Misery Loves Company

by SueM

Characters: JD, Vin

Ratings/Warnings: Some bad language

Summary: Two miserable, sick young agents...and very little peace!


"It's your turn."

"I can hardly sit up, let alone stand."

"Tough, your turn."

"Nice." With a huge sigh, JD dragged himself off the sofa, pulling his comforter tightly around him as he trudged to the door. The comforter dragged along behind him like a slug trail. He peered through the spy-hole, frowning at the unfamiliar face.


"Parcel for number six."

"We're number Seven."

"Six aren't in."

"Tough, piss off!"

"Fuck you, man."

Satisfied the guy had left, JD dragged himself back to the sofa, practically collapsing onto it.

"Way to go, JD…a lesson on how to make friends and influence people."

JD groaned, rolling over. "Shut up, Tanner, I'm too sick to be nice."

Vin tried to get comfortable again as he shifted on the recliner. Several minute later, soft snores could be heard from the pair.


Vin jerked awake. He rubbed his eyes while trying to remember where he was. "Doorbell."

JD jumped from a deep sleep. "Wha…?"


"'s your turn," Dunne mumbled, sleepily.

"Your house."


With a grunt the Texan got up, shivering the instant he left the warmth of his comforter. He peered through the spy-hole. "Yeah?"

"Brother…I have come to warn you, you're about to burn in hell!"

Vin sighed. "Already there, pal!" He shuffled back to the recliner and snuggled down under the covers, sipping some water before dozing back off to sleep.


"Freakin' doorbell!" Vin couldn't take much more, neither could JD, judging by his expression as, once again, he dragged himself upright and headed for the door.

"WHAT?" He coughed, the shout had aggravated his raw throat.

"Welcome to the world of knowledge…behold the encyclopedia!"

"You never heard of the internet, fella?" JD rasped, returning again to the sofa to once more enjoy the warmth of his temporary bed, no sooner there when the doorbell rang again.

"Holy fucking Mother of…" JD's shoulders slumped, looking at Vin for support, but Tanner was `asleep'. Returning to the door once more, he glared out of the spyhole, frowning as he failed to see anyone. "Hello?"

"Would you like to buy some cookies, mister?"

A voice from the living room drifted out. "Cookies? Uh, I could go for some cookies."

"Oh, now he's awake." Slipping the bolts, JD fished into his pocket as he stared at the pint-sized kid with the cookie boxes, purchasing two boxes of double choc chip. Returning to the couch, he handed one box to Tanner.

"Thanks, kid," Tanner winked. JD just mumbled and flopped down onto the sofa. Flicking on the TV, the pair watched the news for a while in an attempt to doze back off, to end up munching cookies, instead. One item caught their attention as they saw a little girl in uniform crying, just off camera.

"A bizarre incident today prompted an announcement from Denver Police and community officer Todd Lister, for residents to be on the lookout for illicit door to door selling of boxed cookies, after dozens of girl scouts had their allocations stolen while preparing for their annual cookie drive. Suspects are thought to be five male juveniles, possibly local, average ages between ten and fourteen. Commenting earlier, Officer Lister said..." The picture switched to the police officer.

"While this is hardly high profile, or aggravated theft, the incident has caused great distress for the girls, as all profits were going toward their upcoming trip to the annual Scouts Jamboree in Disneyland, California."

As the interviewer attempted to talk to the distressed girl, JD and Vin exchanged looks, putting down the cookie boxes on the floor as if they had just turned red hot, while swallowing as if chewing glass.


The TV off, the two men just lay there, sniffling, coughing and wide awake. "Who gave us this shit?" Vin asked.

"Mr. 'Chris…I'm too tough to stay home sick'…Larabee, " JD answered sarcastically. "So he comes in, coughs all over us and bam…"

Vin sighed. "We owe him."

"Damn straight."

Tanner looked across. "JD?"


"Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Uh…okay, shoot."

Vin chewed his lip for a moment, pulling his comforter around him. "Is your pee…real dark?"

Now JD was sighing. "Oh…yeah."

"We so owe him," Vin growled.

JD yawned. "Damn straight." Both men groaned again as the phone rang. JD picked up. "WHAT?"

Buck's voice came through. "Sounding a mite touchy there, squirt. We'll be home in a half hour, d'ya need anything?"

"No…just sleep."

"You're not sleeping?" Buck inquired. "What did Chris and me tell you boys about getting plenty of rest?"


"How do you two expect to get well if you don't rest?"


"On that damned PS3 aren't you? Shut it down and get some sleep. Don't make us come over there."

"You are coming over here," JD reminded, rolling his eyes at a grinning Texan. Vin gestured for the phone to be held between them. JD obliged and, with a nod, they spoke, together.



"Piss off!" With a nod of satisfaction, JD clicked off the phone and replaced it. The two tore Kleenex and stuffed bits in their ears, turned over and, wrapping themselves in their comforters, went back to sleep.


In the office, Buck stared at his phone for a long moment, then looked at Chris. "Maybe we should leave now, stud…I think they're delirious!"

The End


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