One of Those Days by Sue M

Characters: JD, Buck

Ratings/Warnings: None, well...teeny reference to a body part, but all in fun.

Summary: The moral of the story is…watch where you put your hands!

I know he's trying to keep a straight face, but I wish he'd just get it out of his system, now…right now…come on Buck, you know you want to…
Ha! There it is. I knew he'd crack eventually.
"John Dunne?"
"You want for me to come in with you, Kid?"
I turn, carefully, pulling the blanket tighter around me as I shake my head. "Nah, I can face this part of my humiliation alone, thanks." I struggle to give the doc eye contact when I enter the booth, looking up just as a thought struck me. What if it's...? Aww shit…a woman.
"Hmmm…quite a predicament, Mr. Dunne."
Ya think? I sigh. "Yes, ma'am." She leans into me. She smells nice.
"Don't worry," she whispers. "We've had both hands before now."
Under the circumstances, I'm not sure whether to be shocked, or impressed.
"One's quite enough, thanks ma'am."
She smiles. She's got a pretty smile.
"I'll bet. Okay, sit on the bench. Let's get to this, shall we?"
"Will it hurt?" Believe me, that's no idle question from where I'm standing. I look to where she wants me to sit. Holy crap…I think my ass is sweating…perfect.
"Well, it will sting a little, and there's to be no extra- curricular activities for at least a week," she warns with a knowing glance.
Now I have to grin. If she'd just said that to Buck I'd be scraping him up off the floor, now. "Yes, ma'am."
"I'm told I have a very gentle touch," she assures, smiling as my grin broadens. "That's better. Laugh it off. You're not the first, and you won't be the last." Unwrapping the blanket around me, she guides me to the bed. How did that prayer go, again?
Padding into the CDC's kitchen, JD yawned and scratched at his bed-mussed hair. "Buck!" he yelled. A note stuck on the fridge with a `Bronco's' magnet, drew his attention.
`Need eggs and milk. Will pick them up after jogging. Get your ass in the shower, we're working on the Chevy, later.'
JD checked his watch. "Breakfast first, Bro," he muttered, as he pulled out a box of cereal from the overhead cupboard. He stopped just before he reached the fridge. Duh…no milk. JD shrugged. `Ah…I'll eat `em dry.'
Sliding open a drawer, he reached in for a spoon, grimacing as something sticky clung to his palm. "What the…?" Holding his open hand aloft, JD stared at the tube of crazy glue hanging from it. The tube had split and was now oozing all over his skin.
Walking to the paper towel roll, JD tore off several strips, eased the evil tube from his palm, dropped it into the trash, and swiped at the residue on his hand before disposing of the sticky papers. Having walked into the kitchen straight from his bed, JD recognized nature was calling, so he left his cereal on the breakfast bar and walked to the bathroom.
It was at the conclusion of his ablutions that the problem became apparent. He never would work out why, when he had a choice of two hands, he chose *that* hand to reach into his PJs and ease his need…but he did. And now, the two parts of his anatomy refused to be parted.
JD giggled nervously as he tugged. He could do this, mind over matter…right?
HolyJesussonofabitch! Wrong.
His `little JD' and his hand were firmly glued together as he stood in the center of the bathroom. His PJ bottoms had slipped down and puddled around his ankles. JD desperately tried to recall if there was any solvent in the apartment. Waddling to the sink, he ran the hot and cold faucet and sprayed soap into the water, beating it with the fingers of his free hand to create foam. Unfortunately, he wasn't tall enough to successfully ease his appendage and attached hand into the basin, even on tippy-toe. JD sighed. At the sound of the front door slamming, he turned his head, oddly relieved to hear Buck call out.
"Buck! In here…" He glanced shyly at the questioning look from the big man when he entered the bathroom. "Ever had one of those Days?" JD grinned, sheepishly.
Buck stood as JD shuffled out from the ER cubicle. Any thoughts of teasing was shelved; the kid looked done in. Unable to help himself, Buck pulled him in close. "Bad?"
"Not the best morning of my life," JD mumbled. He looked up at the man. "A blow torch would have been kinder."
Buck couldn't help a chuckle escaping, relieved to see JD grin back. He noted the gray scrubs the kid was wearing.
"Forgot to bring pants, didn't we?" JD waved a prescription. "I have to get cream."
With his blanket dragging along the polished floor, and Buck's arm comfortingly around his shoulders, JD leaned in to his best friend and the pair made their way home via the pharmacy.
As the pair entered their apartment, the sounds and aroma of sizzling food assaulted their senses. JD turned sharply to Buck, panic in his features. "You didn't?"
Buck shrugged. "Well…see…Tanner was coming over to help with the truck, so I called him to tell him not to come. He called Chris…who rang Nathan to ask his advice…Josiah was with Nathan, and they were on their way to Ezra's, so…"
JD raised a hand. "Okay, okay, I get the picture."
When the pair entered their living room, five concerned men looked back at them from the deck. They all smiled with relief, and a little amusement, on seeing JD's frown dissipate, before slowly cracking a shy smirk. Taking up a long-handled fork, Vin stabbed at something on the smoking barbecue, and with a dazzling grin, held it up, producing guffaws of laughter from all who were gathered, and a slap to JD's back from Buck.
"Hot sausage, Kid?"
The End