Jessy’s Tears

by Sue Hixon

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. "The Magnificent Seven" belong to MGM and Trilogy Entertainment.

Comments: This is a continuation of my first short story, A Kiss for Jessy.

Thanks: To my beta, Debra M for all her help.

"Jessy loves Ezra!"

"Jessy loves Ezra!".

Jessy put her hands over her ears and tried to block out the taunts and jeers of the three boys behind her. She hurried towards her father’s store hoping she would get there before the tears spilled down her cheeks. She knew that would just give the boys something eles to tease her about. It had been a week since she told the girls at school about the kiss and Jessy wondered which one had told the boys about it. Not that he mattered now she thought unhappily as she dodged in and out of the people in her path and tried to run faster.

Ezra rubbed a hand over his face as he stepped onto the boardwalk. There was nothing he enjoyed more than a haircut and a shave, except perhaps a long hot bath. He placed his hat on his head and started to walk towards the saloon. Ezra heard the sound of running footsteps and looked to see what was going on. He saw Jessy from the dry goods store being chased by three boys. Immediately, Ezra stepped into Jessy’s path and grabbed her around the waist to halt her running.

"Miss Jessy are you okay?" Ezra asked with concern as he knelt down on one knee in front of Jessy . Ezra saw the tears streaming down Jessy's face and reached into the inside pocket of his red jacket for his hankerchief. He looked behind Jessy at the three boys who had skidded to a hasty stop when they saw the gambler with Jessy. He glared at them until they turned and ran back the way they came.

"Please let me go," Jessy begged hiding her face in her hands.

"I think you should tell me what is wrong and why those boys were chasing you," Ezra replied tenderly. He gently pulled Jessy's hands away from her face and wiped the tears from Jessy's cheeks .

"Nothing is wrong Mr Standish," Jessy answered and tried to step around Ezra.

"Something must be wrong. Why else would such a pretty little face be filled with tears?" Ezra prompted.

Jessy looked up momentarily surprised then pleased that he thought her face pretty but then she quickly looked down again. "I'll be alright now Mr Standish. Please let me by," Jessy said, more tears spilling down her cheeks. Ezra handed the little girl the hankerchief and she patted away the new tears.

"Well if your not going to tell me whats wrong, you can at least let me have the honour of escorting you to your fathers store," Ezra said standing up and offering Jessy his arm.

Jessy wiped her face again, sniffing softly. She looked up at Ezra and then looked at the arm he was offering, she slipped her hand into the crook of Ezra's arm and looked up at the handsome man and giggled.

"I would be happy to have you escort me kind sir," she answered in the most grown up young lady’s tone she could manage.

Ezra smiled at Jessy and walked towards the dry goods store. When they reached the door Jessy let go of Ezra's arm and turned to face him.

"Thank you for the escort Mr Standish, and here is your hankerchief." Jessy said holding out the now soggy white linen.

"You may keep it," Ezra said pleased to see Jessy was happy again. "Good afternoon Miss Jessy."

The gambler tipped his hat to the little girl and continued on down the boardwalk and entered the saloon. Jessy watched him go and when he disapeared from site she looked down at the hankerchief in her hand, grinning to herself she hugged it to her chest, now the girls at school really would be jealous not only had she got a kiss from the gambler but now she had his hankerchief. The boys' teasing no longer mattered. Jessy swore to herself that she would not let it bother her anymore. Still grinning she pushed open the door of the store and went inside, she could hardly wait for school tomorrow.


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