Christmas ornamentSnowy Christmas Night

by Amelia

the 7th in the Squirrel series....

Follows: Over the River and Through the Woods, Let it Snow, She Made Christmas Eve Bright, United in Caring, Treasured Riches and Two Sets of Eyes

Midnight's prayers so softly whispered in
A Cathedral's candle light
Bring the message of the holidays
On a snowy Christmas night

He eased himself in through the heavy wooded doors,
Silent as air he moved in the shadows across the floor.
Hesitating for a moment before stepping out into the candle glow,
Casting sight of the tear streaked face, carrying a deep sorrowful blow.

Holly reeds and hidden mistletoe
Symbols of the season's might
Joyful faces everywhere you go
On a snowy Christmas night

He couldn't take seeing a another Christmas sign,
with the pain surrounding his heart tightening its bind.
How could there be joy with his soul torn with loss,
An unselfish act that saved his life but at such cost.

Give thanks for all you've been blessed with
And hold your loved ones tight
For you know the Lord's been good to you
On a snowy Christmas night

Fast it had happen when slammed into him a fury body demand
out the window of the laundry shop as it blew in fiery stand.
Nothing was left, no sign of his true companion friend ever,
Wasn't alone in grief he knew, 6 brothers stood with him never severed.

Mother Nature wears a bridal gown
For the world is dressed in white
There's a silent glow that fills the earth
On a snowy Christmas night

A creak heard from the direction of the door, 7 set of eyes gazed,
there in the edge of light stood the most wondrous sight laid.
Wet and singed covered in white of falling snow a miracle of loss reborn,
Mindless of the dirt he rushed and scoped her up with love he to her adorned.

For you know the Lord's been good to you
Giving you all this greatest gift
the most precious that of family
On a snowy Christmas night

Miss Teri laid on her bed of satin a bandage of white around her leg,
Ezra and Vin cracking walnuts for her to eat without a sign of a beg.
Like the wise men who brought gifts the others came bearing.
Give to her new bulbles to show their true hearts' caring.

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