Magnificent Seven Old West
Quit Doin' This!

by Derry

Christ! Goddammit! You guys have really gotta quit doin' this! I saw to enough gunshot wounds durin' the war! I don't need you lot to keep sendin' me this steady supply!

And if Ezra says anythin' about the practice keepin' my skills sharp, he's gonna need help from someone with skills much sharper than mine! Damn the man! I don't do this for fun!

Unfair? Yes, I'm bein' unfair! In the last few days, I've had my heart nearly stop when Ezra nearly got 'imself shot and then even worse when Vin DID get 'imself shot pushin' him outta the way. I've had my arms elbow deep in Vin's blood for hours. I've sat up night after night, watchin' 'im for fever or worse. And I've had to trip over Ezra an' Chris to do so!

Tomorrow mornin', Ezra's goin' t'his own bed. If I havta get Josiah to drag 'im there and tie 'im down! And Buck, if ya create one more ruckus outside my clinic, I'll get 'im to tie ya t'somewhere too! Why can't ya do somethin' useful like drag Chris an' JD off to the saloon? Unfair, again? Yeah, s'ppose y'have kept all those damn busibodies outta the way.

I'm just so tired! And I've sick with worry for days about the whole damn lot of ya! Hell, tomorrow I'm gonna tell y'all. You've really gotta quit doing this!

The End