OUTCASTS by Jeanne

This is a mixed fantasy AU set in the Little Britches - Dungeons and Dragons universe. Thanks to Nettie Roe for her story Magnificent Quest, and Nancy W for the LB version, Small Treasures, which if you haven’t read you should.

Disclaimer: They’re not mine, never were never will be.

Rating: PG

Warning: Lots of smarm at the end.

This started as the 8-11-03 challenge on the 7H/7C and Mag7kids list. People begged for more to answer all their questions so here it is. The challenge was to use these phrases: I don’t care what you think, Shut up, You’re so stupid, and You don’t understand.

Feedback: You bet I love it.

Chris could barely stand. His sword hanging in his hand while his other one pressed against the wound in his side. The smell of the dead and dying surrounded him making him want to gag. His eyes swept over the field picking out each of his men.

Buck stood not to far away gasping for air after the intensity of the battle. Their eyes met and white teeth shown in a grin under the grime and the dark mustache, Buck lifted his sword and saluted Chris.

Nathan was already checking for wounded.

Josiah stood on the edge of the meadow with Ezra both leaning on their staffs, exhausted from their part in the battle. A quick movement and Jay Dee was dashing toward Buck oblivious to the carnage around him.

Then Chris felt small hands wrapped around him, supporting him. He looked down at the anxious face of the half elf.

"You’re hurt."

"It’s nothing."

Vin looked hard at the wound. "It is something. You bleed. Let me help you."

Chris smiled, despite the pain that was finally making itself felt with each breath.


Vin began steering his protector toward Nathan and Josiah.

Buck glanced over, and realizing Chris was hurt, started toward them.

Nathan looked up as Chris stumbled and fell to his knees. He rushed over to help his leader and friend.

The gate to the walled village opened. Several town elders walked out.

Chris’ arm brushed past Vin’s head exposing the delicately pointed ears. As Chris lost consciousness he heard.



"Bring the wrath…..on us."

Vin struggled to hold onto Chris as the hurtful awful words were heard. Then Buck was there, lifting Chris and carrying him to the knoll where Josiah stood. Jay Dee grabbed his hand pulling Vin along behind them.

The hate filled words followed them. "Go away. You’ll get us all killed. Take that half breed with you. We don’t want HIS KIND here. We don’t want your kind here. Outcasts are not welcome."

Buck kept walking, his face tight with anger at the bitter words. At that moment, if he’d been able, he’d have cursed the village and it inhabitants. But his focus was getting Chris to the safety of Nathan’s care. He didn’t notice the dejected boy walking behind him quickly covering his ears with his long hair.

But Josiah saw. He saw that the villagers’ words were like arrows shot at the boy, burying themselves deeply in his heart. Josiah, in righteous anger raised his staff, pointing it at the loud ungrateful villagers.

Then he felt the restraining hand of young Ezra. "No Josiah. As much as they deserve to be cursed and silenced to do so in anger would only lessen you. Such people pay for their ignorance one way or another. We must care for our comrades first."

Josiah looked down at the young mage and wondered how he’d become so wise so fast. He nodded, and prepared a pallet from his cloak for Chris.

Buck gently laid the unconscious Chris down and backed away letting Nathan do what he must. He unthinkingly reached down and picked up the silent Jay Dee, hugging him close, not noticing the fearful Vin.

Nathan knelt down beside Chris, stretching his hands over the wound and calling on the inner power he possessed to knit muscle and flesh together. His hands began to glow and as always every ones attention focused on the healing.

Everyone’s, but Vin’s that is. Head down, the hate filled words echoing in his ears, Vin backed slowly away. Hoping to slip away before anyone noticed. Before anyone could say again the horrible words. Half breed! Outcast! Abomination!

But Josiah saw, and after making sure his services were no longer needed, he slipped away to follow the dejected boy. Noting that Vin limped more then he normally did. Was he in pain? Or did the afternoon simply wear on the boy so much that he forgot to hide his pain? Josiah watched from a distance until Vin, leaning against the large tree, started beating on the rough bark with his fist. He was so focused on Vin he didn’t notice Jay Dee until he streaked past him to stand beside his cousin.

Vin pounded his fist against the tree. "You’re so stupid. You should have known better. No one wants a half breed, an outcast."


"Shut up Jay Dee. You don’t understand; you’re human."

Vin stiffened; he felt the presence of someone else. "Go away."

"No, talk to me. We are all together in this. You are one of us, I think…."

"I don’t care what you think. No one could want me." Again Vin started pounding on the tree.

Josiah reached out and stopped him. Holding the tiny fist in his large hand. "Chris wants you. We all want you."

"They wouldn’t help Chris because of me."

"People like that look for excuses not to do anything. That’s all it was, they were using you as an excuse not to help."

Tear filled eyes looked up at Josiah seeking the truth behind his words. "Is Chris alright?"

"Nathan is healing him. I’m sure he will be fine. He’ll be looking for you, when he wakes. We’ll go back when you’re ready."


Buck sat beside Chris waiting for him to wake. Jay Dee slipped into his lap and watched too. Buck hugged the boy. "You okay Little Bit?"

Round eyes still on Chris, Jay Dee nodded.

Chris’ eyes slowly opened and he looked around. "What happened?"

Jay Dee, thinking the question was for him answered. "The people from there," He wouldn’t even say the Village name. "They said bad things about Vin. They saw his ears and called him bad names. Why Chris? Why do they hate Vin? Is it because he’s half elf? Let’s go away from here. You’re all well now. Nathan healed you."

"Little Bit, slowdown." Buck interrupted Jay Dee. "I don’t think Chris has the strength to answer all those questions."

Jay Dee looked carefully at the pale man. "Oh, sorry Chris."

Chris smiled, "that’s okay Jay Dee. Why don’t you go help Ezra? Buck and I will discuss when we’re leaving. Okay?"

"Okay." Jay Dee skipped away.

Chris turned seething eyes to Buck. "Now tell me what they said. And where is Vin?"

Chris listened to the name calling and the lack of help from the villagers. When Buck stopped he lay very still. Then in a tight voice he said. "We’ll leave as soon as Nathan says we can. We will shake the dust of this place from our boots and never come back." Stopping for a minute then he asked, "Josiah went after Vin?"

"Yeah, I didn’t see them go but Ezra sees everything. He said Josiah followed Vin. That Vin was acting ‘strange’."

"Strange? How strange?"

Buck ducked his head. "I don’t know Chris. I wasn’t paying him no mind. I was too worried about you and Nathan healing you. I’m sorry Chris, I should have watched better."

Chris reached out and laid a shaky hand on Buck’s knee. "It’s alright Buck. You can’t do everything." Chris lay back and placed his arm over his eyes. Nathan’s healing sealed the wound, but his body ached still and the worry about Vin added to the stress.


Chris woke with a start. He hadn’t meant to go to sleep. Opening his eyes he glanced in the direction of the soft sighing sound.

Vin sat as close as he could without really touching Chris. He was huddled into himself watching, waiting for Chris to wake up.

Chris smiled. "Vin."

Desperate blue eyes searched his face. "I’m sorry, Chris. I didn’t mean to cause you trouble." The voice trembled with pent up tears.

"You didn’t cause me any trouble Vin. The bandits did. The ignorant people did. But never, ever you."

Vin reached up and wiped his face with his sleeve. Chris saw the scrapped and bruised hand. He reached out taking it gently in his and looked more closely. "What happened to your hand Vin?"

"Nothin’" Vin tried to pull it out of Chris’ grasp.

"It isn’t nothing. Your hand is hurt. How did you hurt it?"

Buck started forward to stop Chris but Josiah stopped him with a shake of his head the mage said, "No, brother, they must do this alone, just the two of them."

Buck nodded and grabbing the waking Jay Dee, he walked away quickly.

Chris ran a finger down the edge of Vin’s hand where the bruising was the worst. "I asked you a question Vin. What happened to your hand."

Head down speaking softly Vin mumbled "I hit it on a tree."

"You hit a tree. Why? Were you angry at the tree?"

Vin shook his head.

"Then why Vin?"

"Was mad."

"Mad? At who?"

Tear filled eyes looked up. "At me, okay. I was mad at me. Cause o’ me you got hurt and them peoples wouldn’t help you nor nothing."

"You hurt yourself because you were angry at yourself. Why? You didn’t do anything wrong?"

"They hate me, they don’t even know me, but they hate me. Just 'cause my father was an elf. I’m dirty, at home they called me unclean and would cross the street rather then walk by me. Everyone except my aunt and Jay Dee, an’ then people wouldn’t have nothing to do with them either. The elves don’t want me cause I’m half human, and the humans don’t want me cause I’m half elf. No one wants me, I’m an outcast."

Chris squeezed his hand. "I want you Vin."

Astonished blue eyes met green. "I want you. I want you to stay with me. I want you to be my son. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care that you’re half elf or half human or an outcast. It’s you, Vin, that I want, that…that I love."

Vin swallowed, "You love me?"


Vin reached out with his other hand and touched Chris’ face. "I love you to."

Chris nodded, "We are all outcasts you know. Everyone of us, but together we form our own family. Together we can stand against all the stupid people in the world."