Magnificent Seven fiction written by fans in which Ezra Standish is either the main character, or has an important part in the story.

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ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


Kaboom! - Hombre ATF

Karaoke Night - Saaa and The Immortal ATF

Keep On - NotTasha AU (Quantum Leap)

Keeping the Faith - Tiffiny ATF

Keeping Score - Twyla Jane ATF

Kidnapped - KellyA

The Kiss - Suzy B ATF ADULT

A Kiss For Jessy - Sue Hixon

The Kiss of Judas - Hombre AU

Kitten!fic (Series) - Sarah ATF

Knives and Fiddler's Elbows - Hombre

Kole Sere - Green Woman ATF

Kyle Standish - Jareth Reznor


The Ladies - Beth ATF

The Lady Mare - Beth AU

Lady Marshall - Tipper

Lament of a Gambler - Mog

Lapse in Judgment - The Neon Gang ATF

The Last - Englishspirit

Last Chance - Fastdancr

The Last Straw - Tidia ATF

The Last Word - JudyL

Lazy Days - Sue M LB

Late Night Decisions - Sihn, Jr ATF

Late Night Encounter - Silver ATF ADULT

Law and Order - KellyA

Lawman's Intuition - J.L. Stone

Lean on Us - Hombre ATF

The Learning Curve - Cin ATF

Learning How to Play - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

The Ledger - by NotTasha

LEGACY (Series) - Ace

Legacy IV: One is the Loneliest Number - Ace ATF

Legacy of Fire - Carla

Legend - Winter

The Legend of Cooter - Pat M ATF

Legends Born: Aces High - Ezra Standish - Joan Curtin

The Leopard and His Spots - by NotTasha

The Lesson Within - Jo Ann 

Lessons in Sharing - Patricia Semler

Lessons Unlearned - Beth Green LB ATF

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - Amelia (poem)

Let Not Your Favor and Protection Fail Me - Lissa Grinstead ATF

Let Us Give Thanks - Angelina

Let's Get Ready to Rumble - Twyla Jane (ATF Xover Briscoe County, Jr)

The Letter - E Broen

The Letter Home - JK

Letting In the Jungle - Lethe AU ADULT

Li Wu - Aislinn Graves (Ezra)

Liabilities - K Hanna Korossy

The Librarian to the Rescue - Angie ATF AU (Little Britches)

The Library - Angie LB ATF

A Life for a Life - Bernadette

A Life Threatened - Bernadette ATF

Life's Gambles - Tonny

Life's Tokens - Twyla Jane

Light of Day - Sassysioux and Dorkjunkie

A Lignt to Guide Me - Jade (ATF Crossover The Sentinel)

A Light to Guide You Home - Phyllis Loafman

Lights Out - Ladysmiths ADULT

Like Cats and Dogs - Mitzi

Like The Dead - NotTasha

Like A Lady - Nomooretears ATF

Like Shooting a Gun - Aimless ATF

Lions and Tigers and Kittens, Oh My! - winks7985 ATF

Literally Speaking - NotTasha

A Literary Woman - Derry ATF

     Discoveries - KT

Little Boy Gone - Angela B AU

Little Boy Lost - IndigoCat ATF

A Little Comfort - Joy LB AU (North Pass Ranch Universe)

A Little Different - Tipper

Little Mister - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

A Little Truth and Justice - KellyA ATF

Limits - sablecain ATF

Live and Let Diet - Helen Adams ATF

Live to Fight On - mmrrph AU/OW

Living Metronome - Alex K. ATF (contains material that may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Locomotive Larceny - Hombre

Long Distance - Joy LB AU (North Pass Ranch Universe)

The Long Hard Road - KellyA

A Long Remembered Winter - Sue Bartholomew

The Long Road Home - Angela B AU

The Long Way Home - LaraMee LB ATF

THE LONG WAY HOME (Series) - Yum@ AU
     Book 1: The Soldier's Homecoming 

The Longest Night - Nancy W LB AU

Look in the Mirror - Heather F.

Look to Your Left, Mr. Larabee - Bernadette

A Loss Of Confidence - Bernadette

Lost - ssinco

Lost Soul - Hombre AU

Love is a Battlefield - VampyrAlex ATF ADULT

A Love Lost - Bernadette

Love - Amy ADULT

Love - Tammy ATF

Love's Divine - Ruby H ATF

Love Letters - Terrance harrington

Love Takes Time - Lady Q ADULT

Loyalty III: Aftermath and Proof - Celeste ATF

Loyalties - Bernadette ATF

Luck of the Draw - Mary Ann ATF

Luck of the Draw - Sue M ATF

Luck of the Draw: The Journal - Whiskey ATF

Lucky Shot - Alex K.

Lying Down - NotTasha


Mad Ladies Men and Undercover Agents... - Hombre ATF

The Magnificent Fight Before Christmas - Celeste

The Magnificent Quest - Nettie Roe AU ("Dungeons and Dragons")

Maintain to the Last - Kris

Making A Match - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

Making Lemonade - Joy K LB ATF

Making Magic - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

The Making of A Gunslinger - KellyA

Making Memories - Teri LB AU

Making the Team - Monica M AU

Making Up is Half the Fun - Ace

Malediction - Jeanne LB Dungeons and Dragons

The Man Inside - Joy K ATF

A Man Reborn - Bernadette AU (Space Cowboys)

Man on Fire - Rowdy Tanner

Mark My Words - Beth Green LB ATF

Masquerade (Series) - Setcheti ATF

Matches - Ladysmiths ATF

Matchmaker - Sabro ADULT

Matters of Coincidence - Mog

A Matter of Family - Michelle

A Matter of Perception - Quietcontrary ATF

Matter of Pride - Alex K.

A Matter of Trust - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

Maude - SasseyJ
(Some portions may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Maude's Concern - Heather F

Maverick Men - Monica M. (Crossover "Maverick")

Maverick Men II: High Stakes - Monica M. (Crossover Maverick)

Maybe - Zentry

Mayhem - Yolande

The Maze - Yolande

MCAT (Series) AU

Mean Streets - Violette AU

Meant to Be - JudyL ATF

Meet Button - Hombre AU

A Memory To Keep - Angela B

Mended Glasses - Jo Ann ATF 

Mending Fences - Monardia LB ATF

Memorial Day - Tess ATF

A Memory To Keep - Angela B

Memories - Angela B. ATF

Memories of the Dead - Beth AU (FBI Files)

Memories of Gangrene - Magnolia Belle

Mewwy Chwistmas - Helen Adams

Mexican Sunscreen - Luna Dey ATF

MIA - Carla ATF VS

Midnight - Jade

Midnight Rendezvous - Stubby

The Midnight Star - NotTasha

Midnight Thoughts - Angela B. AU

Midnight Train - BM

A Mile High in Denver - Green Woman ATF

Mind Games - freeformchick ATF (contains sensitive subject matter)

Mind Matters - Jeanne LB/AU

Mine are Worse than Yours - Tiffiny ATF ADULT

Miracle Cure - NotTasha

Miracles - Jadzia Dawson ATF (some content may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

Mischief - Sarah ATF

Misconceptions and Conversation - Heather F.

Miscreant's Delight - Mods

The Misery of the Human Condition - Beth Green ATF

Misplaced - Rowdy Tanner

Misplaced 2 - Rowdy Tanner

Misplaced 3 - Rowdy Tanner

Misplaced 4 - Rowdy Tanner

Misplaced 5 - Rowdy Tanner

Missed - Heather F. ATF

Missing - Hombre ATF

Missing Persons - Bernadette AU

Missing Pieces - KellyA

Missing Scene: The New Law - JudyL

Missing Scene: Vendetta - Helen Adams

Mistaken Identity - Dawnsunrise

Mistaken Identity - Heather F.

Mistaken Identity - Molly

Mistletoe - Helen Adams

Mistletoe of the West - Kitka

Misunderstanding - Ace (xover Lonesome Dove)

Misunderstandings - Heather

Misunderstood - Sassysouix and Dorkjunkie

The Mole - The Immortal ATF

Moments Like These - Neily ATF

Momma's in the Moon - Beth

Month To Month - Madraf

Moon Boxing - Tipper

Moonlight and Solitude - Carla ATF

Moonshine - Hombre

A More Perfect Union - Sue Bartholomew

More Than Gold - NotTasha

More Than Friends - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

More Than One Kind of Hero - KT ATF

More Than Right - sablecain

Morning Patrol - Freespirit

Mortimer Johnson - Bernadette

Mother Dearest - KellyA

Mother Isn't Always Right - Ace

Mothers & Sons - Linda Lickenbrock ATF VS

Moving On - Tammy

Movin' On - Bigham ATF (song fic)

Mountain High Revenge - KellyA AU (Search & Rescue)

Mourning Over Dinner - Zentry (Sequel to Dinner and For Dinner)

Moving On - Freespirit ATF

Much in Common - ReaperWriter ATF

Mud - Sue Hixon

A Murder Hunt - Bernadette AU

Murder in Red - NotTasha

A Murder Mystery - Bernadette AU

A Mr. Murphy Weekend - Freespirit ATF

My Brother's Keeper - Laura

My Brother, My Friend - Jourdana

My Fair Ladies' Man - Beth Green ATF

My Friend is Better than Your Friend - Derry ATF

My Friends Would Know Me Better - K Hanna Korossy

My Life as a Rat, by Ezra P. Standish ATF (crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

My Love, General Lee - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

My Protector - Jean

My Team - Jill ATF

Mystery Man - Trekkieb ATF


The Name Game - Jody Revenson ATF

The Name is Bond, Ezra Bond - Nadine ATF (xover 007)

Names - RonneeM (Poem)

Namesake - The Gift of a Second Chance - Susan-Texas

Natal Day - Anneack ATF

Nature of the Beast - Toni

Nectar de'Standish - Pat

Needs Must - Tiffiny ATF ADULT

Network - Rebel Yell ATF

Never Asked - Kris

Never Released - Kris

THE NEW AGENT (Series) - Kati ATF

A New Alliance - Nadine ATF [xover The Sentinel]

A New Beginning - Jilly Harris ADULT

New Experiences - Hombre ATF

New Golfers - Raquel

New Horizons - Secheti AU Star Trek

The New Law - JudyL Missing scene

The New Law - NotTasha

New Ventures - MMW AU

New York to Denver - Kris ATF ADULT

Next Breath - Ice Hunter

The Next Day: Sippin' Whiskey II - Heather ATF

A Nice Place to Visit - Angela B. ATF

Night and Day - NotTasha

Night of the Seven - Nadine (Xover Wild, Wild West)

Nightmares - Bernadette

No Excuse - Hombre ATF

No Good Deed - Helen Adams

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Toni

No Greater Love - Laura

No Job is Too Big - Setcheti AU (Ghostbusters, Inc.)

No Love Like That of a Child - Jilly Harris

No News - Cat Standish and Carla Rodriguez VS

No Place For A Lady - ithildyn Crossover Highlander

No Place Like Home - J. Brooks

No Rhyme or Reason - AngelaB AU (Journey To Avalon)

NORTH PASS RANCH: Midnight Run - Joy K LB AU

North Pass Ranch: Running Blind - Joy K LB AU

North Pass Ranch: Rollaway - Joy K LB AU



NORTH PASS RANCH: No Place Like Home - Joy K LB AU

NORTH PASS RANCH: The Reluctant Artist - Joy K LB AU

Not Just A Gambler - Ruby H

Not a Keeper - Subtleshadeofgrey AU

Not as They Seem - Setcheti (ATF Xover  RotKT)

Not My Day - Joy K ATF

Not No but HELL NO!!! - Twyla Jane

Nothing - NotTasha

Nothing New Under the Sun (Series) - Lumina ATF ADULT

Nothing But Trouble - Cathy B.

Nothing Nada Jack Zip Zilch - Twyla Jane ATF

Number 37 - Heather F. ATF

Nursing Insecurities - JK LB ATF


Observations from a Southern Gentleman - BMP ATF

Obsession - KellyA ATF

Obsessions - Missing Scene - Bernadette

An October Tale - NotTasha

OCTOBER 31st (Collection) - LaraMee

Odd Man Out - Celeste ATF

Odd One Out - Alex K.

Odyssey - Twyla Jane ATF

Off the Cuff - JudyL ATF

Off The Rails - Hombre ATF

Offering - ~Lumina ADULT

Oh, Good Lord! - Amelia

Oh, My Aching Back - Toni

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave... - Neily ATF

Old Friends, New Faces - Karen Lally

Old Friends and Obligations - Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix

OLD WEST CHRISTMAS (Collection) - Wendymypooh

On a City Street - KT AU RNLI

On A Raven's Wing - Ithildyn AU

On a Winter's Night - KT LB ATF

On Second Thought - The Immortal ATF

On the Antiquity of Microbes - Beth

On the Outskirts of Tascosa - Sue Bartholomew

ON THE ROAD TO BAJA Part one: Paper Cut - Twyla Jane AU

ON THE ROAD TO BAJA Part Two: Searching for Something - Twyla Jane AU

ON THE ROAD TO BAJA Part Three: Something Never Comes - Twyla Jane AU

On the Shores of Lake Titicaca - NotTasha

On Your Horses Boys - Jordan McKenzie

Once In A Lifetime - Angela B

One Day Out West - Helen Adams ATF

One Fine Day - Angela B ATF

One for All and All For One - Kelly A

The One that Got Away - Helen Adams

One Man's Thoughts - Cowgirlfromhell ATF (some content may be unsuitable for sensitive readers)

One Man's Treasure - Nomooretears LB ATF

One Stone - KT ATF

One True Path - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Only a Hound Dog - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Oops - Alex K.

Oops... - Joy K ATF

Open House - Nadine ATF

Operation Halloween - Barb Marx ATF

Operation School - Angela B AU

Oreos, Whiskey and Rescues - Heather F. ATF

Orphan - Jaye B AU ("Little Ezra" universe)

Orphan Train - Angela B.

Orphans, Mothers and Sons - Sue Necessary

Out of the Blue - Hombre ATF ADULT

Out of the Light - Lissa Grinstead ADULT [In progress]

Out of the Mouths of Babes - Xiola LB ATF

Out of Order - Meg Tipper AU

Out of the Past - by Jesfraelo

The Outdoors... Great - JudyL

Outflanked - Pat LB ATF

Outlaws Aren't So Bad - Ace (xover American Outlaws)

Outsider - RonneeM ATF (Poem)

Outward Bound - Secheti AU Star Trek

Over the River and Through the Woods - Amelia ATF

Over the Threshold - Quizegan ATF ADULT  

Overdose - KellyA ATF


"P" is for... - Helen Adams ATF

Pacing the Cage - Green Woman

Pack Your Dinner - Zentry

Pain - Helen Chavez

The Pain - Eilleen ATF

Painful Memories - Jean

Paranoia - Hombre ATF

Pardon Me - Non Sequitur

Parts Of The Past - Rose Larabee [In progress]

Past Debts - Laurie Ann

Past Links - Jade

The Past Redeemed - Sue Bartholomew

Past Relations - Judy L ATF (crossover "The Sentinel")

Patching Up (Missing Scene from Serpents) - Birgitta "Lee" Kohls

Path of Thorns - Beth AU

Patience Rewarded - Hombre

Pawn on a Green Baize Table - Sevenstars & Aureleigh

Pawns and Sacrifices - KellyA

Payback - Bernadette

Payback is Hell - Buckskin Kate [In Progress]

Paybacks - Jean

Paying on Sins - Heather F.

Payment - CS Shew ATF

The Peacekeeper - Helen Adams LB-ATF

Pearls - JudyL ATF

Penance - Helen Adams ATF

Penance - Jo Ann

Penance-Missing Scene - Tipper

The People vs Ezra Standish - KaiMeara

Perceptions - Heather F.

Perceptions of the Rock - Heidi ATF

Perhaps Tomorrow - Wendy ATF

The Perils of Menial Labor - LaraMee

Persona - JennyTork ATF

Perspective - Helen Adams

Peter, Paul and U - Angela B ATF

Photograph - Hercat ATF

Pickoff Moves - Monica M AU

The Picture - Bernadette ATF

Pie For Ezra - Indra Leigh ATF

Pie in the Sky - NotTasha

A Piece Of The Fortune - Rob Nunn

Pieces - Winks7985 ATF

Pieces of Me - aesc[sensitive material]

Pied Beauty - NotTasha

The Pied Piper - KellyA & Mary McAuley

Pilgrim Soul - Amy ATF ADULT

The Pit - Heather F

Plan of Attack - JudyL ATF

Play Ball - Helen Adams ATF

Playing the Game - Debby ATF VS

Playing the Game - Alex K.

The Pledge - Jo Ann (Ezra) ATF

Poetic Justice - KellyA

Points of Authority - Twyla Jane AU

Poison - Heather F. 

The Poker Game - Cecilia Standish ADULT

Poker Night - Jessie Thomas ATF ADULT

Pokerface - Sue Hixon

Pop Psychology - Tipper

Postcards, E-mails and Life's Other assorted Postscripts - Twyla Jane ATF

The Power of Love - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

A Pox Upon Thee - aesc ATF

Pranks - Heather Flaherty

PRECIOUS GEMS: A Precious Discovery - Knoteach AU (Little Ezra)

PRECIOUS GEMS: A Birthday Unforgotten - Knoteach AU (Little Ezra)

PRECIOUS GEMS: I Sing Noel - Knoteach AU (Little Ezra)

PRECIOUS GEMS: Coming Full Circle - Knoteach AU (Little Ezra)

Prejudice - KellyA

Present Bonds - Jade

Pressure - Tapestri AU

Pretty Pictures - Bandwagon ATF

Prey: Evolution - Beth AU

The Price of Freedom - KellyA

The Price of Justice - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

The Price of Prosperity - NotTasha

The Price of Revenge - LaraMee (May be unsuitable for sensitve readers)

Priceless - MMW ATF

Pride and Joy - aesc ATF

Pride Before A Fall - Hombre AU

Prisoners - Bernadette

Progressive - Midnight Profit & Lisa ATF


The Promise - sablecain ATF (Sequel to You're Here) [sensitive material]

Promises Kept - Sassysioux

Promises to Keep - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra 4C)

Protective Desire - Clay AU (Little Ezra - DEATH FIC)

Provocation, a Moment of Insanity - Leigh Richards

Psych, M7 Style - Zentry AU

Psychotic Analysis (Series) - Belle ADULT

PUN-ishment - Beth Green

Pun Stories (Collection) - Beth Green

Puppy Love/Hate - LaraMee ATF

Pursuit - Katie

Putting the Ghosts to Rest: Trial in New Hope - by Lissa Grinstead (Sequel to "Ghost Town")



Quarantine a la Seven - Judy Seils ATF

A Quarter For Your Shoe - Ithildyn

Queen of Hearts - Marianne

Quest for Survival - Bernadette


A Question of Time  - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

Questionable Behavior - Kimber

Questions and Answers - Sue B.

Quiet - NotTasha

The Quiet Week - Tipper

Quit Doin' This! - Derry


Rabbit - Twyla Jane AU

The Races - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

Random Love - Caitriona

Raiders of the Lost Gold - Holodarlin'

Rainy Day Gift - Helen Adams

Raisin Hell - Beth Green LB ATF

Reactions - Twyla Jane ATF

Read 'em Right - Yolande (Lone Wolf Series)

Reading Skills - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Reality Check - The Cohorts AU/ATF

Reality Crosscheck - The Cohorts AU/ATF

Reason for Being - Neily ATF

Reborn - Setcheti

Rebuilding Paradise - Lokemele ADULT
(Alternate Universe continuation of The Changes that Come)

Rebuilding the Past - Yolande ATF

Red Cross - Oann ATF

Red Cross 2 - Oann ATF

Red Cross 3 - Oann ATF

RED GLOVE: Understanding the Other Side - Kati AU

Red Star - Jenn AU

Red Tape and Bows - Angela B. AU

Red Velvet - Starwinder ADULT

Red, White and Blue - Deirdre

Redbird - NotTasha

Redeemed - SoDak7

Redirection - Ladysmiths ATF

Reflections - Belle ADULT

Reflections - KellyA

Reflections - Aislinn Graves (Ezra)

Refuge - Joy LB AU (North Pass Ranch Universe)

Relatively Speaking - Helen Adams

The Reluctant Sentinel - dina ATF (crossover The Sentinel)

Rematch - nesmith

Replaced - Heather F. ATF

Requiem - Christina ATF

A Rescue Gone Wrong - Bernadette

Resolutions - Stormm ATF

Rest for the Weary - Beth

Results and Roses - Beth ATF

Retribution - Dorkjunkie & Sassysioux

Retribution - Leslie

Retribution - Robyn

The Return - Setcheti

Return of the Prodigal - Sue Bartholomew

Revelation - Allaire Mikháil ADULT

Revelation - Aislinn Graves (Ezra) ATF

Revenge - KellyA ATF

Revenge is Sweet - Hombre

Revenge is Sweet - Sassysouix & Dorkjunkie

Revisited - Brandgwen

Riches - Lady Angel

The Ride - Stachy ATF

Ride the Green Horse - LaraMee

Ride of a Lifetime - The Neon Gang ATF

The Right Kind of Mirrors - Killash

The Right Thing - NotTasha

The Right Thing to Do - KT

The Ring - Hombre ATF

Ring of Truth - KellyA

The River Wild - Violette ATF

The Road to Calistoga - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

Road To Nowhere - Violette ATF

Road Trip - Cassie, Maggie, and Mog ATF

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Hombre ATF

Rodeo - Gina ATF

Rough Beginnings - Shawna ATF

Rough Terrain - Ladysmiths ADULT

A Royal Affair - Lady Antari & Kendra ATF

Rule of Thumb - NotTasha

Rumors - Heather F. VS

Run Away - Jareth Reznor

Run of Bad Luck - Neon Gang

Runaway Train - Heidi ATF

Runaway Train - NotTasha

Runners - Gil Hale  AU

Running - NotTasha

Rustlers - Heather

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")



Archived Stories by Title
A - D
E - J
K - R
S - Z


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