THE RIVER STYX by Estevana Rey

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is one of the first stories to be hosted at blackraptor. It was formatted way back in the day when most browsers had a limit on the size of file they were able to open, hence it was originally uploaded as 9 separate webpages. To view the entire story on a single webpage, please CLICK HERE

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Approx. Total Size: 510K

Completed: 5/31/99

Thanx to my beta readers, Joyce, Judy S. and Barb G., not only for their astute boo-boo finding skill but for their encouragement and many excellent suggestions, and to Debbi K. for writing the story that inspired it (and Vin's poem at the end).

Thanx also to each and every one of the many kind folks who sent their comments. Your feedback was not only sincerely appreciated, it was vital!

WARNING: It's gruesome in parts. If you are squeamish or not into the h/c thing, it's probably not your kind of story. There's no graphic sex and very little actual violence, but there is some profanity.

Thanx to Jensen for the awesome graphic!

Encouraging comments are welcome, but if you hate it, I don't wanna know.