TREASURE by Sevenstars

DISCLAIMER: This is an original amateur story based upon the characters and situations created in the TV series, The Magnificent Seven. No profit will be made from it and no infringement upon any copyright held by any individual or organization is intended.

RATING: PG-13 for adult themes, language and violence.

WRITTEN: May 1-14, 2003.

AUTHOR´S NOTES: This is in response to the Challenge posed on April 29, 2003, by listmom Bec of the Ezras_Littleverse list: "We all know that Buck´s mother was a ‘Working Gal,´ right? Well, what if Buck--after he´s grown up--comes across a young Ezra one night while visiting the town´s local brothel and he finds out that the boy´s mother works there. Maude somehow manages to convince Buck to take her son with him, telling him that some of the customers have been eyeing the boy inappropriately and that there have been a few ‘minor´ altercations regarding Ezra and a couple of the paying customers that come there. From there, you can take the story in any directions you wish as long as the guidelines are followed.

  1. Ezra can´t be older than 12 or younger than 5. [In this story I split the difference: he´s exactly 8-1/2; when he and Buck first meet.]
  2. All the guys have to meet up with Ezra and Buck at some point. (And since we all know that Chris and Buck have a past history, their meeting could cause some sparks, especially since Ezra could be a reminder of Adam.)
  3. This can be set in either Old West or our present timeline (although, I think Old West would suit it better). Other time lines are possible.
  4. The bad guy or unsavory character (and we know there´s always one somewhere) has to be from Buck´s past. (And what´s the best way to get to one of the guys? ;)) There can be more than one baddie, but at least one of them has to be from Buck´s past.
  5. Maude takes off after Buck leaves with her son.
  6. Story must be at least 2 parts long. After that, it can be as long as you want to make it. (For me... the longer, the better. :D)
  7. Show the other five guys´ reaction to how Buck takes care of young Ezra. Maybe have them offer advice or step in to help out during some of the more trying moments.
  8. Show Buck´s frustration with the boy at times (but make sure there´s love there) and show Ezra´s stubborn streak (and love for Buck).
  9. Ezra has to be a boy... (I know what y´all are thinking, but trust me... this has come up before.)

This is my first attempt (apart from the occasional flashback) at writing a Little Ezra character, but the temptation of teaming up my two favorite guys was too much to resist. I was honestly surprised at how easy this fic was to write: the story just flowed along and I posted a part or two every day. I think I covered most of Bec´s stipulations and did rather well at it--but feedback is always welcome!

Buck´s history as given in this fic is the same as the one I give him in my other Buck-centered fics, most notably "Transgressions" and "Brothers I," which can be found at this site. I also offer here my idea of what Colonel Anderson and his Ghosts were doing for the almost 13 years I envision as having passed between the end of the War and the formation of the Seven, of how Vin could have mistaken Jess Kincaid for Eli Joe and how the truth was discovered, of how a band of Seminoles happened to be living in the Southwestern Territories, and of exactly why Judge Travis was empowered to choose a peace officer for Four Corners, and something of my picture of Josiah´s past (explaining in part what Nathan says about his having "killed a lot of men"); more can be found in Chapter 5 of "Before They Were Seven." Spoilers for the Pilot, "One Day Out West," and probably other episodes as well.

Cort Guthrie´s Wanted poster is adapted from actual flyers put out by various authorities (including the Pinkerton Agency) and features the exact kind of information such posters provided. The story Buck tells Ezra about General Jo Shelby and his Brigade of Destiny is historically true, and the sotol pods were actually used as described by hard-up desert prospectors.

I´ve assumed (on the basis of a post by Civil War re-enactor Gloria Atwater to the TM7 list) that Anderson´s cannon was a pre-Mexican-War smoothbore six-pounder, an item still in use in the Confederacy for the reasons given. You can see a picture of it at, and find a table of comparitive statistics that includes it at A picture of Ezra´s hideout can be found at the top of this page: This company introduced a .44 six-shooter designated "Model 1876," presumably in that year, and its Third Model Army .44-40 double-action handgun definitely in the same as well, which suggests that the Fourth Model became available shortly thereafter. I´ve supposed that Ezra, wanting to copy his guardian´s style as far as he could, would choose an up-to-date weapon.

Thanks to Zen, whose Magnificent Seven page ( provided transcripts of dialogue herein adapted, and to Mac and NotTasha for encouragement.

This AU is tentatively called "Buck´s Treasure"--and, yes, there may very well be a sequel or two!

SIZE: Approx 490K

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