Orphan Train

by Angela B.

Disclaimer: Sadly they are not mine.

Warning: A child does get seriously wounded in this story. Shootout & death of original very minor character.

Note: When I started this I had no intention of turning it into an epic. The children are fictional. They are a combination of several children I read about in my research for this story.

Thanks: to NotTasha for betaing this for me about four times. She really helped me

out a lot. And to Libby for her ideas and feedback. I much appreciate both of their help. So, if you find mistakes it sure isn’t their fault.

Explanation: For the benefit of this story I used wagons to deliver the children. As we all know the railroad hadn’t quite reached Four Corners at this time.

Spoilers: very brief references to The New Law, One Day Out West, Manhunt and Penance

Websites used:
1. www.hamilton.net/subscribers/hurd/index.html
2. www.orphantrainriders.com
3. www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/orphan/orphants.html
4 www.antiqueguns.com {This is a great site if you don’t know anything about guns! Go to ‘Ask the Experts’ to ask your question. To retrieve your answer you do have to go back and find your question, but if I can figure it out I know you can.)

Size: Approx. 250K

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