Mixed Universe Stories

These stories and story collections take place in more than one universe.

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ATF Little Britches Universe - future The Accident - Heather M. (Vin, Chris) Future LB
ATF Two Blood After Image - KT (Seven)
Stargate SG-1 xover Ain't No Fun - JJJunky (Chris, Vin, Jack O'Neill) Stargate SG-1
Crossover 21 Jump Street All I Need to Know - Bunny (JD, Buck) 21 Jump Street
ATF xover with Little Britches Alternate Universes - Angie (Vin, JD)
ATF Aminal Magerism - Little Anne (Buck, Adam Larabee)
Alternate Universe of Little Britches Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies - KT (Vin, JD, Chris, Buck)
ATF with some Little Britches At The Restaurant - C.V. Puerro (Chris, Buck)
Alternate Universe Better Off Together - Brate (Vin, Ezra, Buck, Sam & Dean Winchester) Supernatural
Old West / ATF Crossover Christmas Then, Now and Someday - Jeanne (Seven)
Alternate Universe of Old West Comes a Horseman - Cmurph (Vin, Chris)
Alternate Universe Crossover The Crystal City - The Neon Gang (Seven, SG-1, OC) Stargate SG-1
AU Crossover The Cub and The Kit - Debra Noellert (Vin, Ezra, JD, Chris, Rafe, Jim, Blair)[xover - The Sentinel]
Alternate ATF Universe DELINQUENT (Series) - Ami-Chan (Vin, Ezra, Chris, Buck)
Alternate ATF Universe Deliquent - Ami-Chan
Alternate ATF Universe Substitute Dreams - Ami-Chan
Alternate ATF Universe Uncomfortable Decisions - Ami-Chan
Various Universes EARLY DAYS (Collection) - Sue M
ATF Universe More Than Just a Team (JD)
ATF One Day... (Seven)
Old West Finding Family (JD)
Multiple Universes EVERYDAY (Collection) - Sue M
Old West Universe A Rite of Passage (JD, Vin, Buck)
ATF My Partner, My Friend (JD)
RNLI No Rush (JD, Buck, Inez, Chris)
Seven as Brothers Making Their Mark (Seven)
ATF Little Britches This Wonderful Life (Chris, JD, Vin, Buck)
Old West Universe From the Heart (JD, Vin)
ATF Misery Loves Company (JD, Vin)
ATF Universe Not Ham (JD, Buck)
ATF Universe Just One of Those Days (JD, Buck)
ATF Universe One Day Out Shopping (JD, Buck)
MCAT Universe Young Riders xover Evolutions - Wendymypooh (Seven) The Young Riders
ATF Alternate Universe A Family Affair - Kati (Seven, OCs)
multiple universes The Fine Art of Collaboration - Heather M. (JD)
Old West Alternate Universe First Meetings - Jenn (Seven)
Various universes FRIENDSHIP (Collection) - MMW
Old West The Nesting Instinct (Ezra, Josiah)
Old West Stay (Buck, Chris)
ATF Universe Night (Chris)
ATF Universe A Strong Foundation (Chris, Josiah)
Old West Forgiveness (JD, Vin)
ATF Universe Priceless (Ezra, Maude)
ATF Explanation (Seven)
Old West A Mother's Wisdom (Ezra, Maude)
Old West Valuables (Vin, Ezra)
Old West with a star Friends and Family (Josiah, Vin)
ATF Universe An Important Lesson (Josiah, Ezra)
ATF Universe Coffee with Bear Milk and Friendship (Chris, Vin)
Multi Universe Give Me Wings - Sylvia (Vin)
Alternate Universe of ATF His Hero - Lady Standish (Seven)
JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al.
In Sickness and in Health - with Suzy B. (Buck, Nathan)
A First Time for Everything - with Suzy B. (Josiah, JD)
In Too Deep - Suzy B. (Nathan, Chris, Vin)
All Washed Up - with Midnight Profit (Buck, JD)
Size Does Matter - with Lady Viper (Casey, Seven)
Lustful Tastes - with Lady Viper (Seven)
Just a Little More - Steelknight (Buck, Ezra, Chris, Vin)
Mornin' Surprise - Lisa S. & Midnight Profit (JD, OFC, Chris)
When Push Comes to Shove - Luna Dey & Glori (Mary, Ezra, Chris, Vin)
It's All In the Hands - Luna Dey & Glori (Nathan, Buck, Mrs. Potter, Josiah, Ezra)
Dipping - KT (Buck, Nathan, Josiah)
It's All in the Wrist - Lisa (JD, OFC)
It's All in the Wrist (Part Deux) - Lisa & Mary (Ezra, Vin, Nathan)
Just Lick it - with Lisa S (Buck, Inez, Chris, Nathan)
Lunch Delights - Lady Viper & Lisa S (Buck, Inez, Chris, Nathan)
Stakeout - Lisa and Mary (Buck, JD, Chris)
So Good It Should Be a Sin - Lisa and Lady Viper (Buck, Nathan)
Three-Way Virgin - Luna Dey, Midnight Profit & Lisa S (JD, Vin)
Alternate Universe of Old West Lessons in Life - Sue M (JD)
ATF xover with Little Britches The Librarian to the Rescue - Angie (Ezra, OFC)
Live to Fight On - mmrrph (Seven, OFC)
Alternate Universe Losing Adam - Debra Noellert (Chris, JD, Adam)
The Magnificent Leap - Bunny (Chris) Quantum Leap
Epilogue: The Magnificent Leap - Bunny Quantum Leap
Alternate Universe of Little Britches Malediction - Jeanne (Vin, Ezra)
Alternate Little Britches Universe Mind Matters - Jeanne (Vin, Chris, Ezra)
Alternate Universe Crossover The Monster in the Gene Pool - Farad (Vin, JD, Todd) [Stargate Atlantis]
Mixed Universe ATF/Two Blood Moon and Rain - Sammy Girl (Buck)
ATF Little Britches Movie Night - KT (Vin, JD, Tony DiNozzo) NCIS
Alternate Universe Crossover New Beginnings - The Neon Gang (Seven, SG-1) Stargate SG-1
MCAT Universe Night Terrors - Wendymypooh (Vin, OCs)
Not Again - Phyllis Loafman (JD, Blair) The Sentinel
ATF and other AUs Not In Kansas Anymore - Kathy M (JD)
multiple universes OCTOBER 31st (Collection) - LaraMee
Multiple Universes Prologue
Old West Cabin in Darkness (Vin, Chris, Nathan)
ATF Dead and Breakfast (Vin, Chris, Ezra)
Little Britches ATF Little Runaway (Vin, Chris, JD)
World War II Castle Keep (Vin, Chris, Buck)
ATF/OW crossover One Destiny - JIN (Chris, Vin)
Stargate SG-1 xover Only the Strong Survive - JJJunky (Chris, Vin, Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson) Stargate SG-1
Outcasts - Jeanne (Vin, Chris)
Alternate Universe Crossover Owning Vin - The Neon Gang (Chris, Vin) Stargate SG-1
Alternate ATF Universe PANTHEON (Collection) - ElenaRoan (Vin, Chris)
Alternate ATF Universe Flying High Over the City
Alternate ATF Universe Mishap
Alternate ATF Universe BalancingTheEquation
Alternate ATF Universe The Spine of the Matter
Alternate ATF Universe Lullabies
Alternate ATF Universe Daybreak
Alternate ATF Universe Innocence
Alternate ATF Universe Shades of Red
Alternate ATF Universe Nature
Alternate ATF Universe Memories Return
Alternate ATF Universe No Choice
Alternate ATF Universe Betrayal of the Worst Kind
Alternate ATF Universe Passing the Torch - Kati (Vin, OCs)
Alternate Universe of Old West A Place to Start Over - Angie (Nathan)
Alternate Universe of ATF The Pot Roast Incident - Amber F. Drabble (Seven, Minor Characters)
Mixed Universe PUN STORIES (Collection) - Beth Green
Old West To Pass the Time of Day (Seven)
ATF Universe A Memorable Performance (Ezra)
ATF Universe A Wrenching Problem (Buck, JD)
Alternate ATF Universe Reality Check - The Cohorts (JD, Buck, Ezra)
Multiple universes Reality Crosscheck - The Cohorts (Ezra, JD, Buck)
Alternate Universe ATF Reunion - KT (Seven)
Mixed Universe ATF / Two Blood Revenge and Childish Things - KT (Buck, JD)
Small Treasures - Nancy W. (JD, Vin, Ezra)
Something Wicked - Mary K (Ezra, Vin)
Alternate Universe Special Delivery - Freespirit (Ezra, Josiah)
LB Dungeons & Dragons Spell Bound - Jeanne (Vin, Chris)
Multiple Universes SUSAN FULTON MEMORIAL TRIBUTE ZINE (Collection)
Old West A Curioust Thing - Kathy M (Ezra, Vin)
Old West Fortune's Expensive Smile - Farad (Seven)
ATF Universe Not Ready to Say Good-Bye - Kathy M (Vin)
Old West On a Wing and a Prayer - LaraMee (Vin, Chris)
Old West San Francisco Way - Charlotte Hill (Chris, Buck)
Star Trek Universe Sulaco - Scribe (Seven, OFCs) Aliens
Alternate Universe Crossover Tian Heping (Sweet Peace) - LaraMee (Vin, Ezra, JD) Firefly
Old West Crossover with The Sentinel TIDE AND TIMES - Susan Foster (Ezra, Vin, Chris, Blair Sandburg, Jim Ellison) The Sentinel
Old West Crossover with The Sentinel Part 1
Old West Crossover with The Sentinel Part 2
Old West Crossover with The Sentinel Part 3
Old West Crossover with The Sentinel Part 4
Old West Crossover with The Sentinel Part 5
Alternate Universe of Old West Trace and Sign - Non Sequitur (Vin, Chris, Ezra)
ATF Alternate Universe TRAVINER VARIANT (Series) - Q'Mar
ATF Alternate Universe Man in Black (Chris)
ATF Alternate Universe Partners (Chris, Buck)
ATF Alternate Universe Simple Perfection (Nathan)
ATF Alternate Universe Avoiding Crows (Josiah)
ATF Alternate Universe Under Pressure (Chris, Buck)
ATF Alternate Universe New Beginning (JD)
ATF Alternate Universe The Connection (Vin, Chris)
ATF Alternate Universe The Connection, Flip Side (Chris)
ATF Alternate Universe Advances in Modern Technology (Seven)
ATF Alternate Universe Nowhere to Go (Ezra)
Alternate Little Britches Universe Treeline Ranch: Journey's End - Phyllis and Marian (Seven)
Two Blood Universe A Trip to the Vet? - Angie (Buck)
Various Universes Twelve Magnificent Days of Christmas - KT (Seven)
ATF and Old West Crossover Two Days Out West - Englishspirit (Chris, Ezra)
Alternate Universe Crossover Underground - Brate (Vin, Sam Winchester) SUPERNATURAL
Westlander - Sarah B. (JD) Highlander universe
When My Heart Finds Christmas - Deirdre (Vin)
Alternate Universe Little Britches You're Not a Mistake - Freespirit (Ezra, Josiah)

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