Helper 2.2

by Megan

Alternate Universe: SGA7 (Stargate Atlantis)

Disclaimer: mag 7 doesn't belong to me

Characters: JD, Chris, Buck, and the rest of the team

Author Note: Thanks to Enola Jones for being an awesome beta.

JD stared at the large room. He was itching to start exploring the various machines that were in the room. He had never seen such a collection of technology. Pressing his radio button again, he contacted Chris. "Can I start looking?"

Chris's slight growl came over the radio. "I said, don't touch anything. We'll be there in five. "

JD sighed, with a look around the room. He couldn't help but wonder if he could just look at all of the machines quickly. That way, when Chris arrived, he would have an idea of where to start with the collection.

Walking to the first machine, he didn't notice the door shutting behind him.

Fifteen minutes of wandering around the large room, he was startled out of his examinations of one of the computers when his radio went off.

Taking a deep breath, he pressed it and answered the hail. "Hello?"

"What part of stay put did you not understand?"

Wincing at the tone, JD headed towards the door of the building. "I didn't mean to wander. I just thought a quick look around.."

"Just get out here."

"Yes, Chris."

Rushing to the door, JD didn't realize it when he tripped.

As he was going down, one of his flailing hands hit one of the computers. Scrambling up, he didn't notice that the button he had hit had turned the machine on.

As he reached the door, he started to look for a way to open it. Just as he was about to call to Chris again, he jumped up, and whipped out his gun and pointed it at the voice that had suddenly spoken behind him, saying. "That won't work."


Chris stared at the immovable door in front of him. "I'm going to kill him."

Buck looked up from checking JD's pack. "Now, Chris, he just got excited and wanted to check it out. None of us would have done anything different."

Taking a deep breath, Chris looked at Buck. "I won't kill him...yet, at least."

Knowing not to push it any more, Buck just shrugged his shoulders. "I called the other guys. They'll be here soon."

"Good, maybe they'll be able to help."

Nodding in agreement, Buck moved closer to the wall of the building. "You think you can get him out?"

Chris stared at the building. "Yes, I have a lecture to give him."


JD paused, staring at the locked door for a minute. He finally turned around. "What are you?"

"I'm one of the helpers here. You activated me. What help can I give you?"

"I want out."

"Sorry sir, I can't let you out. It's dangerous out there. We have scanned and found enemies on the planet, near the building. I can't let you out there. They would kill you."

JD looked panicked. "I have friends out there."

"They will have to watch out for themselves. You can't leave till the enemy is gone."

JD took a deep breath. "Can you show me the enemy?"

The computer helper nodded. "Why, yes. I can show you the closest one, he is right outside the door."

As JD watched, an image formed in midair. Staring at it in shock, he finally found his voice. "But that's not an enemy! That's Buck!"

The computer-aided helper shook its head. "That is the enemy. He has the Ancients' DNA. We are at war with the Ancients. I can not let you leave."

"But, he's a friend! He won't hurt me."

"Sorry, sir, he may have clouded your thoughts. He is an enemy. You cannot leave until he has been dealt with. His life signs must not show up on my scanners before I let you out."

JD stared at the hologram. "What do you mean...Like dead...he has to be dead before you let me out?"

The hologram nodded. "Yes sir, it's the only way to make sure that you're safe. Now, if you wish to watch the destruction of the enemy, please turn and watch the screen to your left."

JD rushed to the screen that was indicated. As he watched, an image of the grounds just outside of the the building appeared. JD could clearly see Chris and Buck talking softly to each other.

Turning to the helper, JD had to ask, "Can I talk to them?"

The helper shook his head. "No sir, that isn't allowed."

JD stared at the screen, wishing he could do something to stop what was coming.


Buck frowned as he moved closer to the building. He turned to Chris. "Did you hear that?"

Looking at Buck, Chris shook his head. "No, what did you think you heard?"

"Sounded like something moving."

Turning his back to the building, Buck was going to add something, when Chris suddenly lunged at him. He knocked both of them to the ground as a hole suddenly appeared where Buck had been standing.

With a glance at the building, the two men scrambled for the trees and bushes on the side of the clearing.

Just in time, for just as they dived into the woods, the weapon fired another explosive charge. A hole had appeared where the two had been standing.

Taking cover behind several trees, Buck looked over towards Chris. "What the hell is going on?"

Chris shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know."

Ducking down close to the ground as the weapon fired on his position, Buck looked over at Chris. "Why is it aiming only at me?"

Chris peered at the building. "It doesn't like you more?"

Ducking behind the trees more, Buck frowned. "I hope not."

Chris sighed. "Just stay down. The others should be here soon."


JD turned to the hologram. "Can I talk to any of them?"

The hologram was quiet for a long moment. "The non-Ancients I can let you talk to."

JD smiled. "That's great. I want to talk to Chris. The blond that was just outside of the building."

The helper went silent for a moment, then spoke. "I have tapped into his radio. You may speak with him."

JD breathed a sigh of relief. "Chris?"

The bark of Chris's voice came through the device. "JD, what is going on?"

JD sighed. "I tripped and hit one of the computers here. It turned on an auto-defense weapon. It was created to protect the people from the planet from the Ancients. It goes after anyone that has the Ancients' gene in them."

"JD, you're telling me that it's aiming to kill anyone with an Ancient gene? Can you turn it off?'

"No, I don't even know how to turn it on. It'll stop working once all the Ancient life signs are gone from the planet."

JD waited for a reply. Finally, Chris's voice came back on. "So, it will go for Buck, Josiah and Vin?"


Chris was silent for a moment then clicked his radio on again. "Vin? You hear all of that?"

"Yes, I take it you want Josiah and me to head to the gate?"

"Yes, send Nathan and Ezra to me here. Let me know once you're at the gate."

"I will. You and Buck okay?"

"I'm fine, the weapon is leaving me alone. Buck's alright for right now. Though I don't know how much longer the trees he's hiding behind will take."

Chris could hear the sigh through the radio. "Take care. Don't get hurt. If you need, holler."

"I will."

As he got off the radio with Vin, Chris turned towards Buck. "How are you doing, really?"

Buck looked up from the shelter he had found. "Fine. You got an idea on how to stop this?"

Chris frowned. "How good are you at playing dead?"


Before Chris could continue, his radio buzzed. It was JD. "Chris, we have a problem."


JD sighed in relief when he heard that Vin and Josiah would be alright. Turning to the computer program, JD frowned at what he saw.

"What are you doing?"

"Two of the three Ancients are leaving. There is still one left. I have started getting the mobile units ready. They will be ready in ten minutes. Then they will attack from the rear. The last Ancient will die in a blaze of fire."

JD stared at the computer. "How do I turn you off?"

The hologram paused. "You cannot sir. The program must finish. When it is safe, I shall shut down and open the door."

JD rubbed his head. Hitting his radio, he called, "Chris, it got worse! You need to get Buck out of here now!"

Chris's worried voice came through the radio almost as a growl. "What do you mean?"

"It seems that the weapon that is firing isn't the only one. It seems that there are mobile units. One will be heading for Buck's position in about ten minutes."

"Can we take them out?"

JD bit his lip for a second. Looking over to the helper, JD asked. "Can I see a diagram of the weapon?"

The hologram smiled. "Yes, here you are."

A diagram of the weapons popped into view where the hologram had been standing.

Staring at the blueprints, JD clicked on the radio again. "No, not with the weapons we have here. Maybe with a tank."

Chris sighed over the radio. "All right. Try to stop the thing. I'll figure out something."


"Just do your best, JD. We don't have much time."

With that, the radio went dead.

Taking a deep breath, JD turned back to the hologram. "I want you tell me everything about the weapons."

The hologram smiled. "Yes, sir."


Chris cursed as he tried to figure something out. Finally, he shouted over to Buck. "How fast can you run?"

Buck looked up from his shelter behind several trees that were looking worse for the beating they were taking. "What do you mean?"

Chris shouted louder. "How fast can you run to the gate?"

Staring at Chris for a a few seconds, Buck shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe eight or nine minutes."

Taking a deep breath, Chris nodded. "Fine, I'm going to distract the gun in a minute. It isn't aiming for me, just you. When I step in front of your trees, take off to the gate. Don't stop till you're through it."

Buck stared at Chris. "What! I'm not going to let you just jump in front of the trees and get fried on!"

Chris sighed. "It won't hit me. It hasn't aimed at me at all."

Buck shook his head. Seeing the look, Chris growled slightly. "JD, will this weapon hit me if I walk in front of the trees it's firing on?"

After a second of silence, JD spoke up. "No, it'll stop and reconfigure its fire to miss you."

Looking over at Buck, Chris waited for the answer.

With a deep sigh, Buck finally nodded. "All right. But I still think this is a bad idea."

Chris grinned slightly. "Not the craziest one we've come up with. Leave everything, just take off when I move."

Taking another deep breath, Buck nodded.

Clicking his radio, Chris quickly told his team what was going on. Clicking off the radio, he nodded to Buck.

Standing up, Chris walked in front of the trees. As the firing stopped, Buck took off towards the gate.

The gun hesitated for a second, then let out two shots at Buck before he was out of range.


As the gun shut itself off. Chris stared off towards the gate. He was counting down the minutes. Hoping that Buck could make it.

Staring at the path, Chris was startled when a hand landed on his shoulder. As he turned around, he drew his weapon. Lowering it when he saw it was Nathan and Ezra, Chris nodded to them both. "Vin and Josiah got through the gate?"

Nathan nodded, "Yes, they're holding it open for Buck."

"Good. "

Ezra looked at the building that JD had been trapped in. "You think it'll release JD from the building?"

Chris nodded. "That's what JD said. Though we won't know for sure until Buck is gone."

Before they could say anything else, JD broke in through the radio. "Chris, is Buck close to the gate?"

Grabbing his radio, Chris said, "He's on his way. He should be there in a minute or so."

"The mobile weapon unit is almost there."

Chris took a quick breath. "He'll be there. He'll make it, JD."

Before JD could respond, the group heard three shots, then silence.


The Helper turned to JD. "It is now safe to leave the building. We have taken care of the Ancients that were on the planet. Please have fun and enjoy the planet. Good day."

JD stared at the hologram. "Wait! You can't go. Did he die? What happened?"

The Helper paused for a minute. "He is gone. His life-signs are no longer on the planet. Weapons are powering down. The planet is safe."

JD glanced worriedly at the door. "I can leave?"

The hologram nodded. The door open and the hologram dissipated.

JD took one last glance at the computers and rushed out to the three waiting for him.


Reaching the three men, JD blurted out. "Did you hear from him?"

Ezra shook his head. "No, JD. Not yet, we think they might have closed the gate when the first explosion took place. We're waiting for them to reopen it."

Chris turned to glare at the three. "We're leaving. Grab your stuff JD, and grab Buck's. We aren't waiting here."

JD looked at Chris for a second, a apology dying before it reached his lips. With a small nod, he gathered his bag and Buck's. With a last look at the building, he followed Chris towards the gate.


The hike to the gate was quiet and tense. All four of them were worried about Buck, whether he had made it back in time or not.

When they finally reached the gate, they all paused and stared at the ground surrounding the gate. What was once trees and scrub brush had been turned into a desert. All plant life had been destroyed.

With a soft growl, Chris headed to the DHD and punched the address into it. He watched as the wormhole formed. Hitting the code on his GDO, he gave the planet one last hard glare.

Stepping through, he didn't pay attention to the other three men following him.


A quiet group came through the gate. Chris noticed that Travis was the only one to greet them at the gate. Walking up to the Admiral, he nodded. "Did he make it through?"

"Yes, he made it through. Barely. He's in the infirmary right now."

JD had come up behind Chris. "Is he going to be all right, sir?"

Travis looked over at JD. "Carson hasn't reported yet. Vin and Josiah are down there. They've given me their report, I want you four to tell me your side before you go down there."

Chris glared. He was about to open his mouth to protest when Travis waved his hand. "I know you want to be down there, but it'll be at least an hour before Carson will tell us anything and the sooner we debrief, the sooner you can go down there and wait."

The four men exchanged looks. Finally with a nod, Chris spoke up. "Fine. Let's get this done."

Following Travis to the conference room, the four sat down and started to relate what had happen on the planet.


The annoying sound of someone typing disturbed his sleep, painless sleep. With a soft sigh, he opened his eyes to find JD hitting his laptop keyboard with a little too much force.

Groaning slightly, he tried to speak. All that issued forth was a rather loud croak. Which was enough to get JD to stop his pounding and look over at the injured man.

"You're awake!"

With a yawn, Buck started to push himself on his back, when JD yelped, "Stop!"

Freezing, Buck looked up at JD. "What?"

"You are on your side cause your back is covered in second degree burns. Doctor Beckett doesn't want you to lie on it. You also have some cuts and bruises from being rocketed through the gate."

Buck stared at JD for a second. "So, just a bad sunburn."

JD glared at the older man. "You also received a concussions and a wrenched shoulder."

Buck nodded. "All right, so I can leave once I'm awake."

JD shook his head. "No, you almost got killed. You aren't leaving until Beckett says you can!"

Closing his mouth for a second, Buck took a good look at JD. Rubbing his face, Buck sighed. "It wasn't your fault that I got hurt."

JD crossed his arms. "How do you figure that? I went into the building against Chris's advice. I activated the machine. It's my fault!"

Buck shook his head. "You did make a mistake in going into the building. But you had no way of knowing that the planet didn't like Ancients and that the building housed a defense system. No one died, and we now know that anyone with the Ancient gene shouldn't go there."

JD sighed. "You still got hurt."

"I'll live. It was mistake, but I bet you will wait next time."

JD nodded. "Yes, but you still got hurt."

"It happens, and if you let me escape, I'll forgive you."

As he was opening his mouth to say something, a voice spoke up. "You do that, JD, and I will have Josiah give you lecture about some random ancient culture that will be extremely boring."

Turning to see Chris approach with the rest of the team behind him, JD nodded. "Yes sir."

Nodding to JD, Chris stopped next to Buck. "Thought you said you could make it."

"I made it, though. Just a little singed."

Chris shook his head. "I would call it a little more than singed."

Buck rolled his eyes. Turning to Nathan, he smiled. "So, when do I get to leave?"

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. "Not for at least a day or so. "

With a groan, Buck turned to JD. "You sure your guilt won't help me?"

"Chris said if I let you escape he would shoot me. I'm more scared of Chris."

Buck grinned. "That might be smart, kid."

With that, the team settled around Buck's bed and stayed, talking till Buck fell asleep.