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ADULT stories are not directly linked due to their mature content. Instructions for obtaining the URL are provided.
ATF stories take place in a present-day alternate universe where the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
LB stories are an alternate universe where Vin and JD are orphaned children in Chris & Buck's care There are several alternate universes within the Little Britches AU, including Old West, ATF and Star Trek.
AU stories take place in an alternate universe other than ATF or Little Britches
VS stories are "virtual season" episodes.


EARLY DAYS: More Than Just a Team - Sue M ATF

EARLY DAYS (Collection) - Sue M ATF

Easter Gifts - KT LB ATF

The Easterner - Ruby AU

Easy Does It by Hilary Fox AU (World War II Universe)

Easy For You To Say - Anneack AU

Echoes of Past Deeds by WendyW LB

Elvis and the Boo-Boo - LaraMee LB

Emily - Sue M ATF

End of Innocence by Penny

Endless Road to Nowhere by Tiffiny ADULT

Equity by Penny

Escape to Shadow Mountain - Angie LB AU

Essie - Sue M (JD, OFC) ATF

Every Fanfic Every Written by Melissa

EVERYDAY: This Wonderful Life - Sue M LB ATF

EVERYDAY: Uh, I Can Explain, Mr. Larabee - Sue M AU

EVERYDAY: Babysitting - Sue M ATF

EVERYDAY: Catch of the Day - Sue M AU

EVERYDAY: From the Heart - Sue M.

EVERYDAY: Misery Loves Company - Sue M. ATF


EVERYDAY: Just One of Those Days - Sue M ATF

EVERYDAY: One Day Out Shopping - Sue M ATF

EVERYDAY HEROES: You've Got Mail - Phyllis LB ATF

EVERYDAY HEROES: Lots of Babies - Jeanne LB ATF

EVERYDAY HEROES #13: Salt and Pepper - Part 1 - Phyllis LB ATF

EVERYDAY HEROES #14: Salt and Pepper - Part 2 - Phyllis LB ATF

Everyone Comes to Rudy's - KatMorg  AU 

Evil is Coming ADULT

The Evil Within - Marian and Sue M

Exclusive Membership - Carole LB ATF

Exiled - Jenifer Davis AU

Eye For An Eye by Penny

Eyes Opened - KellyA

Ezra Claus - MMW   LB

Ezra...Queen of the Desert by The Muse ATF

Ezra, Vin and JD's Adventure Out West - Humorous Photo Essay

Ezra's Feast by Not Tasha


THE FAIR (Series) - Angie
The Fair #4: JD Nightingale

Fall of the Deceiver by Sarah B.

Fall Out - Sue M and Phyllis Loafman AU

Fallen Angels ATF - The Dirty Dozen

Falling Down - Shellie

Falling in Periphery: JD's Tale - Twyla Jane AU

Falling in Periphery: Josiah's Tale - Twyla Jane AU

Falls No Snow - Bonnie Pardoe

False Accusations - Phyllis Loafman ATF

False Intentions by Karin

Falsehoods by Cindy Brewer Link Inactive

A Familiar Face by Karin

Family by Rebecca

Family - Sue M and Phyllis AU

A Family of Friends - Kiti Bloom LB ATF

Family Secrets by Tonya

Family Secrets, Family Ties - KT LB

Family Ties by Jilly VS

FANTASTIC DREAMS (Series) - Lu LB ATF [in progress]

A Far Better Thing - Helen Adams

A Fateful Day by Maggie

Father? - Tammy ATF

Father's Day - Jody Revenson ATF

Father's Day - Sue M LB ATF Poem

Father's Day, Tornadoes and Tigers - Heather F ATF

Fear Itself by Maria Villa ATF VS Link Inactive

February the 13th - LaraMee ATF

Feelin' No Pain - BMP LB ATF

Fellowship - May Robinson ATF

The Female Connection - Sue M AU

Ferret by Karin ATF

Field Trip - Angie LB ATF

The Fight Goes On - KT ATF

Filling in the Blanks - Sue M ATF

Finding a Balance -Sue M AU

Finding Home - Kathy

The Fine Art of Collaboration - Heather M

Firecracker - Ruby ATF

Fire Drill - MMW LB ATF

The First Dance - LaraMee

First Love - KT AU

First Meetings - RonneeM (Poem)

The First Noel by Cass Smith

First Showdown by Carol Pahl

First Thanksgiving by Phyllis Loafman AU

The First Time I Saw You by Joanne Collins ADULT

Fishbait - J Brooks

Fishin' - Winnie LB ATF

Fixing It - Jill ATF

Flowers or Candy Would Have Been Better - Anneack ATF

Follow the Stars Home by Winter LB ST

For the Best - Heather F ATF LB

For Some Things Big Brother Knows Best - Robijean LB AU

A Force to be Reckoned With - Sue M AU

Forever - Tammy (Video)

Forging the Bond - Sue M AU

Forgiveness by Linda

Forgiveness - MMW (Friendship Collection)

Foretold Dreams by Stefanie

Found Treasures - Phyllis LB AU

Foundations - Phyllis Loafman AU

Four Corners - The Neon Gang

Four Corners Blizzard by Jessie

The Fourth Thursday in November - Sue M. ATF

Fractured - Sue M ATF

Free From Liberty by Tidia ATF

A Friend Indeed? - Beth Green

A Friend Indeed - Sue M ATF

Friends and Enemies - Sue M AU

From A to B - KT LB ATF

From Tsarskoye Selo With Love by Lee Ann Wagner

Frozen by Stefanie

Full Circle by Calamity Jane

Full Moon at Four Corners - Kris

A Full Pack - Anneack AU

Fun at the Fair - KT AU


The Gathering of Seven AU

Genetics - Sue M AU

Getting to Know You (Collection)

Getting Out of Boston - Sue M AU

Ghost Train by Cindy Brewer

Ghosts - Jenifer Davis  ATF

Ghosts of the Confederacy - Beth Green ATF

Ghosts Ride Again by Maggie

The Gift - Anneack ATF

The Gift by May Robinson VS

The Gift - SMJ ATF

The Gift by Ysrith

Give Me a Break, Buck by Linda

Giving Up the Ghost by Becky

Go West by Tiffiny ATF

Go With Me - Sue M LB ATF

God Gave Me You by Cassie ATF

God's Plan - Sue M

Going Commando - Sue M AU

Going Home: A Thanksgiving Tale by Maggie

Gold by Linda B.

Gold, Too by Linda B.

The Golden Bull by Tipper AU

Gone, But Not Forgotten by Kat

Good Days, Bad Days - Sue M. ATF

Good Intentions by Karin

A Good Man - Ruby

A Good Name III and IV: - NotTasha

Gotta Go to Work by Linda ATF

The Good Life by Leigh Richards AU

Good-bye Love by Marian

The Great Divide: Rift: Book I by Margarett Cassidy

Greater Love by KT

Greater Love by G.M. Atwater ATF

The Greatest Con by JK

Growin' Old by Ruby

Growing Pains - Grey

Guilt by Linda

Gunga Dunne (Poem) by Josiah Sanchez

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - Sue M


H1N1 Misery - KT AU RNLI

The Hands of Fate by Team 7 ATF

The Hands of Glenneaval - Sue M AU

The Handwriting on the Wall by Ruby ATF

A Hanging Offense - Ruby

Happy Mother's Day, Mom by Stefanie

Hard Line by Shellie

Harry Potter Mania Hits the Montecito - Lisa S. and Sue M. AU

Harsh Lessons - Lanna

Hats Have Their Uses - Susie Burton LB ATF

Haunted by Cindy Brewer

The Haunting of Team 7 by Dayna Caldwell ATF

Hauntingly Familiar - Tammy ATF (Crossover "Supernatural")

He Ain't Heavy by May Robinson ATF

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - Tammy (Video)

Heal: "Achilles" Missing Scene by Bonnie Pardoe

A Healing Salve by Carol Pahl ADULT

Healing With A Gift - Katy AU

Hearing Things by Tiffiny

Heart of Destiny - Phyllis Loafman AU (Seven Investigations)

Heartstrings by Winter LB

Heaven Knows, Mr. Willmington - Nancy W LB ATF

He Broke It - Phyllis  LB ATF

Held Up - Ace ATF

Hell in a Hand Basket - Sue M ATF

Hell of a Shot 2 - The Replacement - Brigitta B

Helluva Thing - SueN

Helper 2.2 - Megan AU

The Helper by Enola Jones AU (M7 Rocks! Universe)

Here or There - Ruby ATF [Deathfic]

Here We Go Again - Brate AU

Hero by Desperado's Daughter

Hidden Eyes - Sue M

Hide and Seek by SilverWolf LB ATF

High Stakes by Kim and Shawna VS

Higher Ground - K Hanna Korossy

The Highest Bid - Rhiannon ATF

Highway Heroes - Joy K ATF

His Own Man - Sue M ATF

His Own Tongue - Beth

Hogmanay - Kathy M. AU

Home Away From Home by Shellie

Homecoming by Ice Hunter

The Homecoming - Sue M AU

Homegrown Hero - Sue M AU

Honorable Intentions - Luna Dey

The Honorable Thing to Do by Linda

Hope by Karin

A Hopeful Future - Anneack LB AU

Horsing Around by Leigh Richards AU

Hostage by Katilian

Hostage Situation by Kelly

How Long We Were Fool'd by Ange ADULT

Human Beans - Ruby ATF

Hunted - Sue M 

Hunting Eggs - Lynn LB ATF

A Hunting We Will Go by Patricia ATF

Hurt Hawks - NotTasha

Hypocrites by Penny


I Believe in You by Linda ATF

I Breathe In - Phyllis Loafman ATF

I Didn't Do It - Rikke ATF

I Don't Know You - Sue M LB ATF

I HATE (Series) - Lu ATF [in progress]

I Just Thought - Ruby LB ATF

I Need You - Sue M

I Wished I'd Stayed at the Office by Judith Freudenthal ATF

Identity - Maggie

Identity - Hilary Fox ATF

The Idiot's Guide to Petty Theft - BMP ATF

If the Fates Allow - Cindy Shannon ATF

If Only - Phyllis LB ATF

If Only - Kathy M. AU

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Linda

If Wishes Were Horses - Barbretta Hayden & Pat  LB ATF

If You Get It Figured Out by Ruby

IMMORTAL SEVEN: Old Friends and New Information - Katherine AU (Highlander)

The Impossible - Ruby ATF

I'll Stand by You - Sue M AU

I'm Not Falling For It! by Ruby ATF

In The Beginning - Raven LB ATF

In the Cards (Series) - Caitriona
     Jack of Clubs

In the Company of Angels by Carol Pahl ATF

In The Good Ol' Summertime (Series) - Joy K LB ATF

In the Hands of Evil by Penny M. And Shellie W.

In Those We Trust - Sue M. AU

In Your Father's Name - Carol Pahl ATF

Incarceration - Sue M ATF

Inconsequential Details - Sue M ATF

Incomparable by Nancy ADULT

Incredulous - Aislinn Graves

Indecision by Penny M. ATF [in progress]

Independence - KT LB ATF

Inner Strength - Sue M ATF

Innocence Maintained - Beth

Innocence by Joanne Collins ADULT

Innocent Encounter by Storm ADULT (Alternate Universe "Star Trek")

Innocent Questions - RonneeM (Poem) ATF

Insecurities by Karin

Inside Traitor by Phyllis Loafman ATF

Interludes by Athea ADULT

Intimate Interview With JD Dunne by Rebecca

Into the Darkness by Lissa Grinstead ADULT

Into the Fold - Becky ATF

Invasion - Sue M ATF

The Irony of It All by Marianne

It All Began With The Jell-O Bowl by Rebecca ATF

It Happened This Way - Lisa S. AU

It Sure is a Wonderful Life! - Sue M ATF

It Was Just Supposed to Be a Relaxing Picnic - Jan

It's a Dunnederful Life by Linda

It's a Long Way Home by Linda

It's Not As Bad As It Looks - Phyllis Loafman ATF

It's Not As Bad As It Looks 2 - Phyllis Loafman ATF

It's Only Temporary - Angie LB ATF

It's Only a Week - LaraMee LB ATF

It's Right by Ruby

It's What We Do - Sue M ATF


JD to the Rescue - Marian and Angie

JD's Adventure in Embarrassment - Jan Marie ATF ADULT

JD's Box - Angela B AU

JD's Choice - Robijean

JD's Diary Trilogy (Series) - Lu ATF

JD's Drawing - Kayim

JD Dreams by K ADULT

JD Dunne's Awful Horrible Very Bad Day - Kim ATF

JD's First Day - TexasAries AU

JD's First Trip to the Dentist by Pat LB ATF

JD and Josiah's Big Day Out - Sue M ATF

JD's First Mission - Angie AU

JD's Long Journey - Angie AU

JD's Missed Adventure - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

JD's Sacrifice - Phyllis LB

JD's Secret Angel - Texas Aries (Crossover - Touched by an Angel)

JD's Song by Sara Burns

JD-locks and the Three Bear-istas - Angie AU

Jack of Hearts by Amy Link Inactive

Johnny Be Good by Carol Pahl

A Journey's End: Buck and JD Epilogue: LFL by Cassie

Janet by Jackie ATF

The Joker - Ruby

Jonas - Katmorg


Judging the Book - Justice de Winter AU

Judging a Book by Its Cover - Phyllis ATF LB

Jumping To Conclusions by Sablecain AU (Federal Air Marshalls Universe)

Just Another Day by Bonnie Pardoe

Just Couldn't Wait - Sue M AU

Just Desserts by Ange ATF ADULT

Just Desserts by NotTasha

Just a Dream by Laura H. ADULT

Just Drunk Enough - Laurel

Just a Man by Tiffiny ADULT

Just One Morning - WendyW

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT... (Collection) - Luna Dey, et. al. (Multi-Universe)

Justice For Annie - Angie


Kaboom! - Hombre ATF

Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer by Jourdana ADULT

Keeping Company - Bonnie Pardoe (Missing Scene: Safecracker)

Keeping On (series) by Hilary Fox ATF

Keeping A Promise - Sue M ATF

Keepsakes and Memories - Sue M ATF

The Kid by Jenifer Davis ATF

Kidnapped - Phyllis Loafman LB ATF

Kidnapped - Armaita ATF

Kill JD by Sarah ATF Link Inactive

Kiss List - Sue M. AU

Krakatoa - Nancy W. LB

Kung Fu Fighting - Lisa S AU


Labor by Aislynn ATF

A Lamb Among Wolves - Joan Curtin (The Legends Born Series)

Last Bullet by Desperado's Daughter

The Last Christmas, The First Christmas by Stefanie

The Last Few Hours - Estee LB ATF

Last Impression by Karin ATF

Last Stand by Katilian

Last Words by Tiffiny

Lazy Days - Sue M LB

Learning Experience by Maggie Smith (AU)

Left Behind - Carol Pahl ATF

Left Hanging - Mari ATF

Legacy - Sue M

LEGACY (Series) - Ace
Road Trip

Legacy: The Return - Sue M

Legacies - Sarah B.(deathfic)


The Legend of Ahote - Sue M ATF

The Lesson Within - Jo Ann

Lessons - Grey

Lessons in Life by Kit

Lessons Learnt the Hard Way - Hombre ATF

Let it Snow - LaraMee LB ATF

Let the Game Begin by Tiffiny ATF

The Letter - Heather M (Crossover Andersonville)

Letter from Camp - JK LB ATF


Liability - Sue M AU

The Library - Angie LB ATF

Little Britches by J.K. Poffenberger LB

A Little Too Late - Sue M

Life Choices and Mistakes - Robijean LB AU

A Life in the Balance - Sue M ATF

Life, Sans the Living by Kat

Life Saver - Angie ATF

Light My Fire by Kat

A Light to Guide You Home - Phyllis Loafman

The Lion's Roar by Shellie ATF

A Literary Woman by Derry ATF

     The Big Decision - KT and Sue M
     Settling In - KT
     Friendly Neighbours, and Four for Sunday Lunch - Sue M
     Into the West - KT
     Learning Curve - KT
     School Break, All Hallows Eve, and... Cheese? - Sue M.
     Bangs, Bumps and Burny Things - Sue M.
     Poppies and Poems - KT
     Football, Turkey and Pie... Oh My! - Sue M.
     The Week Between - KT
     The Big Day Out - Sue M
     Dashing Through the Slow - KT
     Very Nearly, Almost, Christmas - KT
     So Here It Is, Merry Christmas - Sue M
     New Year Choices - KT
     Snow Days and a Summons to Duty - Sue M
     Discoveries - KT
     Mad March - Sue M
     Making the Most of Easter Break - Sue M and KT
     Tea and Soldiers - Sue M and KT
     Moments in History - KT
     Big, White Ducks: and Father's Day - Sue M
     Goodbye Hello
          Part 1: Farewell - KT
          Part 2: A Sense of Déjà Vu - Sue M
          Part 3: Family - KT

Little Donkey - Sue M AU

Live Cams by Ruby ATF

Live and Let Diet - Helen Adams ATF

Living Dangerously - Beth Green ATF

A Long, Lonely Road - Sue M ATF

A Long Night - Sue M ATF

A Long Remembered Winter by Sue Bartholomew

A Long Winter's Hike - Patricia ATF

The Longest Night - Nancy W LB AU

Looking Back - Sue M

Lords of Misrule - Raven LB ATF

Losing Adam - Debra Noellert AU

Lost - ssinco

Lost, Stolen and Redeemed - SoDak7

Lot of Leaving Left To Do - Ruby ATF

Lots of Thankfuls - Carole LB ATF

Love Aloft - JK LB ATF

Love and Marriage by Dawn Cunningham LB ATF

Love Shack by Saaa and The Immortal ATF

Luck of the Draw - Sue M ATF

Luck of the Draw: The Journal - Whiskey ATF

Lucky by Linda B.

Lucky Break - Sue M  ATF

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