Give Me Wings

by Silvia

Give me wings so I could fly
far away from my own mind,
from the thoughts I cannot share
and from the life I wish be fair.

Give me wings so I could hide
up beyond the high blue sky,
let the trouble leave my heart
so you take there your part.

Take your wings and come with me
lead my soul where it will be free,
take this sorrow and this pain
come and help me being my friend.

And as the walls around my heart
from your warmth they fall apart,
I don't need no wings to fly
for I won't need nowhere to hide.

Now I see all those things clear
God put me through that ordeal,
he had taugh me the hard way
So I could learn my role to play.

For it's safe now to come and live
and face what fate has in her sleeve,
now I know I won't be alone
I have friends now to lean on.