Ezra’s Poem

by Sihn, Jr.M

All alone, uncared for.
Only once before having someone to confide in.
Constant hurt, everyone trying to settle a score.
Always accusing him of some sin he hasn’t committed, even his next of kin.

Those he loves always turn their back.
Some claim they feel the same.
While others just put a blade in his back.
They only leave him feeling shame.

Self loathing, disgust.
Always the one blamed and left standing alone.
Learning from his mistakes, he never gives his trust.
His job became his life, the only thing placing a smile on his mask of stone.

Transferred from agency to agency, not able to find a home.
He swore never to allow anyone into his heart again.
He stopped searching for anywhere to call home.
Being passed around from place to place only opened wounds again.

When he reached the ATF, he said he was would leave at the first sight of history repeating.
Once meeting the other six men he knew he was in for it.
They were all so close, even after just meeting.
If one was injured or missing, they all threw a fit.

He was envious, he’d never experienced friendship like they did.
They tried to bring him in and share what they had found.
He refused politely with each attempt.
It wasn’t till their first assignment had gone wrong that he realized just what he had found.

Without knowing it he had found a family.
He had thrown himself in front of a bullet to save one of its members.
Now around his hospital bed, stood his family.
For the first time he could remember, he had found a home.