Vin Tanner - The Outlaw

by Chris

Disclaimer: I don’t owe them. I wrote this poem for my own pleasure.

Acknowledgment: ATJ, I have no words to say how much I appreciate your help. Thanks!

Thanks : To Sandy , Jo and Nin for their encouragement!

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Vin Tanner - The Outlaw

Before dusk I rode slowly into the town,
The street was silent, not a soul around,
And near the stables, hung to the bare wall
Was a yellow poster wet and damp from snow.
My face, a dollar sign, figures, and below,
My name in dark letters printed there , I saw
And even blacker, to my blurring eyes
The dreadful words: Reward : Dead or Alive.

And as a sudden a shot echoed in my ears
My rifle barked back without any fear.

I didn’t look back at the man lying there so still
But spurred my big black towards the hills.
That day I left behind in a wild race
All my desires, my dreams and my high stakes.
I wandered for days along the big plain
All alone and lost, in the sun and in the rain.
My soft heart broken and shattered by shame
For I couldn’t live with that mark on my name.
I had to kill again just to survive
And I did it, I can’t tell y’all a lie.
I had no shelter, no friends, no place to hide
And in my nightmares in the depth of the night
I begged in tears the sky for some respite.
And then I met them :

Chris was my first friend
And he became my brother in the end.
And Nathan came with his magic hands.
His great skills our wounds to heal and tend.

J.D brought me as a gift his boyish dreams
Josiah gave to my uncertain faith new wings.
Buck came to tease me with his boisterous smile.
Talking aloud and walking at ease at my side.
And Ezra came at last with his lost soul
He tried to hide himself but, Lord , ain’t no fool!

Tonight I’ll be there again. It will be soon.
We’ll sit as usual quiet in the saloon,
Talking nonsense and laughing in the empty room,
And once again I’ll stay all happy and warm
In the only place I can really call… home.