Author Note: This is a Little Britches fic set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe created by Nettie Roe in her wonderful on-going saga The Magnificent Quest, (which contains some mild slash, even though it's gen fic, just so you know). It is a bit different from the other Little Britches stories because in this one, Ezra is also a child.

Thanx to:

  • Nettie Roe, for the Dungeons and Dragons AU
  • JK Poffenberger for the Little Britches AU
  • Winter for her help with the D & D stuff
  • Wyvern for the original "Little Ezra"
  • Joy, for her inspired Ezra idea (she knows, she knows)
  • Anna for her most excellent and encouraging feedback
  • The Bad AOeLement chat group, without whom there may have never been a cute little elf named Vin.

Both the Little Britches and Dungeons and Dragons AU are "open," so, of course, this one is, too.

Disclaimers: Any similarities between Ezra and Harry Potter are purely intentional <G>

Size: Approx 181K

This is for Suzi :o)


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