Merry Christmas, Vin Tanner!

by Chris

Disclaimer: All the characters of MAG7 belong to MGM etc… No profit is made from this poem.

Dedication: I dedicate this humble poem to Sandy (SD) good friend, mentor and inspirer and to Susie (UK)

Feedback: As usual no bullets, please.

Merry Christmas, Vin Tanner!

It's the night before Christmas
And I'm here up in the hills.
I have done this walk between the town
And this place so many times!
Yet this night it feels to me
As if I had never done it before.
The sky is so bright that I can see
The shadows of the great mountains
At the end of the plain many miles away.
And the lights in the windows of all the houses
Of the town lost the distance.
Tonight this is the other path,
Not that I knew.
This is the place of peace, content to be.
I have seen it. But now while I'm looking around
I'm truly there, here on a new trail,
Following a guiding star.
This is my mother ‘s gift
Left here for me at the first friendly station on my long road,
Though a hand strange to me set me right here,
Ordained me this freedom
And gave me hope
And the turning maze of chance.
A uncertain Fate half – grown,
Imprisoned and its own.
And now I have a home
Were seeking warmth
And light.
I have friends too,
With hearts and souls
Like mine, simple with giving
And true.
Tranquility in the air.
I look up at the stars
And heaven holds at last
All for which I sighed
In my injured life
: My mother's face, her touch.
And in the soft darkness
The wind brings back
Her sweet voice
From the border of the time,
A sound of love
Old and yet new:
“Vin, my son,
In this Holy, enchanted night
All my blessings are with you.”