in his chair, and says,"Mr. Larabee is it time for us to have that serious conversation you told me about before you left on your constitutional?"

"Yes, Ezra the time for that discussion has come. This morning I received a letter that the postman said was urgent, and when I read it I was disturbed by what I found. I ended up half crinkling the letter in my anger."

Chris takes a sip of his drink to steady his nerves. Ezra who is still confused by the conversation says, "What does this disturbing correspondence have to do with me?" Chris sighs, takes the letter from his pocket, and hands it to Ezra to read for himself. Ezra reads the letter, and says, "Oh Mother! Mr. Larabee. . . Chris, I wish I could say that I am surprised by the fact that Mother has been using me quite literally from the day I was born, but sadly I am not. When I was ten I was looking through Mothers things to see if I could find out why we always moved around so much, and I found a telegraph receipt dated the day I was born, but unfortunately there was nothing to indicate what the telegraph was about. Now that I know it answers a lot of my own questions. What are we going to do about this information Chris?"

"Well I for one would like to spend sometime getting to know my brother, and then when our friends get back, we tell them what's going on."

Chris takes another swig of his drink after answering his brothers question. Ezra smiles, and says, "Sounds like a plan. Ask me what ever you like." Chris smiles, and starts asking his brother questions.

+ + + + + + +

Chris and Ezra have spent the last week bonding like they should have been doing for the last thirty years, and before they know it their friends ride back into town. When the rest of the Seven walk into the Saloon they see Chris talking and laughing with Ezra, and he actually has a happy smile on his face. Seeing this makes them wonder just what could have happened in a week to change things so much. They sit down at the table with Chris and Ezra, and Buck says "What have you boys been up to while we've been gone?"

Ezra and Chris look at each other, and Ezra says, "You better tell them, Chris."

Chris looks at his friends and his brother, puts a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder, and says, "The morning Vin, Buck, and JD left town I received a letter from my father telling me that when I was ten he had an affair with a blonde Southern belle who's description fits Maude perfectly, and that said affair produced a son, a son who is thirty years old now."

Chris stops to give his friends time to absorb what he is saying. Buck is the first to put the pieces together, and says, "Are you saying that Ezra is your brother?"

"Yes, Buck that is exactly what I'm saying."

Chris takes a swig of whisky and Buck says, "Can I see that letter, Chris?" Chris nods, and hands the letter to Buck who grabs it from Chris's hand, reads it, and says, "You don't steal a man's child and get away with it. That woman deserves to be locked up for the rest of her life for what she's done."

Ezra has been listening to the conversation, and finds himself agreeing with Buck saying, "I agree with you, Mr. Wilmington. Mother does deserve to go to jail for her sordid scheme."

JD, who has finally wrapped his mind around the conversation thus far says, "Ezra you can't be thinking about throwing your own Mother in jail. Are you?"

"I most certainly am, Mr. Dunne. If it hadn't been for Mother, I could have grown up with a loving family instead of being forced on every unwilling relative on her side of the family, except when she needed me for whatever con she was running at the time." The rest of the Seven get really quiet at the realization of just how much Ezra has suffered at the hands of his mother, and not much more is said after that.

A week passes, and things have pretty much returned to normal except for the fact that Chris and Ezra are a lot closer than they were before the letter arrived. Chris and Ezra are sitting on the jailhouse porch discussing patrol rotations as well as various other work related things when they see the stage pull into town with some very familiar luggage secured on top. When the stage coach comes to a stop, Chris and Ezra walk up just as Maude is opening the door, and Ezra helps her out of the stage before Chris says, "Maude Standish, you're under arrest for the parental kidnapping of my brother Ezra. Ezra, escort Maude to the jail while I go wire the Judge."

"Certainly, Chris. Mother, come with me."

Ezra holds his arm out for his mother who reluctantly takes it allowing Ezra to lead her to the jail. As soon as he has Maude securely locked up Ezra resumes his seat on the porch to wait for news on the arrival of the Judge. Chris walks out of the Telegraph office, and sees Ezra sitting on the jailhouse porch. Chris walks up to him, and takes a seat saying, "I sent a telegraph to the Judge telling him that we have a new prisoner, and received a reply saying that he will be here in two days."

Ezra breathes a sigh of relief, and settles back into his chair to contemplate everything that has happened. After thinking for a while Ezra says, "I need a drink. Want to come, too, Chris?"

"Sure, right behind you."

Chris gets up and follows right behind Ezra who is already on his way to the Saloon.

Chris and Ezra spend the next two days gathering as much evidence of Maude's crime as possible so that they will get a conviction when the Judge arrives for the trial. The morning of the third day the stage coach pulls to a stop in town, and Judge Travis gets off the stage with his luggage. Judge Travis walks over to the jailhouse, and inquires about the prisoner saying, "Your telegram said that you have a prisoner in need of immediate trial, and I came as quickly as I could. So tell me about this prisoner."

Chris and Ezra look at each other, and Chris says, "Maude Standish has been arrested for the parental kidnapping of my brother, Ezra."

Chris points to Ezra as he is saying this, and Judge Travis responds to the accusation saying, "I hope you have proof to back up those charges."

"Yes I do, Judge. Here's the letter from my father for starters, and the rest of the evidence will be presented at the trial."

Chris hands the letter to the Judge while he says this. Judge Travis reads the letter, and Chris watches as the anger floods the Judge's face. The Judge schedules the trial for exactly one hour from now, and leaves to spend some time with his grandson and Mary.

An hour later the trial begins, and over the course of the trial all of the gathered evidence is presented to the Judge. As the Judge looks over the evidence he finds that it is quite damning, and at the end of the trial Judge Travis sentences Maude Standish to thirty years in Yuma prison for her crime. When court is adjourned Ezra and Chris escort Maude to jail to await transfer to Yuma prison the next day. Mary comes up to the jail house door, and asks to see Maude. Ezra intercepts her saying, "Where do you think that you're going?"

"I'm going to talk to her, and see if there is anything I can do to make her more comfortable here."

"Oh I think the prisoner will be fine in the cell just as it is until she is taken to Yuma prison to pay for her crimes against me, Chris, and the father I never got the chance to meet. Good day."

Mary leaves in a huff disappointed that she can't do anything to make Maude's last day of freedom more comfortable. The next morning Chris, Ezra, and JD are getting ready to for the impending prisoner transfer, and as they are finishing getting everything ready Buck brings Maude out hand-cuffed. Buck helps her onto the spare horse, and watches as his friends leave with the prisoner.

After having arrived at Yuma prison, Chris and Ezra watch the guards take Maude away after transferring her into their custody to serve out her sentence. Chris can tell that despite what happened Ezra is sad to see his Mother in prison, and he puts a comforting hand on his shoulder before turning in the direction they came from. After one last look, Ezra turns away, unable to stand the sight of his Mother in prison any longer, and follows after Chris down the road home. When they get back to Four Corners, Ezra goes to the Saloon, and Chris goes to take his shift at the jail. As soon as he is relieved of jail duty Chris goes to find Ezra because he knows how hard it is on him to have been the one to put his mother in prison. After a while Chris leaves the Saloon, and goes to the telegraph office to notify his father of recent events. Micheal Larabee sends a reply telling him that he will be there in two weeks, and that he is looking forward to spending time with his sons. Chris goes back to the Saloon to tell Ezra the good news.

Ezra is taking the news that he will get the chance to meet his father in two weeks time relatively well with very little visible nerves. Ezra deals with them by immersing himself in work so he has little time to internally fret about the fact that he is finally going to be meeting the father he was robbed of as a child. Ezra contents himself with patrol rotations and poker games to fill his time until their father is scheduled to arrive. With all he has been doing to pass the time the two weeks have passed by quickly. Ezra and Chris are present when the stagecoach pulls into town Monday of the third week, and they watch as their father gets off the stage before removing his luggage from the top. When Micheal Larabee turns around and sees his son standing comfortably next to a young man who is the right age he puts the pieces together, and comes to the conclusion that this young man is his son that was stolen from him. Micheal walks up to Chris, and says, "My son, I got your telegram, and I have come to meet my youngest son as well as reconcile with you Chris."

"Well, father, I'd like to introduce you to my brother, Ezra Standish. Ezra this is our father, Micheal Larabee."

"It is my sincere pleasure to meet you, Mr. Larabee."

"No need for such formality son, but I couldn't be happier to finally meet you after all this time."

"Yes, well why don't we continue this heat-warming family reunion in the Saloon?" And with that said, Ezra turns making his way to the Saloon with his family following behind him.

The rest of the Seven are sitting at their usual table in the back watching the family reunion from a safe distance so as not to interfere with the proceedings. They notice how Ezra is keeping his distance from his father, but is emotionally clinging to Chris for support. This makes them worried that they might have some trouble connecting as a family. The five friends wish that there was something that they can do to help things along, but shortly realize that if they try getting involved even to help it could ruin everything so they opt to watch and see how things play out. The five friends know that Ezra has a very hard time letting anyone get close to him, and that it will take him time to let his father in. It took Ezra months and a startling revelation for him to let Chris into his heart, and the rest of the Seven know that it will take Ezra just as long,if not longer, to let Micheal Larabee into his heart. Their only hope is that Micheal Larabee is willing to stay in town long enough to put in the effort it will take to get to know Ezra, and gain his trust enough for them to be a family.

Micheal Larabee notices that his sons are being very guarded around him, and it is very frustrating to say the least. Now Chris he can understand, but why is the son he has been waiting so long to meet treating him this way? It is very upsetting that Ezra is keeping him at arms length while pulling Chris as close to him as he possibly can. It's almost like Chris is an emotional security blanket, and therefore the person that he trusts the most with his heart. Micheal once again curses Maude Standish for running off with his son, because if she hadn't Ezra would hold him in that regard instead of Chris. He should be the person that Ezra trusts most, not Chris. He is Ezra's Pa and all, doesn't that count for anything? These facts beg serious questions as to how Maude raised the boy, for him to be so guarded even around members of his own family. Micheal is extremely glad that Maude has finally been brought to justice after all she has done to them.


Chris is standing there watching the stage take their father back home much too soon, but then it would be just like his father to get discouraged with the distance that Ezra put between them to protect himself. Granted that distance has shrunk a reasonable amount all things considered, but it is obviously not happening fast enough for their father to keep trying. It probably didn't help that Ezra thinks he's lying about mending the broken relationship between the two of them. Micheal Larabee has not tried even once during his entire visit to talk things out with Chris, and that just made Ezra even more cautious around their father. Chris knows that their father, unlike Maude, isn't actually a bad person, but he isn't exactly the easiest person to get along with either. Chris knows that it will take Ezra a lot more time to let their father into his heart, but Chris hopes that it's not to late by the time the gap has finished closing. On the bright side, their father has promised to visit as often as he can, and next time Chris hopes that they will have a chance to talk out their problems so they can make things right before the old man dies.

A short time after their father leaves, Judge Travis shows up with some lawman from the East, and most of the Seven leave town right away, but JD decides that he should probably wait on Buck. Chris has headed to Purgatory after telling Ezra to be careful, and not to get himself shot over a poker game. Ezra can see the humour in Chris' eyes, but he can also see the concern there as well. Ezra knows that Chris doesn't want to lose his brother, but he especially doesn't want him to end up in a nameless shallow grave after being accused of cheating. Ezra is going to do his best to make sure that doesn't happen until he sees his brother and friends once more.

After Ezra had thoroughly trounced an entire clan at poker his brother and friends ride up to him, and his brother asks him, "Where are you going?"

To which Ezra replies, "To find you of course."

Vin makes a sarcastic comment about Ezra having made some new friends to which Ezra replies, "Look we really need to leave this municipality."

Nathan goes on to mention the tar on Ezra's face, and Chris asks, "What happened?"

"I failed to adhere to a basic tenant in my line of work: Never gamble with an entire clan."

Chris smiles as the seven of them ride off to save the town, and when they get to the wagon Chris comes up with a plan to save Four Corners. It takes a lot of doing, but the Seven of them drive the gunman from town. The judge hires them to dispense law and justice in Four Corners, and they accept after going to the saloon to celebrate.

After the town has settled back into a sense of normalcy, Ezra puts a down payment on the saloon, and asks his friends to invest in his business. Their first reaction is a resounding 'No,' and about the same time Eli Joe makes an appearance by sending one of his men to capture Vin under the guise of a US Marshal. While this is happening Ezra is managing to do quite a lot of business, and he puts most of his profits aside to pay off the purchase price of the saloon. Ezra only saves out enough for his stake from his profits from the newly renamed Standish Tavern. Ezra enjoys running a successful business, but he still thinks of his mother from time to time, and wishes that there had been a time in his life where his mother had loved him as much as he loved her. Ezra is glad to have his older brother in his life, and Ezra wouldn't trade Chis' steady presence and love for all the money in the world. His father is a peripheral figure in Ezra's life, but at least he is a peripheral figure that loves him.

Awhile later a Mexican man named Don Paulo comes into town looking for his barmaid Inez Recios, and when he finds her he tries to take her away. Buck, who had been flirting with her like he does every other woman in town, intervenes when he sees Don Paulo acting in an inappropriate manner.  Bucklin and Don Paulo duel, and Buck manages to defeat him on the field of honour. As they are settling back into the daily routine of life Ezra counts up his profits, and finds that he has made enough to cover the purchase price of the Standish Tavern. Ezra goes to the Bank to pay off the mortgage on the Tavern, and when he gets back he has a drink with his brother. Chris is really happy for Ezra that he now owns the Standish Tavern free and clear. Ezra often finds himself wondering if his mother would have been proud of him for a owning a successful business, and then he remembers what has happened between them causing him to banish those thoughts immediately.

Things become interesting again when a bunch of city folks roll into town dressed in attire appropriate for a period of mourning, and at the same time Chris' father-in-law shows up in town. It is discovered that the Nichols family is there to exact vengeance on Hank Conley, because he murdered a member of their family. At first Chris isn't going to help the rest of the lawmen protect Hank, but Bucks words eventually persuades him otherwise. The Seven lead the big city racketeers on quite the merry chase before they finally figure out what has been going on, and there is a big shoot-out in town. Chris' heart jumps when he sees Ezra enact a plan to take out the armoured carriage that the Nichols brothers brought with them when the first came to town. When the battle is over Chris takes his brother into his arms, tells he loves him, and that he is far to reckless with his crazy schemes. Ezra smiles, and returns his brothers hug with all the love he has in his heart for the man. After an appropriate amount of time the brothers go into the Standish Tavern to have a much deserved drink after their very busy week.

After the Judge has settled a land dispute between an Irishman and a group of settlers, Judge Travis asks the Seven to guard the wagon train, and one settler in particular is very displeased to have them there. The first half of the trip goes very well, and Ezra even decides to write a letter to his mother to see if they can salvage some kind of relationship after all that has happened. A ways into the second leg of the trip JD and Nathan go to investigate the land the settlers are going to be living on, and Vin begins to have an affair with the ornery man's wife, Charlotte. After a while the Vin and the husband have a big confrontation causing Vin to leave, but not before Charlotte takes off after him. There are many attacks before they finally manage to defeat the Irishman, and the Seven plus Mary head back to town after they have escorted the settlers to their land.

JD and Ezra are having a drink in the Standish Tavern, and Mary comes in with a letter in her hand. She walks up to Ezra, and says "Ezra, can I talk to you for a minute?" Ezra puts his glass down, and says, "Of course."

"I have this letter for you. It's from your mother."

"Thanks, Mary."

Mary then walks away leaving Ezra to read his letter in peace. Ezra goes to his usual poker table to read his letter, and is heartbroken by the venomous words that his mother whom he loves has spewed all over him. Ezra is walking to the bar to order a bottle of whisky to drown his sorrows in when Buck sticks his head in the door, and tells him that the Judge wants them to ride. They ride to Eagle Bend, and rescue Nathan's father, bringing him back to await trial. This whole situation brings the incident with the letter from his mother back to the forefront of his mind, and Ezra goes back to the Tavern intent on drowning his sorrows in whisky. The trial is proceeding as scheduled, all the while Ezra is in the Tavern drowning his sorrows in strong whisky, and because of the ongoing trial all Chris can do is watch his brother drink himself senseless in his grief. As soon as everything with Nathan's father is resolved, Chris walks into the Standish Tavern, and over to his brother determined to pull him out of the bottle he's currently drowning himself in. Chris takes the whisky from Ezra, pulls him from his chair, and walks him out of the Tavern toward the livery. Chris takes Ezra out to his cabin so that he can help him through his problems in peace and quiet.

After everything is settled, it has been made abundantly clear to Ezra that he has lost his mother permanently, and by then Chris had managed to pull Ezra out of the bottle he was drowning himself in while he was grieving the loss of his mother. Some of the railroad employees decide to cause a raucous in Ezra's saloon during which Chris, Buck, and Vin throw the lot of them out of the establishment. As soon as the dust up is over a Chinese man and his son approach the present members of the Seven, and ask them for their help finding his brother's murderer. Even with the son's reluctance, the Seven agree to help the man get Justice, and when they deliver the men responsible for the dust up in town back to the rail camp, and when they talk to the rail boss he tells them that they are welcome to have a look around as long as they spread some money around. While looking around Nathan finds Ezra in a tent gambling with some of the Chinese labourers, and when Ezra has won a large pot this man comes into the tent selling his niece so he can buy opium. Ezra and Nathan buy the girl out of her trouble, and the girl leaves the rail camp. Inez and JD pull a prank on Buck involving some Chinese medicine. That evening Ezra is entering his room when he notices that there is some one else in the room with him. With gun in hand Ezra orders the person to come out where he can see them, and it is revealed to be Li Pong, the girl he helped buy out of slavery.

As Ezra is trying to convince Li Pong that she doesn't need to be in his room Nathan comes in the room, and jumps to the totally wrong conclusion about the situation. When Nathan tries to remove her from the room Li Pong gets up, and hides behind Ezra begging him to allow her to stay because she has no where else to go. Ezra agrees to allow it on the condition that she sleeps in a bedroll on the floor. With that settled Ezra turns to Nathan, and informs him that he owes him seven dollars and an apology. The next morning Ezra goes to find a way to help the Chinese workers, and ends up having to be rescued by the rest of the Seven. The Seven arrests the rail boss and all of his corrupt employees for all of the crimes committed on the site, and Ezra looks up after talking to the new rail boss to find Li Pong talking to some of the labourers. Ezra gives her the money that she needs to get back to her family in San Francisco, and Li Pong is devastated at first thinking that Ezra wants her to leave, but when Ezra explains that she belongs with her family she kisses him before giving him a hug to thank him for helping her get back to her family. The Seven ride back to town having gained a new respect from the Chinese labourers.

Everything is peaceful in town until two men come into town, and try to rob the bank JD manages to stop them, but in the process he trips over a barrel shooting an innocent bystander. JD sits on the ground on the other side of the barrel as they are bringing the bystander out of the bank. It doesn't take long for JD to realize that he shot her as he fell, and the only way that he is going to be ok is if Nathan is able to save the woman. Meanwhile Ezra is in the Saloon playing poker with a gambler from St. Louis named Big Lester Banks. They play a series of games before it is revealed that Big Lester Banks is a cheater after he helped JD foil a stage coach robbery that the dead bank robbers brother was pulling on the stage that JD was ridding when he had decided to leave town after having lost his girlfriend and the towns faith in him. JD rejoins the Seven, and they escort the now driver-less stage coach back to town.

Awhile later Josiah went on a trip, and he returned just as a serial killer came to Four Corners in the form of a corrupt Pinkerton detective. At the same time Rain comes to town so that she can get to know Nathan a little bit better, and while this is all going on some performers arrive in town. They catch the Pinkerton in the act while he is trying to murder Rain, but fortunately Rain gets out of the incident alive, and the Pinkerton does not. Nathan escorts Rain back to her village, and while he does is doing that, he and Rain spend this time getting to know one another better.

Some time latter there is another stagecoach robbery, and Judge Travis' best friend dies in that robbery. Two lady bounty hunters ride into town looking for Del Spevack and his gang at the same time as the Seven are looking for him as well. One of the lady bounty hunters and JD have a brief interlude,  and Casey catches them sleeping together. In her heartbreak she, wished JD harm after failing to lash out at JD for cheating on her. This is something that she comes to regret after Del Spevack causes JD to get shot in the gut. They managed to get rid of Del Spevack after he shoots the bounty hunter who was found guilty of murder. JD is on the road to recovery when he sees the sister of the woman who shot him, and asks to be taken back to the clinic. Buck talks to the sister before she rides out of town.

Some time after this incident a vote on Statehood is called in New Mexico Territory, and Mary is campaigning really hard for the territory to become a State. What nobody knows is that the Territorial governor has hired a pair of assassins to kill all strong public proponents of Statehood. The Governor paid the assassins $10,000 to carry out this dastardly deed, and there is much debate on what should be done with the money. Over the course of the discussion it is revealed to Ezra that his friends and family doesn't trust him with money, but what he doesn't realize is that they trust him with everything else. Josiah gives him the money, and Ezra struggles with the temptation before ultimately doing the right thing by saving Mary's life. After telling Chris that it would be best not to burden him with other peoples money Nathan takes him to the clinic to check his injuries, and Ezra asks his brother what exactly they are planning to do with the assassin's money to which Chris just laughs.

Buck retrieves a drunken Chris from Purgatorio, and dumps him on the cot in an unlocked cell back in Four Corners. Chris has a reunion with an old sweetheart named Ella Gaines, and they think about rekindling some old flames until Chris discovers that Ella Gaines is the one who hired Fouler to kill his wife and son. While this is happening Buck meets the woman of his dreams, but she dies in a shoot-out with Ella's men. Ella manages to get away after the shoot-out leaving Chris behind to recover emotionally and physically from the ordeal. The biggest solace for Chris is that all of The Seven were able to make it out of that situation alive, because Chris doesn't know what he would have done if his friends and family had been killed by that obsessed creep of a woman.

Ezra, Buck, and JD spend the next week gathering all of the evidence of her crimes from Ella Gaines Ranch House, and the evidence is damming enough that she is sure to swing for murder. The three lawmen spend the next two months searching for the deranged woman, but are unable to find a trace of her, and just when they think that they will never find her she makes an appearance in their very own town. Ella Gaines rents a room in the most discreet boarding house in town, and begins to plan how she is going to get rid of the man that she has realized will never return her feelings. As soon as she realized that Chris would never love her she determined that if she couldn't have Chris then no one could. Ella knows that since she is in the heart of enemy territory there is a very high likelihood that she could end up arrested or dead, but as far as Ella Gaines is concerned the risks are worth the reward, for without Chris her life isn't worth living.

Chris and Ezra are sitting outside the Standish Tavern having a cup of coffee when they see a woman walking down the street carrying a parasol so that it obstructs the view of her face. Ezra spots this inconsistency with the proper manner in which to hold this accessory, and says "Chris the lady down the street is holding her parasol in a completely incorrect fashion."


"So the only reason for a lady of her obvious breeding to hold that accessory like that is to conceal her identity."

"Alright, we'll check it out."

Chris and Ezra finish the last of their coffee, and go over to investigate the peculiar happening.

When they get over to the lady they find that it is the murderous creep Ella Gaines, and not a fine lady after all. As soon as they recognize her Chris and Ezra draw their guns, but then Ella draws one pointing it right at Chris. Before Ella Gaines has a chance to fire the brothers shoot her in a way that disarms her without killing her. In the intervening two months since they last saw each other Chris has decided that seeing Ella Gaines hang for the lives that she destroyed would be infinitely more satisfying than shooting her. Chris escorts Ella Gaines to the jail while Ezra goes to the telegraph office to wire the Judge about their new prisoner, and while he is at it he wires Ma Nichols telling her that they have arrested the person who is ultimately responsible for David's death by destroying the mind of Hank Conley. Ezra asks her if her and her remaining sons would like to attend the hanging, and thereby get some form of closure from this terrible tragedy. Ezra gets responses to both his inquiries. Judge Travis tells him that he will be there in two days, and Ma Nichols tells him that they will indeed attend the hanging, and will be there in two days.

When Judge Travis and the Nichols family arrive the trial begins, and Ella Gaines is found guilty of the murder of Sarah and Adam Larabee. The Judge sentences Ella Gaines to hang by the neck until dead at dawn, and as everyone is leaving the building where the trial took place Ma Nichols asks Ezra to explain to her how these murders destroyed the mind of Hank Conley costing the life of her son. Ezra invites them to have a drink with him in the Saloon over which everything will be explained. Chris having heard the conversation between his brother and those dangerous criminals decides to go with them so he can help with the explaining. As they are drinking Ezra's best whisky Ezra and Chris explain to Ma Nichols that Chris' wife Sarah Larabee was Hank Conley's daughter, and when Ella Gaines hired Fowler to kill Sarah, the grief and pain at the loss of his daughter destroyed Hank Conley's mind, the Nichols family accepts their explanation, and the next morning they all watch Ella hang.

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