Shadows - Chanu

Inspired by the episode "Manhunt"

by Chris

Part of the Written on the Wind poetry collection.

All the characters of MAG7 belong to MGM etc….

This poem is dedicated to Jo and Sherry.

Shadows - Chanu

He was sitting in the shadow,
His proud head bent,
Bowed to the ground
Like a slender tree dreaming
A long lost dream
In the depth of the woods
From the high barred window
The soft twilight
Was lifting over the land,
Haunting my memory
Like a forgotten vision
Of Heaven on earth.
He looked up at me
And in his eyes I saw
The old hunting roads
Running on to round
The hills like curled snakes
The rocks sparkling in the sun
And the live patchwork plain
Of green and brown,
With all its load of weeds and corn.
Old dried founts whose rivers run far on.

I saw in his eyes
Anger and sorrow
For he knew in his soul
He had lost the future
Running out of his world
And wandering another
Lost and unknown.

Such was his grief
All in memory
Grown as natural as a
Weathered stone
I looked away from him.
I closed my eyes
For I felt a stabbing pain
Piercing my soul
At the thought
Of our twin fates
Like patient, cunning
Beasts crouched in the dark
Waiting for both of us
Out there in the night.