THE GHOSTS OF MEMORY by Kim and Shawna

Rating: PG 13 - violence, mild profanity

Spoilers: Achilles

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, no matter how much we beg, no one will give Shawna and I the tracker, or the gambler, or any of the other fellas. No one will pay us for anything we write either.

Author's Notes: Kim is a Vixen, and Shawna is a Dear. There is no fighting over the guys, and we even share sometimes. We'd like to thank Nancy, for her generosity. We'd also like to thank Judy for beta reading. (That means if you find typos or bad grammar, E mail her.)

Size: 282K

One - Four

Five - Ten

Eleven - Fourteen

Fifteen - Seventeen

Eighteen - Twenty One

Twenty Two - Twenty Four

Twenty Five

Twenty Six - Twenty Seven

Twenty Eight - Epilogue

[Title graphic created from screen captures by Jilly (Ezra) and Wen (Vin)]