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ATF Home Is Where the Heart Is - Carla (Vin)

Aislynn Carmichael
Old West Beautiful Dreamer - Aislynn Carmichael (Buck)
ATF Labor - Aislynn Carmichael (JD, Casey)

Little Britches ATF Anxious Moments - Carole (Chris, Buck)
Little Britches ATF Universe Barely Buckled - Carole (Buck, JD, Vin)
ATF Counting to Three - Carole (Buck, Ezra)
Little Britches ATF Universe Christmas Memories - Carole (Chris, Vin, Buck, JD)
Little Britches ATF Universe Decorated With Love - Carole (Chris, Vin, Buck, JD)
Little Britches ATF Universe Exclusive Membership - Carole (Ezra, JD, Vin)
Little Britches ATF Universe Goodnight Cowboy - Carole (Chris, Vin)
Old West Incidental Contact - Carole (Seven)
Little Britches ATF Lots of Thankfuls - Carole (Vin, JD, Chris, Buck)
Old West Keeping Watch - Carole (Chris, Vin)
LB ATF Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be - Carole (Vin)
Old West Peace and Quiet - Carole (Vin)
Little Britches ATF Picture Perfect - Carole (Chris, Buck)
Little Britches ATF Universe Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Carole (Buck, Vin, JD)
ATF Silent Witness - Carole (Vin)
Little Britches ATF Universe Subterfuge - Carole (Buck, JD)
Little Britches ATF Universe Sugar Rush - Carole (Buck, Vin, JD)
Old West Three of a Kind - Carole (Seven)
Old West To See The Stars - Carole (Chris, Vin)
Old West Twenty Years Later - Carole (Chris, Vin)
Little Britches ATF Universe What if? - Carole (Vin)
Old West Universe Will the Real Vin Tanner... - Carole (Seven)
Little Britches ATF Universe Wise Choices - Carole (Chris, Vin)

ATF Universe A Man Ain't Made of Stone - Cass (Chris, Vin)
Little Britches Alternate Universe The Thing About Time - Cass (Chris, Vin)

ATF A Gift From an Old Friend - Cassie (Buck, Chris)
Little Britches Old West Taking Flight - Cassie (JD, Vin)

The Cat's Whiskers
ATF Universe Animal Magic - The Cat's Whiskers (Ezra)
ATF Universe Danger Dentist - The Cat's Whiskers (Vin)

Cathy B.
Old West Nothing But Trouble - Cathy B. (Ezra)

ATF Crossover Double Vision - CC (Vin, Martin Fitzgerald) [Without A Trace]

ATF Alone - Celeste (Ezra)
Old West Fear - Celeste (Chris)
ATF with Star Loyalty - Celeste (Seven)
ATF Loyalty: The Bust - Celeste (Seven, OMCs)
ATF Loyalty III: Aftermath and Proof - Celeste (Ezra, OMCs)
Old West The Magnificent Fight Before Christmas - Celeste (Chris, Ezra, Vin)
ATF Odd Man Out - Celeste (Chris, Ezra)
Old West Threats - Celeste (Buck, JD)

Celeste Irons
Old West Universe A Family Way - Ruth Eves and Celestine Irons (Buck, OFC)

ATF April Fools - CGSL (Seven)
ATF Birthday Miracle - CGSL (Vin)
Alternate Universe Crossing Paths - CGSL (Vin, Chris)
Alternate Universe Don't Let Go - CGSL (Chris, Vin)
Alternate Universe 9 1 1 Only a Today - CGSL (Vin, Chris)
Little Britches ATF Past or Present - CGSL (Chris, Vin)
Alternate Universe Santa's Little Miracle - CGSL (Vin, Chris)
ATF Starting Over - CGSL (Vin)

ATF Christmas Santa's Little Helpers - Charli and Andi (Chris, Vin, OMC)
Little Britches ATF The Spirit of Giving - Andi & Charli (Seven)

Helen Chavez
Old West The Bull - Helen Chavez (Buck)
Old West Down Time - Helen Chavez (Seven)
ATF Hound Dog Days - Helen Chavez (Josiah)
Old West Pain - Helen Chavez (Ezra)
Old West Pards - Helen Chavez (M7 Horses)
ATF Tell Me There's a Heaven - Helen Chavez (Josiah, Chris)
ATF 2 AM - Helen Chavez (Josiah)
ATF We Were Brothers All - Helen Chavez (Seven, OFC)
ATF Windows of the Soul - Helen Chavez (Seven, OFC)

Cheryl W.
ATF Christmas - Cheryl W. (Chris)
ATF Christmas Eve - Cheryl W. (Chris)
Old West Cold Nights - Cheryl W. (Chris, Vin)
Old West Deadwood - Cheryl W. (Vin, Ezra, Chris)
ATF The Timex - Cheryl W. (Chris, Ezra)
Old West What a Reputation is Worth - Cheryl W. (Chris)

Old West An Ancient Gift - Chris (Vin, Chris, Ella Gaines)
Alternate Universe A Child's Wisdom - Chris and Laurie Anne (Vin, Josiah, Nettie, Chris)
Poem Childhood - Chris (Vin)
Alternate Universe Christmas Carol - Chris (Vin, Josiah)
ATF Countin' on a Miracle - Chris & rosyvin (Vin)
Old West Dark Shadows - Chris & Laurie Ann (Vin)
Old West with a star Fire Dance - Chris (Vin, Chris)
Old West with a Star Haunted Canyon - Chris (Vin)
Old West Universe A Light in the Darkness - Chris Noto (Chris)
Alternate Universe Lonesome Star - Chris and Laurie Anne (Vin, Chris, Nathan)
Poem Merry Christmas, Chris Larabee - Chris (Chris)
Poem Merry Christmas, Vin Tanner - Chris (Vin)
Old West with Star The Reverse Side of the Coin - Chris (Vin, Chris)
Poem Vin Tanner - The Hunter - Chris (Vin)
Poem Vin Tanner - The Indian - Chris (Vin)
Poem Vin Tanner - The Outlaw - Chris (Vin)
Old West A Wanted Man - Chris Noto (Vin)
Poem WRITTEN IN THE WIND (Collection) - Chris
Poem Ghost of the Confederacy - Chris (Vin)
Poem The New Law - Chris (Vin)
Poem Sins of the Past - Chris (Vin)
Poem Shadows - Chanu (Vin)
Poem Fear (Vin)

ATF with Star Requiem - Christina (Ezra)

Little Britches ATF Universe Dandelion Days - Cimmer (Buck, Vin)
Little Britches ATF Universe Dandelion Memories - Cimmer (Chris, JD)

ATF The Learning Curve - Cin (Vin, Ezra)
ATF Seventh Heaven - Cin (Chris)

Old West Help - Clair (Vin, Chris)
Old West Helpless - Clair (Chris, Vin)
Old West Stupid - Clair (Vin, Chris)

Melissa Clegg
ATF The Big Red Bird - Melissa Clegg (Seven)
ATF universe Halloween Ghost Town - Melissa Clegg (Seven)

Old West Absolution - Cmurph (Vin, Chris, OFC)
ATF Universe Acquisition - Cmurph (Chris, Vin)
Old West Battle Scars - Cmurph (Vin)
Alternate Universe of Old West Comes a Horseman - Cmurph (Vin, Chris)
Old West Feud - Cmurph (Vin, Chris)
ATF Universe Tests - Cmurph (Vin, Chris, Buck, Ezra)
Old West The Tryst - Cmurph (Vin, OFC)

The Cohorts
Old West Universe The Brief But Heroic Saga of Ezra and Elijah Standish - The Cohorts (Ezra, Vin)
A U with a star My Soul to Keep - The Cohorts (Chris, Buck, Vin)
Alternate ATF Universe Reality Check - The Cohorts (JD, Buck, Ezra)
Multiple universes Reality Crosscheck - The Cohorts (Ezra, JD, Buck)
Old West So Easy to Kill - The Cohorts (Seven)

Peta Collins
Old West Dust on Their Souls - Peta Collins and Leigh Richards (Buck, Ezra)
Old West Fork in the Road - Peta Collins & Leigh Richards (Ezra, JD)
Old West Twilight in Four Corners - Peta Collins and Leigh Richards (Buck, Ezra)

Marilyn Crawford
ATF Christmas An Angel's Wings - Marilyn Crawford (JD)
Old West Little Britches The "Debate" Debacle - Marilyn Crawford (JD)
ATF Universe The Kissing Booth - Marilyn Crawford (Seven)
ATF Universe Relaxation - Marilyn Crawford (Seven)
Old West Solomon's Choice - Marilyn Crawford (All)
ATF Christmas A Time for All Seasons - Marilyn Crawford (JD)

ATF Universe - mild slash content The Visit - Crow (Chris, Vin, Ezra)

Dawn Cunningham
Little Britches ATF Love and Marriage - Dawn Cunningham (Vin, Buck JD)
Old West What Should Have Been - Dawn Cunningham (Vin)

Joan Curtain
ATF Universe with 911 Lines of Drift - Joan Curtin (Vin, Chris, Buck)
ATF Universe with 911 Shadow in the Moonlight - Joan Curtin (Vin, Chris, Josiah)


If you are unable to find the author you are seeking, please check
Authors Listed By Name
for alternate listings (first name, last name, etc.)