Oh My Aching Back

by Toni


Oh, my aching back

Fickle, uncaring beast. Could you not have given me prior warning? Did not you sense the snake you were about to trod upon and perhaps warn me you were going to rear back? No, you allowed me to become unseated, throwing me to the ground. No, not even on some grassy knoll, no, it was on the rough uncaring ground.

Oh my aching back

What's that Josiah? Yes I am fine. No, nothing broken

Traitorous beast ,don't you see they are now laughing at me, my companions? It was comical, the fall. Sure, look down on me, but am I not the person who combs your fine coat, feeds you the succulent sugar cubes? I care for you more than I care for myself.

No, Mr. Wilmington, I need no help getting back on my horse but...

Oh my aching back

Hide back the pain. They would only think I was complaining, can't take roughing it. That's right, one foot at a time, slowly. On my horse again.

Do you enjoy traipsing across the roughest terrain every bump and jolt sending pain through my body?

Oh my aching back

I see the town in the distance, not much further. What I would not give for a bottle of whiskey and the comforts of my feather bed.. Soon...

I'm sorry Mr. Jackson, what was that you were saying? No, I am fine. If I look in pain it is only due to the somewhat bruised derriere. No problem.

Another stone in the road, another jolt.

Oh my aching back

Finally, back in town. A hot soak would feel wonderful, but, alas, it would take too much effort. Take care of this traitorous horse and I can finally get off my feet.

What was that Mr. Larabee? You want me to guard the prisoner? No, that's fine, not complaining. Would I ever? A hard chair will be my prison for awhile. Yes, I groaned as I sat, none around to hear my pain. I am allowed. The prisoner doesn't count.

Oh my aching back

Why, Mr. Tanner, something I can do for you? You are relieving me early. Wouldn't want to get into trouble with Mr. Larabee. He knows. Thank you, Vin, I will repay the kindness.

The chair did nothing for my back, resolve, I am so close to that whiskey and bed.

Yes, JD, a job well done. No he didn't, he didn't just slap me on the back. Luckily, he walked away before he saw the grimace on my face

Oh my aching back

Just a few more steps. I am in the saloon. Mr. Larabee and Nathan are at a table, they have not looked up yet good.

I smile at Inez, she gives me the whiskey bottle. My goodness, it seems a lot heavier than I ever remembered. Just the weight of it...

Oh my aching back

Were there that many steps up to my room? Concentrate, just one at a time. Another step...

Oh my aching back

You must go up another, it will seem odd you are just standing there. The whiskey bottle has become even heavier. No, you can't leave it there.

Oh my aching back

Maybe I should just sit on the steps awhile. No, that is not an option. What a sight, sitting on the steps with my whiskey.

Oh my aching back

There is a hand on my back, another on my shoulder. I look around. Mr. Larabee is on one side, Mr. Jackson on the other, assisting me up to my room.

How kind you two are...

Thank you, Mr. Jackson, but I think the whiskey would serve the same purpose as your herbal brews and taste the better. But kind of you to offer. Yes, of course, I intend to lay down

I did not wish to inconvenience anyone...

Yes, Mr. Larabee, it is my aching back.

The End

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