What if Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner were unknowingly...


(Variation Two)

by Sevenstars

Old West Alternate Universe

DISCLAIMER: This is an original amateur story based upon the characters and situations put forth in the TV series, The Magnificent Seven. No profit is derived from it and no infringements upon any copyrights held by any individual or organization are intended.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story takes place in the same Universe as my earlier Brothers (Variation One), and is a direct sequel to it, set about two months after its close. Apart from Emma Rose Gibbs's role in Chris's life, his biography and Vin's, prior to their arrival in Four Corners, are identical in both this reality and the one of Redemption and Transgressions.

Basic information on spinal injuries was obtained from WebMD; any errors in interpretation of it are mine alone. However, the treatments Nathan uses are the ones prescribed by folklore for internal inflammations. As in all my stories, background history is accurate.

Thanks to SasseyJ for permission to adapt to my own purposes the "Vin-meets-the-Comanches" scene from her story Are We There Yet?

Size:  Approx: 450K

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