Everyday (Collection)

by Sue M

Sometimes, a plot bunny or a scene just won't fit a full story, so I came up with this series of short stories, in different AUs, depicting everyday life.

Disclaimer: Just playing. I know I can't keep 'em. . . damnit!

Rite of Passage
(JD, Buck, Vin) OW

My Partner, My Friend

No Rush
(JD, Buck, Inez, Chris) RNLI

Making Their Mark
(Seven) Brothers Larabee

This Wonderful Life
(Chris, JD, Buck, Vin) ATF Little Britches

From the Heart
(JD, Vin) Old West

Misery Loves Company
(JD, Vin) ATF Universe

Not Ham
(JD, Buck) ATF Universe

Just One of Those Days
(JD, Buck) ATF Universe

One Day Out Shopping
(JD, Buck) ATF Universe