Odd Man Out

by Celeste

Rating: (uh…) PG-13 for language.

Summary: Ezra finds himself, yet again, at the fringes of his ATF team.

Warning: With me not being very plot savvy, this is mostly a psychological romp into the heads of our favorite guys… with random snippets of story thrown in every ten pages for coloring. LOL

Feedback: I live for it. :P But be gentle, this my first real M7 fic!! (Yes! I started it BEFORE "Threats"! LOL)

Disclaimer: Ain’t mine. Wish they were, so then I wouldn’t have the time to sit and write pretending that they were. :P I’m only borrowing them, as well as the ATF universe, which is (also) not my creation. (Thanks to Mog for that one!) Hehe, as for me, well, I’m the least creative person there is. :P

Hum… what else? Oh yes… the ATF conference is a fictional event (as far as I know…) which I just made cuz I wanted the fellas to beat the pants off of everyone else in the country. LOL I also have no knowledge of boxing, so I pretty much made it up as I went, and the statistics for hostage negotiations are all b/s (as far as I know LOL) as well. I’m just a liar and a cheat. And most of all, lazy. ;)

Acknowledgements/Notes: First, I’d like to thank my "Big ChrisSis", Ker, for reading this whole damn thing "cover to cover" (Yes, even the boring parts!!). She’s a fountain of ideas (even though she CLAIMS her muse is dead all the time…). J Love ya Ker, wouldn’t have finished this without all your encouragement. *G*

I’d also like to thank my Beta (yes! I got a beta!), Luna, cause it’s really all her hard work that made this story sensible for ya’ll to read. Let’s just say I write coherent sentences like Vin types up field reports (WITHOUT Ezra’s proofs!). ;P She’s the magic behind it all. Hell, I should just put her as a co-author! Thanks for playin’ Buck to my JD luv!

And last, I’d like to thank the Brigs for makin’ a latecomer like me feel right welcome in their lil abode (and for not kickin’ me out on my rear for all the stupid questions *G*). Must be their, "tact and diplomacy". LOL ;) I wonder if they make a shirt that says, "I was corrupted by the Brigadears" (Jilly namely…) if not, they should. ;P

Distribution: Ask and ye shall receive.

Size: Approx. 232 K

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