Magnificent Seven fiction written by fans in which Ezra Standish is either the main character, or has an important part in the story.

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ATF - stories set in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.

VS - "Virtual Season" episodes

AU - Alternate Universes other than ATF or Little Britches

ADULT titles are not direct links, and you will be given directions for providing an age statement.


A Haunting We Will Go - Freespirit ATF

Abandoned - Jean

The Abduction - IndigoCat AU

Absence Of Shadows - Tidia ATF

Above it All - NotTasha

Acceptance - Jo Ann

Acceptance (Series) - Silver ATF ADULT

Acceptance - Luna Dey

Accessory After the Fact - Marns AKA Bumpkin

Accidents Happen - Angie ATF

Aces High - Joan Curtin (The Legends Born Series)

Ace High - Helen Adams

Ace in the Hole - Strangevisitor7 ATF-xover "Highlander"

ACES IMMORTAL (Series): Hell Hath No Fury - Strangevisitor7 AU

Acronymity - Judy L

Across the Andes - - NotTasha

Across the Divide: The Wait - Sue Bartholomew

Act of Redemption - KellyA

The Accused - KellyA

Addicted - Vin Tanner's Girl ATF

Addictions - Enid

The Adventures of a Midlife Crisis in the Midwest - Jean and Christy

Adverse Possession - Tipper

The Affair - Angie (Sensitive Reader Warning)

After - Tonny

After Clouds, Sun - Linda ATF

After Hours - Twyla Jane ATF

After the Peace - Jaye B. AU

Aftermath - The Immortal ATF

Afternoon Playtime - Kris ADULT

Against the Current - Lisa AU

The Agony of Defeat - Helen Adams

Aim High - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

An Alien Investigation - Bernadette AU (Paranormal Investigations)

All I Want - Jade

All I Want - Ladysmiths ADULT

All the Kings Men - MAC AU (Little Ezra)

All Tied Up - Ladysmiths ADULT

Alias - KellyA

Alligator Alley - aesc ATF

Ally Cat - BM ATF

Almost Doesn't Count - winks7985 ATF

Alone - Celeste ATF

Alpha Males - Tipper (Crossover with The A Team)

Alterations - JayeB AU (Little Ezra)

Always the Lady - ReaperWriter

AMAZON (Series) - NotTasha

  1. Down the Amazon
  2. The Ledger
  3. Redbird
  4. Across the Andes
  5. Strictly Business
  6. A Desk of Fiddles
  7. On the Shores of Lake Titicaca
  8. Turnabout (is Fair Play)
  9. An Introduction
  10. Greater Things

Ambassadors - Heather F. AU (Star Trek)

Ambiguous Disclosure - Kris ADULT

Ambush - KellyA

Amy - LaraMee ATF

An Innocent Man - JudyL

And Again - Caitriona

And The Rain Came Down - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

And Then There Were Six - Suzy ATF

And There Came A Cry For Help - Kristen

And Still to Love (Series) - Ange ADULT

Angel Gets His Wings - Amelia

Angels in the Desert - Robyn

Angels in Waiting - Lisa ATF

Angie - Derry ATF

The Angry Spirit's Yell - Julia Verinder

Angry Words - Wyvern

Animal Magic - The Cat's Whiskers ATF AU

ANNIE GREER (Series) - by NotTasha ATF (Little Ezra)

  1. Annie Greer's Brand New Boy Child
  2. A Gambling Boy
  3. Home of the Brave
  4. Ephemeral
  5. Facts about Cats
  6. Inevitable
  7. A Journey of Twenty Years

Anniversaries - Cat Standish ATF VS

Another Brick - Heather F. ATF

Another Day, Another Dollar - Sue M ATF

Another Day, Another Mishap - Brate ATF

Another Fine Mess - Elspethdixon

Another Time and Place - Jaye B. AU (Young Western AU)

Another Year Older - MAC AU (Little Ezra)

Answers - Heather

Any Other Day - sablecain ATF


Apologies - Jean

Appearances Are Everything? - Tex Zavaleta ATF

Apollyon - Heather F ATF

Are We There Yet? - Nancy W. LB ATF

The Art of Rhetoric - Helen Adams

As I Promised - Rose Taylor

As I Promised - Rose Taylor (ADULT version)

As the Days Go By - Luna Dey and Lisa S.

Ashes of the Mind - the Smarm Sluts

An Aspirin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - Hombre ATF

The Assassin - KellyA ATF

At the Hand of Antiquity - Leigh Richards

At Night - Freyan ATF

ATF-Team Retreat - Heather ATF

Atlanta to Denver - mog ATF

ATLANTAN LEGACY (Collection) - Squeakypeep ATF

Autumn Leaves - Helen A. AU

Avenging Angel - Leslie

Aw Hell - Twyla Jane

Aware of You - Tiffiny ADULT

Awful Day - Zentry ATF


Back From Baja - Twyla Jane ATF

Back on the Road Again - Hombre ATF

Back To Normal - skaia7

Bad Dreams - Angie ATF

Bad Influence - Magnolia Belle

Bad Luck - Becky Hromiko

Bad Luck - Heather F.

Bad Weather - NotTasha

Bad Karma - Hombre AU

Bad Turn of Events - Hombre

Bail Out - KellyA

Balance - Cobalt ADULT

The Balance - seagray

Bank Robbery - SasseyJ

The Banshee - The Neon Gang ATF

The Bar-Keep's Simple Request - Kris Mashburn

Bathtime Fun - Pat

Be There - NotTasha AU (Project Quantum Leap Universe)

Bear Trap - KellyA

Bearing the Pain - Angela B AU Crossover Big Valley

Beat the Drum Slowly - Susan Foster

A Beautiful Mess - JIN ATF

A Beautiful Mess - AJB ATF

Before I Go - Tiffiny

Belle of the Mississippi - Josey Huneke ADULT

The Beloved Mrs. Potter - Angela B.

Below Par - Yolande

Beneath the Surface -Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

The Best Birthday Gift - MMW AU

The Best Intentions - Carrie Byrd

The Best of Intentions - Heather M. ATF

The Best Medicine - Cecilia Standish ATF ADULT

Best of Times, Worst of Times: Ezra - Sevenstars

Bestowing Love - Kris ATF ADULT

A Bet, Lies and Other Altercations - Jennifer Prior

The Bet - Luna Dey

The Bet II - Luna Dey

The Bet III - Luna Dey

The Bet IV - Luna Dey

The Bet VII - Luna Dey

 The Betrayal - Bernadette ATF

Betrayal - Leslie

Better Off Together - Brate AU (Crossover "Supernatural")

Better the Devil - Wyvern

Better Man - Jade

The Better Man - Tiffiny

Better than Treasure - JudyL

Between the Lines - Ankh ADULT

Beware of the Love - Tarlan ADULT


Big Rocks Keep Falling on My Head - Hombre

The Biggest Gamble - Tevan ADULT

The Biggest Gamble Part 2 - Tevan ADULT

The Biggest Gamble Part 3 - Tevan ADULT

The Biggest Gamble (part 4) - Tevan ADULT

The Biggest Gamble (part 5) - Tevan ADULT

The Biggest Gamble, (part 6) - Draig ADULT

A Bird's Eye View - Freespirit ATF

Birthday Blues - Yolande

The Birthday Cake - Sue M AU

Bitter - Allaire Mikháil ADULT

Bitter Silence - JJJunky

Bittersweet - Janice

Black and White - Violette ATF

Black Jack - Sally Craggs

Blackmail - Bernadette

Black Monday - Team 7 ATF

Black Water - JIN

Black Widow - Deirdre ATF

Blame - Violette ATF

Blazing Their Own Trail - Freespirit ATF

Blind - KellyA

Blind - Setcheti ATF

Blizzard - KellyA

Blood and Guts - Roger (deathfic warning)

Blood and Water - Tipper

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Hombre ATF

BLOOD BROTHERS: Beneath The Surface - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Color Me Black - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Extort Thy Childhood - Yolande AU

BLOOD BROTHERS: Young Warriors - Yolande AU

Blood's Not Always Thicker - Freespirit

BLUE RIBBON (SERIES): Sins of the Pastry - C.V. Puerro AU

Blurry - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra)

Boarding that Damn Train - Lokemele ADULT

Bodyguards - Tipper

Bolt out of the Blue - NotTasha AU/OW/ATF

Boots - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

The Bounty - Bernadette

Bounty Hunters - Heather F. 

'Bout All a Man Can Ask For - SBerry

Bot Interrupted - Lissa Grinstead ATF

The Box - KellyA

Boxing Day - NotTasha

A Boy Needs - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Boys Will Be Boys - Debra M.

Brand New Day - Helen Adams ATF

Breaking Habits - Ladysmiths ADULT

The Brief But Heroic Saga of Ezra and Elijah Standish - The Cohorts

Bright Part of the Sky - NotTasha AU (Project Quantum Leap Universe)

Broken (Series) - Sarah ATF

Broken - Hombre ATF

Broken Wires - Twig

Brothers - Heather F. AU

Brothers and Lessons - Angela Boling ATF

Brothers in Name Only - KellyA

Brother's Keeper - Nadine

Brown - Linda

Brown Eyes - LaraMee

Bucephalus - Tiffiny

Buena Vista - NotTasha

Building On Hope - Angela B AU ("Journey to Avalon")

Bullets – Multiple Authors ATF

Burnout - Bernadette ATF

Burnout - Hombre ATF

By Any Other Name - Lissa Grinstead

By a Thread - Kim Maddox ATF


Call of the Wild - Annie ATF

Camino del Diablo - Diamondback ADULT AU

Camp Night - Sivan Shemesh LB ATF

Candle of Reflection - Yolande

Captives - Sue B

The Car - Nadine ATF (xover 007)

Cardsharp - Dreda

Care Bears - Helen Adams ATF

The Carnival - Heather F. ATF

Carte Blanche - Ranger

The Case of the Golden Blooms - KT AU

The Casey Chronicles - Almost - JoMarie

CASTAWAYS (Series) - Yolande AU

Catastropy - Selene ATF

Cats and Dogs - BML AU

Causes and Their Effects: Missing Scene and Epilogue for Serpents - Derry

Cave-In - Bernadette

Cave In - KellyA

Cave In - Niteowl AU

Champions - Jo Ann

Chances Not Taken, Choices Not Made - Claire ATF

Chance Met - Helen Adams Crossover Bonanza

 Chances Taken - Jo Ann

The Change - Suzi AU (The Young Riders/Mag 7 Crossover, FBI A/U)

Changes - Angela B AU

Change in Plans - Winter ATF

Changes in Attitude - Heather F. ATF

The Changes that Come Lokemele ATF ADULT

The Changlings - Angie AU

Charades - sablecain

Charades - - NotTasha

Charades - Tipper

Charades - Twyla Jane

Charitable Impulses - ithildyn AU Crossover Highlander and Ironman

The Charmed Seven - Lu AU

The Chase - Desperado's Daughter Cheating Death - Alex K. (death of OC)

Cheating Hearts - Kelly A

Chicago - Armaita ATF Crossover: THE BEAST

Child of My Heart - Strangevisitor7 (Xover "Highlander")

Child's Play - Wyvern AU ("Little Ezra")

Childish Things - Twyla Jane AU ("Moose Jaw")

Chinatown Revisited - Angie ATF

Chivalry's End - Luna Dey

Chocolate - Nadine ATF

Choices - Heather F. ATF

The Christmas Carol Story - Amelia ATF

Christmas Miracle - LaraMee Deux

A Christmas Redeemed - Desperado's Daughter

Christmas Together - Jan ATF

Christmas Trappings - Angela B AU (Seven Brothers)

Christmas Wish: Ezra - senorabutterfly

The Chronicle: Hazardous Assignment Squad - Setcheti AU (AU with ATF references)

The Chronical: Back to Reality - Setcheti AU (AU with ATF references)

The Chronicles of Thunder and Consolation - Twyla Jane AU (Little Ezra)

Cigarette and Ash - Mel ATF

Circadian - Ranger

Cin-City - NotTasha

Cinderezra - Angie

Cities of Gold - Cathy

CL-CROSS: Fugitives - Sevenstars AU

CL-CROSS: Postscript: The First Week - Sevenstars AU

Clear as a Bell - NotTasha

Clearer Vision - Dawnsunrise

Clockwork - NotTasha

The Clod and the Pebble - Tipper (Follows Cornerstone)

Clothes Make the Man - Xiola

Cody - LaraMee

Coercion - Hombre ATF

Cold Hard Cash - J. Brooks

Collecting on a Bounty - KellyA

Color Me Black - Yolande AU (Blood Brothers series)

COLORS (Collection) - Linda B

Come Inside - Bernadette ATF

Comfort and Joy - Violette ATF

A Comfortable Place - sablecain AU (Federal Air Marshalls)

Coming Home Again - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

Coming out of the Closet - Cecilia Standish ADULT

Coming Out of the Darkness - Purple Lacey ATF

Coming to Terms - LaraMee

Common Ground - KellyA

Complications - Hombre AU

The Con - Lissa Grinstead

Conference - Josey Huneke ATF ADULT

Confessions - Jo Ann

Confessions of a Con Man - Jacqui B

The Conflict - Lilly

Conflicting Details - Kris ATF VS

Connections and Favors - Black Rook ATF

Consider The Possibilities - NotTasha

Constant Changes - Katherine AU (Immortal Seven)

Context - JudyL 

Contrast/Comparison - Karen Shannon

Convergence - Lumina ADULT

Cookie Crumbs - Joy K LB-ATF

Cornerstone - Tipper

Cornwall to London - KT AU

The Cost of Revenge - Bernadette

Could Be Luckier - Kris ATF VS

Could I Have This Kiss Forever? - Silver ATF ADULT

Countdown - sablecain ATF


Counting to Three - Carole ATF

The Country of the Heart - Charlotte Hill AU ADULT

Courage - Hombre ATF

A Curious Thing - Kathy M

The Cowboy in Me - Heather F.


Crossing Paths - Jareth Reznor (ATF Crossover The Pretender)

Crossroads - Allaire Mikháil ATF ADULT

Crush - Gina

Cry Wolf - Hombre

The Cub and the Kit - Debra Noellert AU (Crossover: The Sentinel)

A Curious Game - NotTasha

Curiosity Nearly Killed the Cat - Hombre ATF

Custos Venatio - JudyL ATF (Xover, The Sentinel, SG-1)

The Cutting Demon - Mog ATF


Dangerous Mistake - Hombre ATF

Dark Discovery - Nadine ATF {xover The Sentinel)

Dark Division - Nadine ATF (Crossover The Sentinal, Stargate SG-1)

The Darkest Betrayal - Derry ATF

Darkest Hours - Estevana Rey

Darkness, Light - Amy ATF

A Dark Past - Bernadette

The Day Away - NotTasha

Dawn Of A New Day - Maggie Smith

A Day Like Any Other - Twyla Jane AU ("Little Ezra")

Day of the Hunters - Yolande ATF

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Retribution - Teri

Day of Miracles - Carla

A Day to Remember - Sivan Shemesh AU

Daybreak - TrekkieB VS

Days Like That - Helen Adams ATF

Days Like This - Brate ATF

A Day's Messages - Gina ATF

Dead Man's Wake... - Yolande

Deadly Agent - Cheryl Siflette

Deadline - Michelle and Amanda

Deadwood - CherylW

Dealer's Choice - Sue Bartholomew

Dear Mother - Cat Standish VS

The Death of Old Jo - Beth

Debriefing - Pat ATF

The Deceiver - NotTasha

December - Sophia

Deciphering - NotTasha

A Deck of Cards and a Derringer - Sally Craggs

The Deed at Hand - JudyL 

A Defiant Little Texan - Freespirit ATF

Deja Vu - Maria Villa

Delany - Heather

Delayed Reactions - Bernadette

Delicate Touch - Sally M

Delinquent (Series) ATF AU - Ami-chan

Deliverance - Estee ATF Xover The Sentinel

Deluge - Heather F

Demons - Shawna

Demons and Lovers - Tipper

Departure - Helen Adams

Departure - Englishspirit

Departures - Brandgwen

Departures: Nathan's Apology - Sue Bartholomew

Description of a Gambler - L.C. Martin

Desert Odyssey - KT (xover High Chaparral)

Desert Run - Monica M AU

Desert Training - KT ATF

Deserter - Ace

A Desk of Fiddles - by NotTasha

Desperate Measures - Michele

Destinations - Trekkieb

Deuces Wild - Laura H. ADULT

The Devil's Den - Beth aka Midge AU

The Devil's Hand - NotTasha

Devil on Horseback - Brate OW-xover "Supernatural"

Devil's Mouth - Beth

The Devil's Night - Mog

Diablo - Heather F ATF

Diamond in the Rough - Aimless

Diana - LT ATF

The Diary - Freespirit

Die Hand Die Verletz - Kristen

Die Hard the Hunter - Heather Hillsden

A Different Sort of Christmas Carol - Beth Green ATF

Differential Diagnosis - Hombre ATF

Digging Out Trust and Friendship - KT

Dinner - Zentry

Dirty Laundry - Susan Macdonald

Discoveries - Jo Ann

A Dish Served by The Neon Gang ATF

Distant Horizon - mmrrph

Distraction Elimination - Indra Leigh ATF

Divergence - Yolande VS

A Doctor in the Making - KellyA

The Dog Days of Summer - MAC AU ("Little Ezra")

A Dog's Tale - Bernadette ATF

Don't Know From Adam - Jordan McKenzie

Don't Lose Hope - Zentry ATF

Don't Wait Too Long - Yolande ATF

DOUBLE BOND: Twofold - Purple Lacey AU

Double Take - Candice

Double Trouble - Ranger

Double, Double Pants and Trouble - Ithildin

Down the Amazon - Not Tasha

Down the Rabbit Hole - Twyla Jane

Downfall - Trekkieb ATF

The Dream - Jordy ADULT

A Dream Come True - Luna Dey

A Dream Destroyed - Jean

Drifters - Twig

Drips - Heather F.

Drought - KellyA

Dry Gulch - MMW

Dust Bunnies and Other Ferocious Creatures - Twyla Jane ATF

Dust on Their Souls - Peta Collins and Leigh Richards

Dust Storm - Leslie

Duty v. Loyalty - Sue M ATF

If you are looking for a specific story, click on the first
letter of the title (excluding the words "A" and "The")



Archived Stories by Title
A - D
E - J
K - R
S - Z


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