I Can See Clearly Now

Witness - Missing Scene

by Amelia

After their argument and Maude leaves Ezra’s room.

Vin coming from his wagon saw Ezra sitting outside the saloon on the corner of the boardwalk. He knew at once something was wrong by the way Ezra was drinking from his flask, as well as the fact he wasn’t inside the packed business winning poker games. Crossing the street and taking the chair by his friend, he never asked or said anything. Vin just wanted to let his friend know he wasn’t alone.

“Never had a dog, much less time when we could have one. Mother was always off or we never stayed in one place long."

“Knew the story weren’t true when she told it," Vin assured calmly.

“I can’t fathom why she tells such stories," Ezra expressed.

“She’s your ma, wants to be a part of your life."

“A part of my life! She was hardly ever a part of my life. Mother would deposit me among all the relatives. Never for long, just long enough for her to pull a con or a swindle. Then off we go to a new town, a new mark, another relative." Ezra paused as he took a hefty drink from his flask.

Vin waited not saying anything, knowing that there was more his friend needed to get out, like a festering wound that needed draining badly. His patience was rewarded as Ezra began speaking once more.

“I don’t know who was worse, her leaving me to pull her con. Or me wanting her to pull one that she needed me, so I could be with he,." he softly said shaking his head.

“You were a kid, you loved your ma, you wanted to be with her. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, Ezra. I would have done anything, given anything when my ma passed to be able to be with her again," Vin stated strongly, but on the last words his voice carried the trueness of the words with the emotions he felt.

“But your mother, Vin, was a saint, she loved you," Ezra replied, looking at him for the first time.

And when the two friend’s eyes met, they saw the truth what each felt. One of a loss that was still felt deeply, one that was filled with both fear and hurt. Fear that he wasn’t loved and hurt from all the times he was left.

Vin understanding what he saw, "Ezra, your ma loves ya. She shows it in the made up stories. Her way of replacing all the moments you weren’t together, with ones ya were. Probably the only way she keeps her heart from breaking. And the fact she came here to see ya, I know she gave ya some tale of reason. But what ever she says happen, she could have gone anywhere but she didn’t. She came to where her son is, so she could see him. Maude may not say it, but she shows it in her own way. And inside you know it, too."

Ezra stared off for a moment, placed his hand on his chest as if trying to feel what was inside. A slow smile appeared on his face, he reported. "You know, Mr. Tanner, for someone who rarely speaks more than a sentence a day. You have a very elegant way with words. Thank you, my friend."

Vin nodded that he was welcome with a bit of a grin touching his lips. He accepted the flask Ezra held out and took a good drink. Handing it back, Vin informed him, “Need to go in the saloon and tell Chris that the man on the ridge shooting at Billy and us today uses a 44. Found the shells laying up where he was shooting. You wanta come?"

“Thank you but no. I think I will turn in early this evening. I’m quite sure by morning Mr. Larabee and yourself will have some sort of a plan of action formed for us to put in motion at that ungodly hour. So until then, I bid you goodnight," Ezra responded as both men stood up. Vin holded out his hand, and clasped Ezra’s arm as he held his own out. With a nod of understanding and friendship, the two men turned and headed to where they were going.


The End

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