MCAT: Turbulent Transition

1. Transitions

2. Connections

3. Decisions

4. Past Transgressions

5. Illusions

6. Additions and Apprehensions

7. Reconciliations

Part I: Reclamation
Part II: Revelation
Part III: Resolutions

MCAT II: Strength in Solidarity

1. Shades of Grey

2. Vision Quest

3. Turn the Page

4. Fire and Rain

5. Code of Honor

6. Purgatory

Part I: Descent Into Hell
Part II: Deliverance from Evil

7. Written on the Wind

Part I: Winds of Change
Part II:Devil Winds
Part III. Voices in the Wind

MCAT III: Hell of a Ride

1. Blood and Roses Crossover with THE LEGEND CHRONICLES universe

2. Family Trilogy

Part I: Family Matters
Part II: Ties That Bind
Part III: Dark Secrets

3. Highway to Hell

Part I: Bloodlines Coming Soon

MCAT AU (non-series)

A Day of Thanksgiving - Wendymypooh (Seven)

MCAT Young Riders AU

1. Evolutions