The New Law

by Chris

Part of the Written on the Wind poetry collection.

Dedication: To my friend Jan . Thanks for your kindness, girl!

Feedback: Yes. But no flames please!

The New Law

I know the simple Nature’s laws, ruling this land:
The thickets running wild,
The thorny waste, the flourishing, thick grass
This landscape wrong and clear
As the drawings of a child.

My grief is all in memory grown
As natural as a weathered stone
My troubles are a tribute given
Freely while gazing at the bright stars.

But my eyes have seen injustice
In each city and town and state,
And mobs with lynch ropes and hate.
Time’s handiworks by time are haunted
And nothing now can separate
The corn and tares compactly grown.
Evil and good stand thick around.

But the moment we met, this moment
Gave us pure and whole,
Each back to each and swept us on
Past every choice to boundless good.
Forgiveness, truth and faith
These things sustain our hearts
So we are fighting for the right and fear no fall
For we all are free inside.
Like the eagle, the hawk
When spreading wide their wings
Commit themselves to their powerful keeper,
The free, wild wind.