The Visit

by Crow

Pairing: Chris / Vin / Ezra implied

Ezra Standish sat curled up in the waiting room chair glaring at the men around him. He'd given up looking for a way to escape some time ago but Josiah and Nathan both still guarded the door. They knew better than to give him a way out even when he appeared resigned to his fate. Both were diligent and prepared for any of their little southerner's tricks. They felt sorry for him but knew they where in the right.
Vin stood near the window and appeared to just be gazing out to all passers by but he too was guarding his post. He would help in the escape attempt if he could normally but they had all agreed it had to be done. So he stood his post avoiding eye contact with those green orbs that begged and pleaded for freedom. He knew he'd pay dearly later for the betrayal, but he'd given his word as a Tanner that he'd do this and do this he would.
Buck stood in the hall ready to give chase if the conman got past any of the others some how. He had the speed to catch the southerner if he got past the others in the room, the mass to hold him and the agility to handle most unexpected actions Ezra could come up with in an escape attempt.
JD waited in the car watching the only exit to the building. As the youngest he was the most likely to fall for any tricks Ezra might try so this way he could keep distance and still be an effective aid in the plan. He'd follow Standish if the man managed to break his prison and report back to the others so they could catch him and bring him back.
Chris Larabee, leader of the willful and stubborn group of men, sat beside the ball of miserable human flesh known as Ezra Standish. He already had the bruises and sore throat as battle wounds to show from yelling and fighting the little southerner. He knew the man looked like he'd given in but you never ever gave him a chance if you knew what was good for you.
So as Buck signaled the approach of a new player in the game, Chris signaled all his men to be alert and ready for anything as the young women stepped into the room and looked at the green eyed captive in the center of the room.
"Mister Standish, Doctor Nasmoor will see you now."
It sounded so innocent to the common man or women. But to the seven it was the red flag being waved in front of the bull. All hell broke loose and much blood was spilt, but in the end the conman lost and his team won. The six men knew better than to cheer or celebrate their victory for they would suffer greatly for some time to come for it but it was a necessary evil and they marched on with their chins held high.
Later Chris and Vin sat on either side of their drowsy doped up lover with their friends surrounding them as the drugs slowly wore off.
"Ah can NOT believe ya'll did that to me!" They all cringed slightly at the retaliatory gleam in the drug and pain hazed eyes. They knew that they wouldn't escape, they knew they would all suffer. But it was the price they had to pay to get Ezra P. Standish to the dentist, and they where equally as sure they'd have to pay it again.
The End