Just A Little More

by Steelknight

Part of the Just When You Thought... collection.

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The guys were packing up, ready to finally go back to Denver after spending the last week at an ATF conference in New York. They were all staying in a penthouse, courtesy of an old friend of Chris', and last night that same friend a taken them to a huge New York style party just for them.

Buck had just gotten up and barely left the bathroom when Ezra approached him. "Ah, Mr. Wilmington I have a bit of a problem, and I was hoping you'd be able to assist me."

"Well, Ez, ain't sure how much help I'll be, but I'll give it a go."

Chris and Vin had just gotten up and were looking a little worse for wear. "Will wonders never cease? Ezra's up this morning," Chris said.

Vin smiled at his best friend. "Reckon that might because it's noon pard."

"Noon? Well it was a hell of a party, Vin. Good thing we don't get here too often, those New York parties would be the death of me."

Vin laughed, "Reckon you're just getting to be an old man."

"I'll give you old man!" Chris said, as he put Vin in a headlock. The tracker struggled against him, and soon they were both wrestling around on the floor; they bumped up against a table by Ezra's door. All thoughts of more wrestling fled their heads when they heard . . .grunting and gasping coming from Ezra's room followed by:

"More Mr. Wilmington. Harder...harder, as hard as you can, I'm close! Just a little more, just a little more, I'm almost there.

Green and blue eyes met and widened; they both drew closer to the door.

"Harder! I said harder Buck, I just need a little more! Just another inch...please! "

"Ezra! I can't give you what I don't have!"

The southern voice raised. " What do you mean you can't?"

Then a near whine, "Ez, I'm doing the best I can."

The best you can? I said harder, I only need a little more. I'm almost there!"

A groan came next then. "Sorry, I just can’t give you any more Ez. I’m done; I gave you all I had. I did my best."

Mr. Wilmington, if that's your best effort it is sadly inadequate!

"Inadequate! Buck's outraged voice raised a notch louder.

"All those obviously tall tales of your legendary stamina have just been proven false."

"Ez, can't you give a man a break? We've been at this 15 minutes already."

"A mere 15 minutes and you are utterly useless!"

Chris and Vin weren't sure if they were more shocked or amused...amused won out. 'Til they heard . . .

"I knew I should be in here with either Mr. Larabee or Mr. Tanner, or maybe both of them together!"

Chris and Vin looked at each other horror stricken.

"He wants me?" Chris gasped, laying his hand on Vin's shoulder.

"He wants both of us together, Cowboy . . . as in a threesome." Vin cleared his throat and gave a meaningful look at Chris' hand on his shoulder then back up to Chris' face.

Chris's face flamed and he quickly removed his hand and looked away.

The tracker got an evil grin, he was going to remember this. His fun with Chris was just starting.

Buck's voice raised. "Them! What can they do that I can't?"

"Well, I'd wager they could last more than 15 minutes and do the job to my satisfaction, unlike like yourself, Mr. Wilmington."

"But Ezra, I was trying to pack it in as well as I could, you're asking more for than a man can give."

"Do not, 'but Ezra' me, Mr. Wilmington. You have had your chance and failed miserably." I will get someone man enough to give me what I need!"

"You don't need a man you need an elephant! Don't kid yourself Ezra, those two can't help you. They are so scrawny they couldn't do it for you even together. Not even with one at each end. Scrawny, pretty boys is all they are!"

Outraged at this point, Vin and Chris couldn't take it anymore, and they burst into the room. "Just what the hell is going on here?" Chris growled.

"And who you calling scrawny pretty boys Bucklin? We're lean and mean," Vin snarled.

"Ah! Misters Larabee and Tanner, just the men I need."

Twin "Aww hells" echoed in the room.

"Perhaps you can help me close this suitcase?"

Vin and Chris were dumbfounded..."Suitcase??"