Vin Tanner - The Hunter

by Chris

This poem was written only to lighten my soul and is not intended to infringe on any of the rights of the careless owner of the MAG7. No money was made from this poem.

Acknowledgment: A grateful thanks to my kind and caring beta, TJ!

Feedback: As usual no bullets, please.

Vin Tanner - The Hunter

The clear reflection of me in the crystal mirror
Ain’t what I really feel myself to be.
My image is withheld, like the hidden gleam
Behind the glassy surface of an hidden pool
Lost in the woods.
Only in its clear waters I can see the reflection
Of my real face, coming up out of the depth
Shadowy and dark to meet me.
I remember that pool ,that distant dawn
When I first dismounted from my weary horse
To quench my thirst at its bright, secret waters
Sparkling like flames in the glorious red light
Of a newborn sun.

I knelt, my right hand held out to drink
And my left one still holding the reins.
And my reflected image seemed to me
So different, so far from my real figure
Bent low over it!
It stayed there, redder than blood, severe.
And with frightened heart I realized that
Looking straight at those shimmering eyes
I was staring at the darkest side of my soul.