by KT

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Dedicated to all those at the Euro Posse Gathering 2002.

Buck walked up to Nathan's modest suburban house. Rain was out of town for a week at a conference, and he was coming to pick up the tall paramedic for a weekend at Chris' ranch. He was early, but he didn't think Nathan would mind, never the less he was surprised to see Josiah's car outside the house. After ringing the bell a couple of times and getting no response he decided to check the yard. Maybe Nate was doing some watering before he left his wife's precious garden for a long summer weekend? He called out as he let himself in by the side gate, but still no one replied. He was about to go around the house into the yard when he heard the unmistakable tones of Nathan's deep voice.

"You sure you know what you're doing?" he heard Nate ask.

"Brother, I have lost count of how many times I have done this, it's like second nature to me, in some places in this world, there is just no option but to do it for yourself, you ready?" Josiah's rich baritone replied.

"Sure, what comes first?"

"Do just like I showed you on mine," he said. "That's right all the way in and gently back out and then again. Right to the end remember, no half measures …that's right, not too long, gently. Good. Now run your hand down it, softly, just circle it with your thumb and forefinger. Run them down it gently, just brushing it really. If you do it too hard, or too tight you'll break it."

Buck stopped dead in his tracks, is eyes wide, not quite able to take in what he had heard, but he had to agree with Josiah.

"You need to remove the excess moisture before you go back in."

Oh I don't know excess moisture can be very pleasant, Buck commented to himself.

"And repeat it, do the whole process again, what we need is a nice even rhythm. That way it will grow thicker and harder each time."

Buck had to put a hand over his mouth to keep any noise from escaping. There was, however, no denying the truth of the older man's words.

Well who would have thought? Buck mused. Them two? Well you just never know.

"See it is getting thicker, I told you it was easy, Rain is going to love it."

Rain? Now Buck was confused. Nathan had been married a good few years, surely he didn't need lessons form Josiah in that area? Mind you ol' Josiah has been around, who knows what techniques he has picked up?

"Careful, if you leave it too long in between, it will go all soft and bendy, and we don't want a bendy one do we?"

NO! We do not! Buck noted mentally, relived he had never had 'that' problem, he wondered if Nathan was having 'that' problem, and if, so hoped Sanchez could help him.

"Ok now you can decorate it," Josiah said.

Decorate?! Buck's eyes bulged.

"What colour do you want?"

Better safe than sorry, can't argue with that. Buck admitted.

"Well," Nathan was clearly heisted. "I guess it should be red, but I do like the gold."

"No problem, we can do gold."

Yup, I am a fan of the gold myself.

"It's a shame we didn't have a chance to use the scent," Nathan commented.


"Maybe next time," Josiah responded. "This one?"

"Looks good to me."

"But we had better hurry, Buck will be here soon."

Suddenly guilty that he had been intruding in a private moment, Buck backed silently away, he would circle the block a few times and not return until he was expected.

"Did you hear something?" Nathan asked as he pulled his first ever hand made candle from a tub of cool water, and prepared to add a layer of gold to the outside.

"No, maybe the wind?"

"I guess."

The End

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