Magnificent Seven fiction written by fans in which Ezra Standish is either the main character, or has an important part in the story.

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ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


Sabbatical - ssinco

A Sacrifice to Fire - NotTasha

Sacrifices - Heather F.

Safari, So Goody - Hombre AU

Saints and Sinners - KellyA

Saints and Angels - ReaperWriter ATF

The Samaritan's Choice - sablecain

Same, But Different - Ace

Sangre Sangria - Toni

Santa Claws - Helen Adams AU (Little Ezra)

Santa Ez - Pat

Santa Ez Part 2 - Pat Merritt

Savage Duty: Part One - Spyglass

Savage Duty: Part Two - Spyglass

Savage Duty: Part Three - Spyglass

Savage Duty: Part Four - Spyglass

Scandalous, the Story of a Con - Starwinder ADULT

Scars Of The Heart - Samantha [In progress]

Sea Legs - Hombre ATF

The Search - Bernadette

The Search - LaraMee Deux ATF

Second Childhood - Jean

Second Guessing - Heather ATF

Secret Vices - Tidia and MOG ATF

Secrets - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

See-Through Shower - Kris ATF ADULT

See What Life Is All About - Mog ATF

Seeing is Believing - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

Seeing Clearly - JudyL

Seeing the Elephant - J. Brooks

Seeing Stars – Judy L ATF

Send in The... - Twyla Jane ATF

Send in the Clones - Angie ATF [Crossover Stargate SG-1]

Sense of Adventure - The Immortal ATF

The Serpent Unleashed - Jo Ann  

Serpentine - JudyL Missing scene "Serpents"

Serpents Slain: Missing Scene for Serpents - KaiMeara

Served Cold - The Neon Gang ATF

Settling a Score - SueM AU

Settlin' - Helen Adams

Seven Dragons - Judy L AU

The Seven's Sentinel - Judy Seils ATF (xover The Sentinel)

Shackles - Heather

The Shade of Four Corners - NotTasha [deathfic]

Shades - Violette (Xover ATF/OW)

Shades of Death Road - Tammy ATF (xover "Supernatural")

SHADOWS (Series) - Yolande

Shaking the Dust - NotTasha

Shall We Dance? - Lisa S AU

A Shared Moment - Kitka

Shaving Soap - Helen Adams LB-ATF

Shedding - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Shield of Gelert - NotTasha

Shenandoah Waltz - Sue Bartholomew

Shootin' Blanks - Pat

Shop With a Cop - AJB ATF LB

Short Straw - Heather F

Should Have Seen That Coming - The Neon Gang ATF

A Shoulder to Lean On - Ace

Side by Side - JIN

Silence (Series) - Jessie Jane Cheshire ATF

Silent Gifts - Katie

Silent Memories - Violette ATF

Silent Voices - Debby ATF

Silk and Firecrackers - Ithildyn AU

Silver Linings - Tipperary

A Simple Matter of a Gunbelt - Cat Standish ADULT

A Simple Mistake - The Immortal

Simple Pleasures - Helen Adams ATF

Simple Truths - Seagray

Simple Words - Ace

The Sin - Green Woman

Sins Of The Father - Susie Burton

Sins of the Past - Helen Adams ATF

Sins of the Past: Missing Scene - Jo Ann

Sippin' Whiskey - Heather ATF

Situations - Lana Elizabeth

Six Days in San Francisco - Non Sequitur

Sky Marshals flight 1412 - sablecain

Small Sacrifices - J. Brooks

Small Steps - Angela B AU (Little Ezra) Sequel to Spilt Milk

Small Things - aesc

Small Treasures - Nancy W. LB D&D

Smoke and Whiskey - Sally M

Snake Oil, Dynamite & Pink Flamingoes - Twyla Jane ATF

Snake in the Grass - NotTasha

Snake on the Loose - NotTasha

Sneaking Around - Starwinder ADULT

Snow Cat - Heather F. ATF

Snow Shaker - KT ATF

Snowball - Angela B AU (Journey to Avalon)

Snowy Christmas Night - Amelia (poem)

So Far From Home - NotTasha

So Far, So Good... - Estee AU

So Simple - NotTasha

So You Think You're a St. Bernard - Hombre ATF

Soaring - Anneack ATF

Soledad - J. Brooks

Solitaire - Green Woman

Some Days - Big Ham (Ezra) ATF

Somehow, I Know - NotTasha

Someone Else's Son - NotTasha

Someone to Ride the River With - MMW

Someone to Watch Over Me - Firefox ATF

Someone's Lifesavings - NotTasha

Someplace Important - NotTasha

Something Borrowed - Thalia AU (SOMETHING Series)

Something to Laugh About - Mog ATF

Something to Prove - KellyA ATF

Something Solid to Stand On - NotTasha

Something Tangible - Yolande

Something Wicked - Mary K AU

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Lauren [In progress]

Sometimes I Wonder - NotTasha

Somewhere In-Between - NotTasha

Sons, Lost and Found - Black Rook AU

Sorrow - Hombre ATF [Deathfic]

Soul Promises - Skye ADULT [Deathfic]

Soul Stealer - Patricia Semler

Soundtrack - Mimi ATF

Southern Cross - Beth

Southern Glory - Nadine AU (Star Trek - Little Ezra)

Southern Heritage Ace

Speak No Evil - Alex K.

Special Delivery - Freespirit AU Little Britches

Speculations - K Hanna Korossy

Spilt Milk - Angela B AU

Spirit Bay - TexasAries AU

Spirit of Friendship - JJJunky

The Spirit of a Hero - Mitzi

The Spirit of the Season - Helen Adams

Spittin' Butterfly Smoke - Jackie & Ingunn ATF

Spring Days 'Til Winter - Beth

Spring Waters - Tipper

Stagecoach - KellyA

The Stakeout -Scribe ATF

The Stakeout - Scribe ATF ADULT Version

Stand Firm - Yolande

A Star To Guide Him Home - Judy L

Sticky Situation - Amelia (Vin, Ezra) ATF

Still a Man - KellyA ADULT

A Stone, Turned - by NotTasha

Stopover in a Quiet Place of Truth - Helen Adams

Storm Chasing - sablecain  AU (Twister)

Storm in the Mountains - ssinco

Storm Set - ~Lumina ADULT

Storm Trouble - ssinco 

The Story of Boston Bound - Meg

Strange Days - Kat Morgan AU

The Strangest Things Keep Happening - Dreamer

Stranded - Gunney LB ATF

Stranded - Heather Hillsden

Strange As It Seems - Twyla Jane

A Strange Kind of Justice - Armaita ATF xover The Pretender

Strength and Honor - Beth

Strength in Numbers - Helen Adams

Stress Relieving - Freespirit ATF

Stressful Day - Hombre ATF

Strictly Business - by NotTasha

Strong Ties - Yolande

Stronger Than You Think - Jeanne AU (Two Blood)

Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truth - Helen Adams

The Stuff of Dreams - K Hanna Korossy

Stung - Romanse ATF


Styles - Heather F. ATF

Such A Fair Salvation - Lynne E. Smith

Substitution by Default - Ladysmiths

Such Bold and Bloody Causes - Debra Hicks

Sui Generis - Macx AU

Summer Days - Twyla AU ("Little Ezra")

Subsequent Existence - Judy Seils (Deathfic)

The Sun, the Moon, the Sky, the Clouds - Twyla Jane ATF

Sunlight, Sun Bright - Allaire Mikháil ADULT

Sunset - Helen Adams ATF

Sunshine and Shadows - Suzi Starke

Support - by Ladysmiths ATF ADULT

Surprises - Heather F

Surprises - Jaye B. AU (Little Ezra)

Sweet Delight - VampyrAlex ATF ADULT

Sweet Treat - Kili BloomATF

Swinging Tree - Robyn

Switched at Birth - Jo Ann (Ezra, Vin) ATF


Taken Away - Nancy W LB-AU

Taken to the Grave - Michelle and Amanda ATF

Taking the Blame - Jill ATF

Taking the Bull by the Horns - Luna Dey ATF

Taking a Chance - Carole

The Tale of a Deed - Auburn

The Tale of Red Fox - MotherRati AU

A Tale of Woe - Heather F. ATF

A Talent for the Game - JK

Talk About Us - Cecilia Standish ATF ADULT

Tangled Web - Tidia ATF

Tangled Web - JudyL ATF

The Taste of Home - Helen Adams

Tea and Sympathy - J. Brooks

Team Retreat - Heather ATF

Team Seven & Lenny Hoskins vs Ezra Standish - Bern ATF

Tempest - Helen Adams ATF

Tequila Town - Trekkieb ATF

Testing Time - Aramis ADULT

Tethered - Angela B. ATF

Texas Hold 'Em - Mitzi ATF

Thanksgiving Day - Helen Adams

That Damn Car: A Short Story - Bernadette ATF

That Night - Tipper AU

That One Is My Other Brother - Helen W AU (Sentinel Crossover)

That Which Matters Most - Joy K

The Man Inside - Joy K ATF

Then Came Maude - Beth Green

There for You - Michele

There Has GOT to Be a Better Way to Spend a Saturday - Robyn Quincy ATF

There is Something Seriously Wrong With This House - Bernadette ATF

They Came To Help - sablecain AU

They'll Come - Tapestri

Thief - ssinco (Chris, Ezra, Buck) LB AU

A Thing or Two (Series) - hercat ATF ADULT

Things to Do in Denver - Green Woman ATF

THINGS WE LEARNED #5: Cowboys and Trolls- Gina D LB ATF

The Things We've Handed Down - Beth ATF

Thinking Outside the Box - JudyL ATF

This Place - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra)

This Rough Magic - Doggy J OW/AU

This Year's Recipient - Anneack AU

Those Whom We Serve - Firefox ATF

Three of a Kind - Robyn

Three of a Kind - Meg Tipper (xover "Maverick")

Three Questions - Helen Adams ATF

Three Stage Attack - JudyL

Three's Not a Crowd - Laura H. ADULT

Through Hell and High Water - Lissa Grinstead

Through the Eyes of the Rabbit - Twyla Jane AU

Through the Fire - LaraMee (May be unsuitable for sensitve readers)

Through The Valley - moogsthewriter

Tide and Time - Susan Foster (Xover "The Sentinel) - sensitive reader warning

Ties that Bind - Laura H. ADULT

Tijuana Jail - Twyla Jane ATF

Til Dawn - Alex K.

Till Death Do Us Part - KellyA ADULT

Time - Bernadette

A Time For Us - Reets ADULT

Time Flies - NotTasha

The Time of My Life - Twyla Jane AU

Tian Heping (Sweet Peace) - LaraMee AU

Time Stands Still - Linda ATF

The Timex - Cheryl W. ATF

Tin - NotTasha

'Tis the Season to Be Jolly - Twyla Jane ATF

'Tis the Season to be Dolly... - Firefox ATF

Tit for Tat - Yolande

To Be Made Whole - KellyA

To Be Me - Dreamweavebeliever (mild slash content)

To Lethe and Tartarus and Back the Long Route - Hombre

To Make Amends - Reets ADULT

To Protect A Witness - Bernadette

To Read or Not To Read - Helen Adams

To The Very End - Angela B ATF

To Whom It May Concern - Joy K LB

To a Year Less Exciting - NotTasha

To Your Health - MMW ATF

Together - Green Woman

The Tokens of Friendship - Black Rook ATF

...Tomato Soup - ney ATF

Toothless Wonder - Hombre

Thwart and Amend - Kris ATF VS

Tin - NotTasha

Tonight (Series) - Ankh ATF ADULT

Too Hot - Joy K

A Tortured Soul - Josey Huneke ADULT

Toward the Light - by NotTasha

Trace and Sign - Non Sequitur AU

Tracks in the Clouds - aesc

The Trade - KellyA & Mary McAuley

Trade Off - Alex K. AU

Trail from Hell - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

The Trail To Tascosa - The Traveling Dime Store Novelist

Traitor - KellyA

Transfer - Heather ATF

The Transitive Property - Strangevisitor7 xover "Make It or Break It"

Translating Ezra - Angie LB ATF

Trappers' Tricks - Hombre

Travelling Companions - LaraMee

Traveling Weight - NotTasha

TRAVINER VARIANT (Series): Nowhere to Go - Q'Mar AU

The Travis Family: Ezra - Demaris AU

Treasure - Sevenstars AU

Treasure Box - Helen Adams ATF

Treasured Riches - Amelia (Poem)

Treasures Not Golden - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

Tremors: The M7 Version - Setcheti AU

The Trial of Vin Tanner - Tipper

Tricks of the Light - Twyla Jane AU

Trinity: Book One: Embers - Sue Kelley ATF

The Trip - Cecilia Standish ATF ADULT

Trouble - Beth

Trouble Rides a Black Horse - Susan Macdonald Crossover "Blazing Saddles"

A True Gentleman - Anneack AU

Trust - Helen Adams

Trust - Bernadette

Trust and Consequences - KellyA ATF

Truth and Friendship - Hombre

The Truth is Immortal - Strangevisitor7 AU

The Truth is in... - ranger and taibhrigh

Truth and Justice - KellyA ATF

Truth or Lies - Bernadette

Truth Seen Too Late Suzy VS

Trust, Truth, and Other Fictions - Meg

Tuesday's Child: Lessons of Grace - JK ATF

Turk and Clan - Heather F.

Turkey Lurkey - Nottasha

Turn of Luck - NotTasha

Turnabout (is Fair Play) - NotTasha

T'was the Night Before Christmas - The Neon Gang ATF

Twilight - Helen Adams ATF

Twilight in Four Corners - Peta Collins and Leigh Richards

A Twin Investigation - Bernadette AU (Paranormal Investigations)

Twist of Fate - by Trekkieb ATF

Twister - KellyA

Twister - Rita Clark

Two Days Out West - Englishspirit ATF/OW crossover

Two of Everything - SasseyJ

Two Guys With Guns - Aimless ATF

Two Hundred and Forty Nine Dollars and 95 Cents - Suzi ATF

Two Losers In A Honey Bee - Bernadette ATF

Two-Thirty-Five - Joy LB AU (North Pass Ranch Universe)

Two Very Private People - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")


U-571 - Bernadette AU (U571 Universe)

Ugly Eddie - BMP ATF

Ulterior Motives - Bernadette

Unarmed (Series) - Alex K. ATF

Unclaimed Baggage - Twyla Jane ATF

Uncle Ezra's Halloween - Helen Adams LB ATF

of the unCommon - Sarah ATF

Uncommon Ground - K Hanna Korossy

Under Cover of Darkness - Luna Day ADULT

Under Pressure - NotTasha

Under Pressure - sablecain ATF (Sequel to Limits)

Under Pressure - Tipper

Understanding Ezra (SERIES) - Judy L ATF
1. Second Chances
2. Misconceptions
3. Happy Birthday, Ezra
4: Appearances
5. Perceptions and Observations
6. Point of View
7. A Man Walks On To a Bar
8. A Horse is a Horse

Undone - Twyla Jane ATF

Unexpected - Kris ATF ADULT

Unexpected Company - Helen Adams ATF

Unforgotten - Gil Hale ATF

An Unforgotten Love - Freespirit

An Unforseen Situation - Freespirit ATF

Unfounded Sassy Souix and Dorkjunky

Union - Helen Adams

United in Caring - Amelia

The Unknown Form - Gill Armitage

Unlikely Brothers - Enola and Steve Jones AU (Triad ATF)

The UNOS Project: Let the Children Come - Angie AU [Kidfic]

Unspoken Trust - JudyL Epilog to "The Trial"

Until - Hombre ATF  (Poem)

Untitled - Debbie ADULT

Unusual Attire - Carole

Unwanted - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

Unwelcome Visitor - Angie ATF

The Upper Hand - Twyla Jane ATF

Ursus Americanus - Toni


Vanquished - Kris ATF

Vegas Odyssey - Sammy Girl ATF (Crossover CSI)

Veil of Ezra - Wolfa Moon AU [in progress]

Vein of Honour - Suzy B.

Vendetta - Helen A LB ATF

Vendetta II - KellyA

Vengeance for Lilah - Suzy B.

Facets (Collection) - Deb

Victim of the Game - Suzy ATF [In progress]

VICTIM/VILLAIN:  Prologue - Amanda & Michelle ATF

VICTIM/VILLAIN Part 1: Pleasure Doing Business - Amanda & Michelle ATF

VICTIM/VILLIAN Part 2: Conflict of Interest - Amanda & Michelle ATF

VILLAIN/VICTIM Part 3: Victim - Amanda & Michelle ATF

VILLAIN/VICTIM Part 4: Villain - Amanda & Michelle ATF

Vindicable - Purple Lacey AU

Vin's Deployment - Vickie G ATF

Violation - Hombre ATF ADULT

Virgin Territory - Lumina ADULT

Vision In The Wilderness - Linda Como [In progress]

Visions from the Past - Skye ATF ADULT (follows "Soul Promise")

The Visit - Crow ATF  (some content may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)


The Wages of Sin - Derry

Wagon Train: The Road Home - Jo Ann 

Waiting for Tonight - Cecilia Standish ADULT

Waking Nightmare - Hombre ATF

The Walk Home - Heather Flaherty

Wall of Water - Jade (ATF Crossover The Sentinel)

Wardrobe Malfunction - Helen Adams

Warlock Blade - TexasAries ATF (ATF crossover Witchblade)

Warnings - Heather F. ATF

The Wasp - Freespirit ATF

Watershed - Lumina ADULT

The Way Home - Beth AU (Brothers AU)


A Weak Christmas - Mystdogs ATF

Weathering the Storm - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

A WEIGHT TO BEAR (Series) - Yolande

We'll Be There - sablecain ATF [sensitive material]

We're Friends - Amelia (Poem)

Well, I Didn't Expect That When I Woke Up This Morning - Hombre AU

Well Met - KT

A Werewolf Investigation - Bernadette AU (Paranormal Invesitations) 

What Happens in Paris - Gunney ATF

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas - J. Brooks ATF

WHAT'S IN A KISS (SERIES): A Kiss Good-Bye - Jenn

What's in a Name? - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra)

What is Family For? - skaia7 ATF

What I've Always Wanted to Do - Ace

What Kind of Love - De Engi ATF

What Might Have Been - The Immortal ATF

What Something Can Mean - Amelia ATF

What the Hell Happened?? - senorabutterfly ATF

What We've Learned - Rebel Yell ATF

What's Really Real? - Tipper

What's Your Mama's Name? - Angie ATF

What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris AU (Travis Family)

What Was Not Meant to Be - Angie ATF

When Big Brothers are Away - Freespirit

When the Dealing's Done - Laura H. AU

When the Devil Drives - S.A.

When the Dust Clears - K Hanna Korossy ATF 

When Life Gives You Oranges - NotTasha

When the Lights Go Down [death fic] - Mog

When the Past Bites - Yolande ATF

When Piglets Fly - Mods ATF

When the Wind Blows - Angela B. ATF

When Rivers Rise - Tipper

When The Skies Opened - Dani O'Malley

When Strangers Come To Town - Wolfa Moon (Alternate Universe, xover "Star Trek 2009")

When We're From Sorrow Free - ithildyn Crossover Highlander

Where Home is At - Angela B. AU

Where I Go, Trouble Surely Follows - Hombre

Where The Heart Calls Home - Helen Adams LB ATF


Which One of Them - Suzy ATF [In progress]

While the Cat's Away - Twyla Jane

The Whispered Caress - Lissa Grinstead ADULT

Whiteout - Teri ATF

Who's That Knocking ???????? - Pamiekae ATF  

Why? - Derry ATF

Why Me? - Hombre ATF

Wild Cards - Carole

Wild Kingdom - Twyla Jane ATF

Window Shopping - Hombre ATF

Wings of the Past - Laura VS

The Winner Is? - Jennifer

Winner Takes All - Winnie ATF

The Winning Side - NotTasha

The Witch - Lokemele ADULT

A Witch's Gift - Heather F.

The Witches of Wilson's Pass - aesc

With Age Comes Experience - Laura H. ADULT

With Friends Like These - JudyL (Missing scene "Achilles")

Witness: Missing Scene - Jo Ann 

Witness Protection - Heather F ATF

The Wolf is at the Door - Pat Merritt AU (Two Blood)

Wolf Pup Daze - Pat Merritt AU (Two Blood) (sequel to Wolf Pup Tails)

Wolf Pup Tails - Pat Merritt AU (Two Blood)

Words for the Seven: Ezra - Mog

Words of Healing - Joanne Collins ADULT

The Words We Could Never Find - Joanne (sequel to "How Do I Breathe?") ADULT

Working Girls Missing Scene - Carole

Worst Case Scenario - Heather Hillsden

Would You Care to Indulge in a Game of Chance? - Cat Standish ADULT

Wounds of a Friend - The Buffalo Gals

The Wreck - H. Flaherty ATF

Wrestling the Octopus - Joy K ATF

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Hombre ATF

Wrongfully Accused - Bernadette



Yankee Blue - Jo Ann

Yesterday's Child - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Yet Another Day - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra 4C)

Yielding To It - Gray ATF

You Haven't Seen the Last of Me - Amelia

You'll Never Work in Dis Bidness Again - Green Woman ATF


Young Warriors - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers)

Your True Family - Ruby ATF

You're Here - sablecain ATF (Sequel to We'll Be There) [sensitive material]

You're Not a Mistake - Freespirit AU Little Britches

You've Got Mail - Green Woman ATF


Zaltana's Prediction - Helen Adams

ZELDA'S SEVEN (Series) - Lu AU (in progress) (Crossover Zelda)

Zilpah - Susan Macdonald (Sensitive Reader Warning)

[untitled] - Heather F. ATF

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")



Archived Stories by Title
A - D
E - J
K - R
S - Z


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