Inspired by the episode "Wagon Train"

by Chris

Part of the Written on the Wind poetry collection.

Disclaimer: All the characters of MAG7 belong to MGM etc… No profit is made from this poem.

In my "dream" Vin wrote this poem asking for help. I’d like to share it with y'all.


She should have worn a terror – mask,
Should be a sigh to frighten hope and faith away,
Instead she had an untroubled, smiling face
Framed to please.
Her shadow flies past me across the plain
And I lie still,
While in my trembling flesh small joyless teeth
Fret without rest.
Chill on my forehead as I try to lift
The insulting weight that stays and breaks my heart,
And nothing now of her beauty in my eyes stays
Save her bright, witless smile.
For still she smiles at me in my dreams..
And a cold wind rises up
A sullen stain
Flawing the crystal sky.
Friend, friend, I dread that wind
Blown from the far side of my despair!
Hold my hand oh hold it fast
I’m changing - until at last
My hand in yours no more will change.
And in bewilderment
My tongue shall tell
What mind had never meant
Not my memory stored.
What I shall never know
I must make known:
I didn’t know love was so strange.