Midnight Snack

By Winter

Well here I am writing another one of these stupid essays. Thay are dumb, but I've been able to hang out with Uncle Ezra more since he helps me. I like hanging out with him. He shows me how to play cards and I'm learning to deal special. 

Was wondering what to write for this essay but then I membered what happened on our trip. Not sure if Chris and Buck will apeaciate (That's and Uncle Ezra's word, not sure if I spelled it right) what I'm going to write this time but oh well. Nothing else interesting happened this week. 

We went to Colorado Springs so Chris and Buck and all the guys could go to a meeting. We got to stay at a real fancy hotel but that's the part Chris and Buck won't apeaciate


Hi computer!

JD you don't got ?? Say hi to the computer

Hey look Vin the computer doesn't know ??


Remember Vin it doesn't know how to spell a sigh.

I know JD!

Don't have to get mad I was just telling you.

I ain't mad.

Hey I thought ain't ain't a word but the computer typed it.

But if you noticed Master Dunne it is underlined in green.

Hi Uncle Ezra!

Come, let Vin do his work.

OK…bye computer!


Vin had never been to a conference before. Chris and Buck had come home one night and said the team had to go away for a few days to a conference in Colorado Springs. They weren't too happy because Mrs. Potter had just left for her sister's in Arizona and couldn't watch the boys.

Now they had to find another sitter. One that could stay at the house for the three days they were gone. They tried Nettie but she was leaving for a few days to visit friends in California. Even Mary was going to be away. Nathan offered Rain but had to call Chris and apologize because she was going to visit the reservation.

In the end they were forced to take the boys with them. This was fine with JD and Vin because they got to spend time with their fathers and three uncles. Chris was able to find a hotel that provided sitters during the day.

As they drove up to the hotel JD whistled.

"Wow!" JD yelled. "We get to stay there?"

"Yup that's the place," Buck answered.

"Kinda big," Vin added.

"Yeah it's big," Chris agreed.

"Can we go swimming now?" JD asked.

"Maybe tomorrow," Buck said as Chris pulled into a parking space. "It will be dark soon. And it's almost time for bed."

"Alright," JD reluctantly agreed.

"I'm hungry," Vin said as Chris stepped out of the car.

"How can you be hungry?" Chris asked. "We just had dinner."

"Uh uh," JD argued. "We had dinner a bazillion years ago."

"You both just ate the big kids meals at McDonald's a half hour ago," Buck said.

"Yeah," Vin agreed. "But I'm still hungry."

"Did someone say they were hungry?" Ezra asked as he walked over carrying a bag from McDonalds.

"Hi Uncle Ezra!" Vin yelled as he jumped into his Uncle's arms.

"Me too!" JD yelled.

Buck quickly reached in the door and unhooked JD's car seat. Soon Ezra had his hands full with two boys holding McDonalds bags. Each of them was talking at the same time but Ezra was able to answer each of them in turn. Buck just shook his head trying to figure out how he did that. Josiah finally came over and relieved Ezra of JD.

"Ezra what did you get them?" Nathan demanded as he saw the bags.

"Cheeseburger, yes!" JD said as he pulled it out of the bag.

"Don't you want something else?" Nathan asked.

"No!" JD and Vin both yelled in unison.

Josiah laughed as he walked towards the entrance of the hotel. He had transferred JD to his shoulders so he could carry his bag. JD happily rode along eating his cheeseburger. Ezra had put Vin down and held his hand as they followed Josiah. Vin carried his McDonald's bag in his other hand.

"Did you notice something?" Chris asked.

"No, what?" Buck asked.

"Ezra left us his bags."

"Why that little…"


"OK here's our rooms," Buck said as he walked over to the door that said 215. "We're supposed to have an adjoining room for the boys."

Buck opened the door and stepped inside. He flipped on the light and JD ran past him to jump on the bed.

"Mine!" JD yelled as he started to bounce.

"JD!" Buck said sternly.

"Oh," JD said and plopped down. "I forgot."

"Why don't you two boys finish the burgers and fries Uncle Ezra got," Chris suggested "Then you can wash up for bed."

Vin joined JD on the bed as Buck turned on the TV for them. He gave JD the remote and he started to go through the channels, finally ending up on the cartoon network and Scooby Doo. Vin spread his and JD's food out on napkins on the bed and they shared what was left.

While they were watching TV Buck and Chris checked out the rest of the room. Chris unlocked the door leading into the connecting room and left it open. He grabbed JD and Vin's bags and brought them over there. While Chris was doing that, Vin watched as Buck took a key and opened a small fridge inside one of the dressers.

"GO easy on that Buck," Chris warned as he came back into the room.

"Just the one," Buck said as he took a swig of beer. "I'm just too tired to go down to the bar."

"Think I'll join you," Chris said as he opened the fridge and pulled out another beer. "How you boys doing"

"Good," Vin said, eating his fries.

"Well finish up. Its almost 8 o'clock," Chris said.

"But we don't have school any more," JD protested.

"Yeah but we have to get up early for the conference," Buck said as he sat on the bed and took one of JD's fries.

"Hey!" JD yelled.

"That means you have to get up with us," Chris explained. "So you need to go to bed early."

"What if we ain't tired?" Vin asked.

"Tell you what," Chris said. "You can lay in the bed and watch some TV. How's that?"

"Okay!" JD said. "Which bed is mine?"

"You and Vin will be in he other room," Chris said.

"Cool!" JD said and jumped off the bed and ran into the other room. Vin followed and saw there was only one big bed. "Look Vin we get to share!"

"Okay you boys go into the bathroom and brush your teeth while we get your pajamas," Buck said.

Buck grabbed JD's bag and put his clothes into the right hand side of the dresser. The second bag was loaded with the toys JD couldn't leave home without. Chris was doing the same with Vin's clothes. The first thing out of Vin's bag was a white stuffed cat that Chris sat on the bed. They heard giggling from the bathroom and Buck went to check on them while Chris finished with Vin's clothes.

After their teeth were brushed they got the boys changed into their pajamas. Vin took his cat and crawled over the bed to the top.

"Okay, JD, who you sleeping with?" Buck asked as he held the toy bag out to JD.

"Scooby!" JD yelled and reached in to pull out a stuffed dog. He jumped onto the bed and joined Vin.

"Settle down JD," Chris said as he pulled the blankets up.

"Sorry," JD said quietly.

"It's alright, JD, I know your excited," Chris said ruffling his hair. "Now we'll leave the TV on low and you can watch for awhile."

Chris turned on the TV then made sure the outer door was locked before he started to turn the lights off. He left the light on in the bathroom but pulled the door closed so only a small beam of light was showing.

"Goodnight JD and Vin," Buck said.

"Night," JD waved.

"Night, Buck," Vin said.

"Now if you boys need us we'll be right here," Chris said. "I'm just going to pull the door closed a bit so we don't disturb you."

"Okay, Chris. Good night," Vin said.

"Night, Chris!" JD yelled.

Chris pulled the connecting door closed with a sigh. He walked over to the dresser and picked up his beer. Buck was already sprawled across the bed by the window.

"How long do you think?" Buck asked.

"I give them about twenty minutes," Chris said.

"I sure hope so," Buck sighed. "I'm beat."


"Vin are you asleep?" JD asked as he shook his friend.

"I ain't now," Vin answered as he rolled over. "What do you want?"

"I'm thirsty."

"Go get some water," Vin said as he rolled over.

"Don't want water," JD argued. "I want a soda."

"Okay, but keep quiet," Vin said as he got up and headed for the bathroom.

"Where ya going?"

"Need some light," Vin said as he opened the door.

The light from the bathroom illuminated the area where the fridge was located. Vin found the keys lying on top of the dresser. He pulled the cabinet open and unlocked the fridge inside.

"OOO look, M&M's!" JD whispered loudly as he reached in over Vin's shoulder.

"Thought you were thirsty," Vin said.

"Hungry too," JD smiled as he opened the bag.

Vin grabbed the Milkyway and sat on the floor next to JD. They opened some of the peanuts and started on those as well. JD decided he needed a drink and pushed the sodas around. There was beer also and some fancy water on the door.

"Hey Vin, can I have the water?" JD asked as he held up the small bottle.

"Thought you didn't want water," Vin said as he took the bottle from JD and twisted off the top.

"Changed my mind," JD said as he took a drink. "Eww! It tastes funny."

"Let me see," Vin said as he took a drink. "Yeah it does, but some of uncle Ezra's taste funny too."

"I don't want it," JD said as Vin tried to hand it back.

"Well you wanted it!" Vin protested.

"Can't you drink some?" JD pleaded.

"Ok," Vin agreed and they shared the bottle. "But we gotta put this stuff back when we're done."

They continued to eat the candy and drink the water. As they finished the bottle they started to giggle. Vin hushed JD as he put the empty bottle back and the candy wrappers. He closed the fridge but he couldn't get the key to go back in the lock. He kept missing the keyhole. Vin gave up after the fifth try as JD giggled behind him. Vin shushed him again then closed the cabinet and put the key back here he found it. He made JD get back in the bed as he pushed the bathroom door closed a bit. Vin started to walk back to the bed and the room began to spin. He made it to the bed and climbed up next to JD.

Tell them we went to the hospital.

I know, JD. I ain't got that far yet.

Oh okay. I'm hungry.

Go tell buck.

How come it makes buck's name small letter when it's his name?

Because the computer thinks buck is a deer.

That's funny.


Okay I'll go. Gee!

Vin lay in the bed groaning. JD must have felt as bad as he did because Vin heard him sniffling beside him. Vin rolled to the edge of the bed and tried to stand up. His legs gave out and he fell towards the nightstand knocking over the lamp. It crashed to the ground and Vin winced.

"What the hell was that!" Chris yelled as he jumped out of the bed.

"Don't know, but it came from the boys room," Buck said as he grabbed the door and opened it.

"What the hell?" Chris helped Vin stand but was forced to hold him up as Vin began to sway.

"Don't feel good," Vin said.

"JD, what's wrong?" Buck asked as he knelt at the side of the bed.

"Gonna throw up," JD announced.

Buck quickly snatched the waste paper basket and put it under JD's face as he threw up. Buck rubbed JD's back as he watched Chris carry Vin over to the phone. Vin had his head resting on Chris's shoulder but Buck could see he was a terrible color.

"Nathan! Get down here right away the boys are sick."

"What do you suppose it is?" Buck asked.

"How should I know," Chris snapped.

"Don't feel good," Vin said.

Chris quickly got Vin to the bathroom and leaning over the toilet bowl just in time. There was a knock at the door and Chris left Vin to answer it.

"What happened?" Nathan asked.

"Don't know," Chris said as he went back to Vin. "Must be something they ate since it's the both of them."

Nathan went to JD first and checked him over. He didn't like the slow response time he was getting from JD and went to check Vin. Vin seemed to be disoriented and Nathan didn't like it.

"Let's get them to the hospital," Nathan said calmly.

"What!" Buck exclaimed as he picked JD up. "Nathan what is it?"

"I don't know," Nathan admitted. "I'd feel better if they were checked out."

Nathan grabbed a blanket for Vin and wrapped it around the boy in Chris's arms. Chris walked back to the other room and laid Vin on the bed while he got dressed. JD didn't want to be put down and Nathan held him while Buck got dressed.

While the others were dressing Nathan called the rest of the team. He told Josiah to bring down some of his clothes since they were sharing a room and Nathan had gone out only in a robe.

Fifteen minutes later they were on their way to the hospital. Josiah pulled into the emergency area and dropped Nathan, Chris, and Buck with the boys.

Once the nurse saw the two small boys and how miserable they looked she directed the two men right to one of the rooms. Nathan went to get the boys registered.

Chris and Buck waited only a few minutes before a doctor walked in.

"So what do we have here?" he asked.

"I think they ate something that didn't agree with them," Buck said.

"Well let's take a look," the doctor said as he went to check JD. "I'm Dr. Wilson, by the way."

Buck introduced the boys. Dr. Wilson checked JD and frowned at the slow responses he got. When he got the same results from Vin, he ordered some tests. Since both boys were suffering form upset stomachs, he gave them something for that then left so the nurse could take some blood.

Once the nurse was finished they were left alone. After a few minutes Buck stood and began to pace. He was still holding JD.

"No moving," JD pleaded and Buck sat back down.

"What the hell is staking so long!" Buck demanded.

"Take it easy Buck, they haven't been gone that long," Chris said. Vin had his head resting on Chris' leg as he rubbed his back.

"Umm gentlemen," Dr. Wilson said smiling as he entered the room, "Does there happen to be a mini bar at the hotel?"

"Yeah, why?" Chris asked.

"Well according to their blood tests, the boys are drunk."

"What!" Buck said surprised. He exchanged glances with Chris.

"Vin, did you get into the fridge?" Chris asked.

"JD was thirsty," Vin answered.

"What did you give him?" Chris prodded.

"Wanted the water," Vin sighed. "But he didn't like it 'cause it tasted funny."

"Water?" asked Chris. "From the refrigerator?"

"Oh hell," Buck said. "There was Vodka in there."

"Vin did you read the label?" Chris asked.

"Didn't know what it said," Vin said sniffing. "Thought it was like Uncle Ezra's fancy water."

"Don't be mad at Vin." JD pleaded. "I was'd thirsty."

"We're not mad," Chris smiled. "But why did you drink it if you didn't like it?"

"Just 'cause," Vin said sleepily. "We's not supposed to waste stuff."

"Never mind," Chris smiled. "Well doc, what should we do?"

"Well neither one of them have that much alcohol in their systems," he answered. "Just enough for upset stomachs and being a little disoriented. Try to get them to drink plenty of water and just keep an eye on them."

"Thanks doctor," Buck said as he stood.

"No Problem," He laughed. "It was my pleasure."

"Well that's it," Buck said. "No more fancy foods from Ezra."

Master Tanner are you sure you want to include this in your journal?

I ain't got nothing else that happened this week.

Yes, well, maybe the teacher shouldn't know about this.


Yeah, why uncle Ezra? It was funny.


JD stop giggling in the talking part.


Uncle Ezra!

I'm sorry Vin. I was thinking about what happened and JD is right, it was funny.

Chris didn't think so.

Oh but he did. After you fell asleep that night, Chris laughed.

He did?

See I told you it was funny.

Yes JD, so you did. What did you learn from this little episode?

Never Drink water!

No, JD! Never drink water from the little 'frigerator."

I think perhaps we could say, always ask permission before using the little refrigerator. Alright, we'll include this with your stories. Now shall I check it over?

Can I help?

No JD don't touch that!


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