Baptism Flight

by Silvia

When you think you're ready to go into the world
And you spread your wings testing them back and forth
My heart pounds in my chest with a fear I won't share
Life makes the rules and all we hope is for her to be fair.

But how to be sure the knowledge we gave it's enough
When we know the things you'll face outside are so tough?
'Cause we taught you that rules from our experience and sight
But sure it won't be the same world you would have to fight.

And the time had come for you to taste the world on your own
For it's now when you'll find the place for you to call home,
And you're eager to soar up and feel the wind in your face;
Those times will be hard for me, for I'll seem to be out of place.

What can I say to give you freedom to make your own choice?
How can I give you the will to tell your truth and raise your voice?
When is the world outside the one to test the bold I built in your soul
Mot sure, if it would hold the storm that will try your shield to blow.

But the time has come and it's now the moment for me to step aside
And to see how you walk your own way, and how you hold your pride
Now I'll be full of joy, and fear, and tearful thoughts will run in my mind
For my little boy, the meaning of my life that finally will take his baptism flight.