Attack of the Irish

by Anneack

Summary: A two day convention should not be this difficult.

Characters: JD, Buck, Chris

Thanks to Toni and Antoinette for the beta job, so Sarah for the LV/AU, and to Blackraptor for housing these tales for us.


Chris Larabee needed a beer, make that two; and maybe a whisky as a chaser. Who would have thought hosting a two day leprechaun convention would be so difficult? It hadn't seemed like it would be that hard …

Looking out of his office, Chris noticed that JD was manning the monitors and Vin was once more out on the floor. Usually JD and Vin rotated going out.

"Working on a gadget?" Chris asked, entering the bullpen and joining his young technician.

"No, eying the monitors. One of the leprechauns smuggled in an Irish Setter and she got loose. She cleaned Ezra's table. Literally. Vin's got a team down there trying to corral her. They're also starting the four-leaf clover hunt," JD updated him.

Chris took a deep breath and stared at him. At least it sounded like the dog situation was being handled, but he would need to speak to O'Gill about making other arrangements for her, or at least containing her. "Clover hunt?"

"Yeah, it's part of the convention. They hide it during set up and there's a prize for the person that finds it," JD explained.

"Would've been nice if Mr. O'Gill had told me about it," Chris growled heading to his office. He would find out what was up with Vin and JD after he had spoken to the head leprechaun. They needed permission to do a treasure hunt in the hotel and casino, and had certainly not asked to bring a dog in with them! Not to mention that they had somehow turned Inez's beer, as well as the lobby fountain and adult pool, green. Housekeeping was having fits about the effect that was having on the laundry. Even Nathan had not been saved, he was having to use tweezers to get Lucky Charms out of three people's noses after a food fight had apparently gotten out of hand that morning.

Vin Tanner entered the bullpen fifteen minutes later and tossed the younger man a Hostess Ding Dong.

"Thanks," JD told him, diving into it.

"Why didn't you just go and get one?" Vin asked. It was odd that the kid hadn't wanted out of the bullpen all day.

"They want me," JD said quietly.

"Who wants ya?" Buck Wilmington, Hospitality host, asked. JD was evidently upset, and no one was allowed to do that without facing his big brother. He had just delivered Darby O'Gill to Chris's office and decided to check on his friends. It wasn't like JD to go this long without being on the floor.

"The leprechauns, they want to adopt me," JD whimpered.

The two men looked at him and stared, then started to laugh.

"I'm serious!"

"They want to turn you into a leprechaun?" Buck smirked.

"I don't remember anyone laughing when those drag queens wanted to make you into a woman," JD reminded him.

They had laughed, but not until after the incident.

"Can't ya just tell 'em no? Besides, I thought you had to be Irish to be a leprechaun and they're the only ones allowed at this convention." Vin asked, trying not to smile. It was kind of funny.

"I have! Every time I'm on the floor they're following me around like I'm their long lost relative or something. I practically get mobbed! You'd think they had never seen someone who was Black Irish before."

Both men stopped being amused. If JD wasn't able to go on the floor without being harassed and mobbed, he wouldn't be able to do his job. As funny as it seemed at first, this was a problem. Thankfully, the people who needed to know about it were both in Chris's office.

Vin indicated that he would man the monitors.

Buck indicated for JD to come with him to Chris's office and with a reassuring hand over his shoulders, guided the man in that direction.

"Just so you understand the boundaries of your clover hunt, and get that dog under control," Chris told the man, seeing him out of his office.

"JD, it's good to see you!" Darby smiled broadly at him.

"Hi, nice to see you too," JD replied nervously.

Chris raised an eyebrow. That wasn't like the usually friendly and outgoing JD.

"Chris, could we see you for a moment, privately?" Buck asked.

The blonde nodded and JD all but ran him over to get in the private room.

"Mr. O'Gill if you could hang on just a moment," Buck smiled at him.

Chris followed Buck into his office. Apparently it was time to find out what was going on with JD.

Chris looked at the young tech. "Why is this the first I'm hearing about this?"

"I was going to say something, but you had meetings all morning and then had to see Mr. O'Gill. When you were free I was going to tell you," JD explained.

Chris nodded, the kid really hadn't had a chance to say anything, today. "You should have said something last night when it started."

JD swallowed. "I should have, I'm sorry."

"Don't let it happen again," Chris reproved, a bit gentler. "Buck, get Darby, it seems that JD and I need to have a talk with him."

The big man nodded and retrieved the waiting visitor, then quietly departed after a supportive nod to JD.

Chris sat behind his desk and looked at the six foot man in green. "Mr. O'Gill, It's been brought to my attention that Mr. Dunne can not go out on the floor without being harassed and mobbed by your people. That will stop right now!"

Darby almost wet himself. "We, we just want to make him an honorary leprechaun. He's one of us! Just look at him! He screams I'm Irish."

JD looked at the man "I never said I wasn't Irish, I am. I just don't want to be a leprechaun! And I want you people to take no for an answer!"

"I think you just got your answer. JD is not interested," Chris stated.

"Sorry ta interrupt. JD, need ya on the monitors, I gotta go after that dog again. She's in the wave pool, swimming, now. The pool, incidentally, has been turned green."

JD dove out of the office to cover the monitors.

"Mr. O'Gill, this is your last warning, control your people. I want JD left alone, your dog leashed at all times, and nothing more turned green!" Chris growled.

"I will, I'm sorry,. I had no idea it had gotten to this point," He assured Chris as he was shown out.

Chris and JD laughed as they watched Vin and Buck, in the pool, pushing the dog out of the water and into Josiah and Nathan, who were waiting with towels. The dog slipped past them trotted over to Ezra, and shook green water all over him and his light gray Armani suit.

Thank goodness the convention was almost over. This day had certainly made up for the quiet start.



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