Magnificent Seven fiction written by fans in which Ezra Standish is either the main character, or has an important part in the story.

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ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


E.S. - Jennifer

Each Must Know His Part - Strangevisitor7 AU

Early Warning - hercat ATF (xover Early Edition)

The Easter Bunny Cometh - Helen Adams ATF

Eat to Live or Live to Eat? - Hombre ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Eat to Live 2 - Hombre ATF (not suitable for all readers)

Education in an Elevator - Stubby ATF

Echoes of a Distant Time - strangevisitor7 AU

Echoes of the Past - Setcheti (ATF Crossover "Real Ghostbusters")

Elevator - Hombre ATF

Elimination Process - KellyA

E-mails and Mundane Things - Zentry ATF


Emily's Hero - Joy K ATF

Encumbered - J Brooks AU (Little Ezra)

The End - Kristen

The End of All Things - Rhicy   DEATHFIC

The End of Innocence - Angie ATF (contains sensitive subject matter)

End of the Line - Yolande AU

End of the Rainbow - Mods

Enough for Fifty Hopes and Fears - Derry

Enter from the East - Beth

Entwined to Perfection - Jessie ADULT

Ephemeral - NotTasha

Epiphanies and other Realizations - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra)

Escape - KT AU

Escape from Providence - KellyA

Evaluate This - JudyL ATF

Evening the Odds - Jo Ann ATF

EVERYDAY HEROES #1: The Easter 500 - Joy K LB ATF

Evil Is Coming - Jilly Harris ADULT

Exclusive Membership - Carole LB-ATF

Expectations - Tiffiny

Explanations - The Neon Gang ATF

Explosions - Tipper

Extort Thy Childhood - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

An Extra Savoir-Faire - NotTasha

Eyeful - The Neon Gang ATF

Eyes Opened - KellyA

Ezra 7:6-7 - Laura

Ezra Briosa - Lin

Ezra Claus - MMW   LB

Ezra Claus 2: Santa's Secret - MMW   LB

Ezra's Box - Angela B AU

Ezra's Daughter - Kay

EZRA'S DAUGHTER (Series) - Angie

  1. What's Your Mama's Name? (Ezra, OFCs)
  2. What I Did On Summer Vacation(Seven, OFC)
  3. Unwelcome Visitor (Ezra, OFC)
  4. Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Ezra, OFC)
  5. Bad Dreams (Ezra, Josiah, Vin, OFC)
  6. Going Camping (Ezra, OFCs)
  7. Accidents Happen (Ezra, OFC)

Ezra's Feast - NotTasha

Ezra's Feast: Just Deserts - NotTasha

Ezra's Game - Suzie Starke

EZRA IN BETWEEN (Series) - MAC AU (Little Ezra)

Ezra's Lesson - Kris

Ezra's Lullaby - Mog

Ezra's Poem - Ace

Ezra's Poem - Sihn, Jr ATF

Ezra's Secret Tapes - Angela B. ATF

Ezra Standish: Fugitive - Armaita AU xover The Fugitive

Ezra's Thoughts - Zentry

Ezra, Vin and JD's Adventure Out West - Humorous Photo Essay

Ezra? Where Ever Did You Get That Dress? - Marian (Poem)

Ezra's Wife - Kay

Ezra, You Haven't Done Much To Gladden My Heart In Your Life - Bernadette


A Face From The Past - Jilly Harris

Face From the Past - Kaosrock

Faces from the Past - ReaperWriter ATF

Facts of Life - Katherine AU (Highlander)

Fair - NotTasha AU (Project Quantum Leap Universe)

The Fair: #5 A Voice For Maddie - Angie ATF

Fairy Godfathers - TexasAries AU

Faith - sablecain AU (Twister Universe) Sequel to Storm Chasing

Faith - Gambler's Girl

The Fall - Zentry ATF

Fallen Angels - The Dirty Dozen ATF

Fallen Embers - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

Fallen Heroes - Helen Adams

Fallout - Joy LB AU (North Pass Ranch Universe)

False Fathers - Tipper

False Identity - Bernadette

Familiar Faces - Twyla Jane AU

Family - Jilly Harris

FAMILY (Series) #1 Price - Sivan Shemesh AU

FAMILY (Series) #2 Burden - Sivan Shemesh AU

FAMILY (Series) #3 Missing - Sivan Shemesh AU

Family Affair - Jade

Family Blood - Robyn

Family Duty - Black Rook ATF

Family Relations - Rob

Family Ties - Jilly VS

Family Ties - Xaneth

Family Man - Derry ATF


A Far Better Thing - Helen Adams

Fate's Decision - Jo Ann ATF 

Fate's Reward - Rebel Yell

Father and Son - Hombre

Father's Day Sinners - KT ATF

Father's Day, Tornadoes and Tigers - Heather F ATF

Fathers - Dawn Cunningham

Fazers Favors - Beth Green ATF

Fear Itself - Maria Villa ATF VS

February the 13th - LaraMee Deux ATF

Felicity - Lissa Grinstead

Felicity - Lissa Grinstead ADULT

Fellow Travellers - Green Woman

Fellow Travelers - J Brooks AU ("Little Ezra")

Fevers - Sue Bartholomew

A Few Cards Short of a Deck - Twig

A Few Simple Words - KRH

A Few Years Difference - K Hanna Korossy

Fifteen Minutes to Midnight - Helen Adams

The Fifth Commandment - KellyA

The Fifth Horseman - Terrance Harrington

Fight Night - Angela B. AU

Figure of Speech - by NotTasha

Figure of Speech, Take Two - Tipper

Filling in the Blanks - Sue M ATF

Final Call - Sue Bartholomew [deathfic]

Find the Film - Hombre ATF

Findin' the Right Place - Green Woman ATF

Finding Trust - Monica M AU

The Fine Line - LaraMee Deux

Finer Than Gold - LaraMee

Fire Bug - Kelly

Fire in the Night - Trekkieb

Fireworks in Four Corners - Susan Macdonald Crossover "Alias Smith and Jones"

First Day - Marian

First Impressions - Jo Ann ATF

The First Noel - Cass Smith

First Poem - Emerald ADULT

The First Time - Quizegan ATF ADULT      

First Time for Everything - by NotTasha

Fishbait - J Brooks

The Fishing Trip - Jean (Sequel to Second Childhood)

Five Dollars - Starwinder ADULT

Five Forty Five - Bernadette

Five Memories Ezra Has Of His Sister - Ithildyn AU

The Flood - K Hanna Korossy

Following the Fence Home - NotTasha

Fond Farewells - Julia Verinder

Food For Thought - hercat ATF

Fool's Gold - Niles Poem

Fool's Paradise - Violette ATF

For the Best - Heather F ATF-LB

For Dinner - Zentry

For Once - Mary Ann ATF

For Whom the Bell Jingles - Annie ATF

The Foreplay Series - TexasAries ATF ADULT

Forever Love - Joanne ADULT

Fork in the Road - Leigh Richards & Peta Collins

Fork in the Road - Beth

Form And Function - KT AU

Forms - Aimless ATF

Fortitude - Heather F.

Fortunate Sons - Beth AU

Forwarded - Mystdogs ATF

Foundlings - Jaye B. AU (Alterations AU)

Four Corners of the Ponderosa - Meg Tipper (xover "Bonanza")

A Four Corners Christmas Carol - Robyn (Tale One of The Seven Tales of Christmas)

Four Corners Wedding - Lissa Grinstead

Four Things that Mattered - sablecain ATF

48 Hours - Mitzi

Fragmented - JudyL ATF (xover "Make It or Break It")

Framed - Kelly ATF

Fraud - Kristen

Free Bird - Susie Burton

Free Fall - Violette ATF

Frequent Flyer - Kathy B. ATF

Friend - ssinco

A Friend Indeed - Sue M ATF

A Friend in Need - Jennifer Prior

Friendship - Bernadette

Friendship - Leslie

The Friendship Collection: A Mother's Wisdom - MMW

The Friendship Collection: The Nesting Instinct - MMW



Fright Night - Angela B.

Fright Night - Linda Borchers ATF

Frisbies and Fruitcake - Nottasha

Frogs in a Kettle - Sablecain

From the Heart - JK LB ATF

From Riches To Denim a Marianne prank

From Texas with Love - Anneack ATF

From Whence Cometh My Help - By Laura

Froze - Heather F. AU ("Star Trek")

Frozen - KellyA


Full Exposure - Judi, KRH, and Lady Angel ATF

Full Moon - Pat

Fumblethumbs - Hombre ATF

The Funeral of Obediah Jackson - Pat

Furtherance - Sarah ATF


Gains and Losses - Tarlan ADULT

The Gamble Paid Off - Wyvern (Sequel to I Took a Gamble)

The Gambler - Englishspirit

The Gambler and the Seamstress - NJ

The Gambler's Advice - Kati [DEATHFIC]

The Gambler's Christmas Eve - Sue Bartholomew

Gamblers Don't Bounce - Hombre

The Gambler's Heart - Setcheti LINK INACTIVE

The Gambler's Reunion - Setcheti LINK INACTIVE

The Gambler’s Wealth - LaraMee

A Gambling Boy - NotTasha

Gambling With Your Life - Hombre

A Game of Chance - Helen Adams

The Game of Life - K Hanna Korossy

A Game Replayed - Bernadette

The Games People Play - By Beth AU (FBI Files)

The Game's in Play - NotTasha

Garden - Amy [death fic]

Genesis Security Group: Prelude - Jaye B. AU("Little Ezra")

Genesis Security Troop - Jaye B. AU

Genesis Security Group: Bonded - Jaye B. AU("Little Ezra")

Genesis Security Troop: Escape - Jaye B. AU ("Little Ezra")

The Gentle Touch - Lumina~ ADULT

Gentlemen's Agreement - Leslie Cano

Getting Ahead - skaia7 ATF

Ghost of a Chance - Sue Bartholomew

Ghost Town - Sarah W

Ghost Town? - Linda Fink [Poem]

Ghost Town - KellyA ATF

Ghost Town - Lissa Grinstead

The Ghosts of Memory - Kim & Shawna

The Ghosts and Mrs. Standish - Nadine ATF

Ghosts of the Past - KellyA

Ghost from the Past - TexasAries OW/AU Crossover

Giant - Not Tasha

The Gift of Christmas - Helen Adams

Gift Of The Gambler - Tiffiny

Gift of Patience - NotTasha

Ginger - Tiffiny

The Girl Who Stole His Heart Away - Jamie

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Derry & the Immortal ATF

Give Me a Break - Hombre ATF

Give Me Something to Laugh About - Mog ATF

Giving and Receiving - Helen Adams

A Glimpse of Angels - Jade AU

Glory Hound - KellyA ATF

Going Camping - Angie ATF

Goin' Fishin' - Teri

Going Home - Ezra's Story - Niteowl AU

A Gold Tooth & a Derringer - Jo Ann

A Golden Glow - NotTasha (Sequel to In The Silver Light)

Golden Seven - Wolfa Moon AU "The Golden Compass"

Gone But Not Forgotten - Setcheti AU (Ghost Busters, Inc)

Gone Wrong (Series) - Sarah ATF

Good Days, Bad Days - Sue M. ATF

Good Friday - Phyllis ATF

A Good Honest Man (Series) - Silver ATF ADULT

Good Intentions - The Immortal ATF

The Good Life - Leigh Richards AU (Alternate Y2K)

The Good Mother - J Brooks

A Good Name I - NotTasha

The Good Stuff - Lisa AU

Goosebumps - Rowdy Tanner

Grand Theft Auto - Hombre ATF


Gray - NotTasha

The Great Fight - Sue Bartholomew

The Great Skunknapping - Pat

Greater Things - NotTasha

The Greatest Con - JK

The Greatest Mother that Never Was - Freespirit ATF

Great Day Series - sablecain ATF

The Green-Eyed Monster - Ace

The Green-Eyed Monster - Catseye

Green-Eyed Monster - Sharmini ATF

Greene's Knights - Tipper

Grizzly - Enid

Guardian Angel - Dorkjunkie ATF (Xover "Stargate SG-1")

Guilt - Hombre

Guilt Trip - KT

Guilt Trip - Kelly A

Gunfight at the LWTD Corral - Helen Adams LB ATF

Gunplay - KellyA

Gunning Down Romance - Zia ATF


Half Baked - Twyla Jane

The Hand of Charity - The Neon Gang ATF

Hangman - Heather F

The Hanging - A Short Story - Bernadette

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Larabee - Kris ATF

Happy Birthday, Ezra - JudyL ATF

Happy Birthday to Me - KellyA

Hard Ride - Kris Mashburn

Harmony - Angela B. (Alternate Universe)

Harmony House: Happenings - Twyla Jane AU

Haunted - Amelia ATF

HAVEN - Brate AU

Having Your Cake - Helen Adams ATF

A Hazzard County Wedding - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

He Gets That From Me - Ms Bagels

He Had To Do It - Bernadette

He Sees - sablecain

He Understands - sablecain Sequel to "He Sees"

Head 'em Up, Move 'em Out - Hombre

Headache - Hombre ATF

Headache - Yum@ ATF

Headaches - Twyla Jane

Healers and Doctors - Zentry

Healing - Tiffiny

Healing - Tiffiny (ADULT version)

Healing (Epilogue) - Tiffiny

A Healing Process - Bernadette

Hear Me - K Hanna Korossy

The Heart of Christmas - Amelia ATF

Heart of Gold - Monica

Heart of the House - Beth

Heat Wave - JJJunky ATF

The Heist - Heather Flaherty

Hell of a Day - Twyla Jane

Hello, My Dear - Twig ATF

Here We Go Again - Brate AU

Heroes and Villains - JIN

A Hero's Heart - Kayim

A Hero's Mask - Jo Ann ATF 

Herpetology - Heather F. ATF

Hey Pard - Yolande

Hidden Fears - The Neon Gang ATF

Hidden Talents - Ranger

Hide and Go Seek - Hombre ATF

High Card Wins - Rob Nunn

High Stakes - Jade

High Stakes - Kim and Shawna VS

High Stakes - Sue B AU

High Water - JJJunky

High Winds - Rambo 221 [In progress]

Highway Heroes - Joy K ATF

A Hiking We Will Go! - Bernadette ATF

Hillbillies and Geeks - Tidia and MOG ATF

His Decision - Wyvern

His Own Tongue - Beth aka Midge

Hoax - Kris ATF

Hold On Mr. Larabee - Jackie

Hole in the Wall Gang  - Nadine ATF (Sequel to A Home of My Own)

Home of the Brave - NotTasha AU

A Home For Christmas - Angela B. ATF

Home for Christmas - Rebel Yell

Home for the Holidays - Angela B. ATF

Home for the Holidays - Englishspirit

A Home of Ma Own - Nadine ATF (Sequel to Brother's Keeper)

Honorable Intentions - Luna Dey

Hope - Jade ATF

Hope In The Midst of Despair - Heidi

Hope Springs Eternal - C.V. Puerro (mild slash content)

Horse's Tale - NotTasha

Horsing Around - Leigh Richards AU (Alternate Y2K)

Hospital Stays - Angela B. AU

Hostage - KellyA ATF

Hostage Situation - KellyA

Hostages - Enid

House of Cards - JudyL

How Dark the Night Can Get - Jann

How DID He Get That Car? - Mog ATF

How Do I Breathe? - Joanne ADULT

How Not to Get to a Vacation - Megan AU


Humans Just Ain't Worth the Trouble - Lily of the West

Humble Pie - JJJunky   LB

Hungry - Cecilia Standish ATF ADULT

The Hunt - Heather F ATF

The Hunted - Bernadette

Hurricane - LT ATF

Hypothetical Question - Helen Adams


I Believe - Lisa

I Believe in You - Linda ATF

I Can See Clearly Now - Amelia

I Don't Wanna Cry - Jilly Harris

I Just Wasn't Myself - sablecain ATF

I Took a Gamble - T. Evans

Ice - Heather F.

Ideal World - Jessie Thomas ADULT

Identity - Scribe

Identity - aesc ATF

Identity - Yum@ ATF

If It Comes Back, It Will Always be Yours - Wyvern

If It Were But a Name - Deavon

If Only - KellyA (Continuation of Snake in the Grass by Not Tasha)

If Tomorrow Never Comes - Suzy ATF

If You're Gone - ReaperWriter ATF

I'll Do Anything - CS Shew ATF

Illusion - Katherine AU

Illusion - Twyla Jane AU

Illusions of Reality - Jade AU (Alternate OW)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Immortal Ponderings - JudyL AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Bidder 77 - Katherine AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Old Friends and New Information - Katherine AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Waging War - Katherine AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Keepsakes - Katherine AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Tales Not Told - Katherine AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Immortal Wounds - JudyL AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Immortal Honor - Judy L AU (Highlander Universe)

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Immortal Soul - Judy L AU (Highlander Universe)

Impeccable Timing - Helen Adams ATF

In Appropriate Places - C.V. Puerro ATF ADULT

In the Arms of Dark Angels - Green Woman

In the Arms of Another - Tiffiny ADULT

In Black - NotTasha

In the Cards - Jo Ann

In the Cards - Trekkieb

In the Cards (Series) - Caitriona

In the Eye of the Beholder - Leigh Richards & Peta Collins (Crossover Star Gate SG1)


In the Middle - Twyla Jane

In My Element - Tidia ATF

In A Noble Light - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

In the Shadow of the Cathedral - Flavia AU

In the Silver Light - by NotTasha

In Spades - jinx7985 ATF

In Spite of - sablecain ATF (Sequel to Under Pressure)

In the Wink Of A Jinx - Kris

In the Year - Series AU
    Winter's Grip

In Those We Trust - Sue M. AU

In Too Deep - The Neon Gang ATF

In Trust - K Hanna Korossy

An Incentive - Quizegan and Twyla Jane

Inch Worm - Angela B. (Alternate Universe)

Independence - NotTasha

Indigo - Ankh ADULT

Infidelities - Yolande

The Informant - The Immortal ATF

Innocence Lost - Bernadette ATF ADULT

Innocence Lost - KellyA ATF

Innocent Blood - Derry ATF VS (aka One Day in Denver)

Interesting Relations - Ace ATF

Into the Cold - NotTasha

Into the Darkness - Ezra's Cat ADULT

An Introduction - NotTasha

Invaluable - Helen Adams AU

Investment - Helen Adams

Invictus - Beth AU

Is It Me You're Looking For - Joanne (sequel to "Forever Love") ADULT

Island of Bones - Green Woman ATF

It Happened This Way - T. Evans

It Really Was a Good Idea - SasseyJ

It's All in the Angles - Angie

It's All in How You Play It - NotTasha

It's All Your Fault - Nadine ATF

It's How You Play the Game - JudyL

It's Not As Bad As It Looks 2 - Phyllis Loafman ATF

It's Nothing, Really - Michelle N. ATF

It's Only a Week - LaraMee LB ATF

It's Right by Ruby

It Takes Getting Used To - K Hanna Korossy

I've Got Ya - Tapestri


Jack of Hearts - Amy

Jagged Memory - Kris ADULT

Jaguars, Kittens and Holes in the Road - winks7985 ATF

Jarred Memories - Joy K. LB ATF

JD's Drawing - Kayim

Jessy's Tears - Sue Hixon

Johnny Reb - Jessie Thomas ADULT

Jokers Wild - JudyL ATF

Joker's Wild - KellyA (Ezra)

JOSIAH'S BOYS: The Talent Show - Freespirit AU

Josiah's Prayer for Ezra - Melody Byard

JOURNEY TO AVALON (Series) - Angela B AU

Journey to Four Corners - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

A Journey of Twenty Years - NotTasha


Joys and Disappointments - Jareth Reznor

Judging the Book - Justice de Winter AU

Julia - Scribe

July Challenge 02 - Heather F. ATF

Jumping To Conclusions - sablecain AU (Federal Air Marshalls)

Jumping to Conclusions - KT

Just Another Day - Lily

Just an Ordinary Day - Angela B AU

Just Another Afternoon - Setcheti AU(Ghostbusters, Inc) (LINK INACTIVE)

Just Another Night - Setcheti AU (Ghostbusters, Inc) (LINK INACTIVE)

Just Another Quiet Morning - K Hanna Korossy

Just Deserts - Ange ATF ADULT

Just Desserts - NotTasha

Just Drive Away - NotTasha ATF

Just The Facts - Debra Noellert AU xover The Sentinel

Just a Friendly Game of Poker - Susan Macdonald Crossover Multiple OW series

Just For Fun - Helen Adams ATF

Just Get Me to the Next Town - Jackie

Just a Joke - Jessie ADULT

Just a Touch of (Traumatic) Romance and a Dash of (Crazed) Adventure - Twig

Just in Time - Just Kris (crossover Kung Fu - TLC)

Justice - Helen Adams

Justice - Oann

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")



Archived Stories by Title
A - D
E - J
K - R
S - Z


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