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Founding Stories in the Little Britches ATF AU

Dreaming of Angels - Barbretta H

This story has become the foundation on which many other LB ATF fics have been built. It tells the tale of how Captain Chris Larabee and Lieutenant Buck Wilmington of the Denver Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms met up with two street orphans - Vin Tanner and JD Dunne - and take those first tentative steps toward becoming a family.


If Wishes Were Horses - Barbretta H & Pat M

Continues the tale Barbretta began in Dreaming of Angels. Agents Larabee and Wilmington begin the - sometimes painful - process of applying for guardianship over Vin Tanner and JD Dunne.


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Little Britches ATF Series (In order)







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More Stories in the Little Britches ATF AU


Stories starting with A



Vin's confusion over Halloween and The Day of the Dead brings out terrifying memories and self-destructive behavior. This story is dark and intense and may disturb some readers.


After the Movie - LaraMee
While Chris and Vin go to a Native American exhibit, Buck and JD go to a movie, and JD has a new favorite.


Aftermath: One Day at a Time - Phyllis (Sept.11)

(NOTE: Deals with the events of Sept. 11, 2001). Chris and Buck find themselves dealing with their own brand of fall-out when Vin and JD react to the terrorist attacks of 9-11.


All I Want - Estee

What happens when the Tooth Fairy comes to visit for the first time?


All In A Good Cause - Susie Burton

Chris and Buck learn the "consequences" of not thoroughly checking papers from school.


All Saints Day - Sage

Chris, Buck and the uncles are in for a big surprise when Vin and JD recruit Miz Nettie to help them honor their saints.


And That's Forever - LaraMee

Chris sees Vin through a case of strep throat, and the two of them have a chance to strengthen their bond, as well as sharing some quality father - son time.


Anxious Moments - Carole

It's a trip to the dentist... and it's anyone's guess whether it's harder for the dads or the boys.


Are We There Yet? - Nancy W.

When an ear infection prevents JD from flying to meet Buck and Chris for a special vacation, "Uncle Ezra" steps in with a solution for the disappointed boys. Neither the pristine Jaguar nor the ATF agent's sensibilities will ever be the same again...


Assumptions - KT

An afternoon of fun turns into a nightmare after JD uses up both sets of clothes and Buck is pulled over and the police assume the worst.


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Stories starting with B


Barely Buckled - Carole
A lesson in using seatbelts goes awry


Bathroom's Free - Aussie Lass
Vin & JD find that filling the shower may not be such a grand idea.


Beau's Big Day - KT

While babysitting for Vin and JD, Josiah volunteers Buck's horse (Beau) to be used in a wedding. Buck and Chris return from a business trip to this and other surprises.


Before We Sleep - Raven

Follows "Promise To Keep" and "Miles to Go". A Coda to the series pulls the pieces together as the family returns home.


The Best Christmas Ever - Lynda

Vin and JD's first Christmas with the family is disrupted by robbers and a snowstorm.


Big Brothers, Little Brothers - KT

Vin learns a difficult lesson in being a big brother to JD.


The Birdman - Phyllis

JD's troubled past comes back disrupting the Larabee - Wilmington household and their plans for Christmas.


Blessed Gift of the Heart - TrackerGirl

An unexpected illness threatens Christmas as Vin discovers a true gift of the heart.


Blink of an Eye - Holly

Life can change forever in the blink of an eye. Chris and Buck deal with the aftermath of one of those life altering moments.


Breakfast in Bed - Susie Burton

The boys prepare a very special breakfast for Chris.


Bridge - Enola Jones

A rocking horse bridges the M7 universes, from Old West Chris and Adam to the Little Britches boys.


Building a New Tradition - KT
JD's fascination with a Christmas Village begins a new tradition for the family


Bumpy Roads & Building Blocks - Joy K

When Chris is held up on an undercover assignment, Buck must handle things at home. Five days later Chris returns home to find JD 'hates' him and Vin is at Ms. Nettie's. What could have gone wrong, and can Chris find a way to fix it?


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Stories starting with C


Camp Night - Sivan Shemesh
Uncle Ezra camps out with Chris, Buck and the boys and tells a scary tale


Cat Burglars - Estee
Chris and Buck catch two cat burglars in the act.


Christmas Joy - KT
Buck can't be home for Christmas. Will there be any joy in the household?

Christmas Surprise - KT
Buck is in Afghanistan. Will Christmas happen without him?

Christmas Memories - Carole
Separate shopping trips cause angst when Buck and Chris realize the boys both bought tree toppers, and each holds a special memory


Christmas Miracles and Dreams - Winnie

Chris and Vin are taken hostage and Chris is beaten to try to coerce information out of Vin that he may or may not remember. This story is very intense and sensitive readers should be forewarned.


Christmas Search - Phyllis

The search for the perfect Christmas Gift for Chris reveals more about JD and his perceptions of his place than anyone expected.


The Christmas Shoes - Joy K (ATF)
Chris realizes that a little boy he helped in the past may have been Vin. He sets out to find the truth and perhaps a little bit of Vin's past.


Christmas Shoes - S. Larabee Tanner

Chris learns a valuable lesson from a little boy. (Song fic)


The Colors of Love - LaraMee

Chris and Vin struggle to come to terms when Vin disobeys. It's Chris who learns a lesson, however, about the need to belong.


Coming Home Again - Joy K

JD's aunt comes for him and Vin is taken away. Can Buck and Chris get the boys back and if they do, will they be able to regain their trust once again?


Concrete Angel - LaraMee

(songfic, Martina McBride's Concrete Angel) A late night news report triggers tragic memories for Vin. Chris helps his adopted son come to terms with a painful part of his past.


Convoy - MMW
Buck goes looking for the boys when things get too quiet and finds them involved in a convoy.


Cookie Crumbs - Joy K

Ezra silently laments his misfortune while babysitting the boys for a couple of days. While acknowledging lessons learned on how to eat like a child, he longs for his nice, quiet home.


The Cookie Monster - Winter
Trouble arises when JD catches Chris eating Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve.


Courtesy Gibbous - Sealie

A woman from Chris' past shows up with plans for their future together that might not include the rest of the family.


Cowboy Up - Joy K

When the boys protest having to go to a daycare center, Chris and Buck and the rest of the ATF team take them to a rodeo and they all learn the meaning of, 'Cowboy Up'...


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Stories starting with D


Dandelion Days - Cimmer

Buck tries to help a "too serious" Vin learn how to play.


Dandelion Memories - Cimmer

JD and Chris bond while babysitting Mrs. Potter's Great Neice.


Dark Nights Bring Sunny Days - Holly

A different version of how Vin and JD come to live with Buck and Chris. The boys' foster home isn't all it's cracked up to be... and the feeling that something is wrong nags at the entire team. Contains references to child abuse.


The Dark Side - Estee
A mini-golf set, a moment of temptation, and the dark side is revealed.


The Date - Estee & MMW

What ever possessed Chris Larabee to even attempt a date with two little boys in his household. One mishap after another ensues.


Days In September - KT
Buck explains the events of September 11, 2001 to Vin.


Daytime Nightmare - Phyllis

Buck and JD are both injured and end up in the hospital. While JD's physical injuries are minor, the emotional damage is much greater when he is left confused by Buck's reactions to him. He doesn't understand that his foster father is struggling with emotional pain of his own.


Daytime Nightmares Vanquished - Phyllis

Buck and JD are home from the hospital, but all is not well. Buck continues to push his foster son away, convinced that it's for the best, leaving JD to shoulder the heavy weight of guilt for the accident that began it all. Meanwhile, Chris and Vin are feeling the strain, and Chris decides that enough is enough.


Decorated with Love - Carole
Vin second guesses himself when he decides to decorate the house as a surprise


Deer Hunting - Beth Green

A trip to a wildlife refuge takes a tragic turn when Chris, Buck and the boys have an accident. The physical injuries are easier to see, than the emotional.


Detour - Jeanne (ATF)
Vin and Josiah take a painful detour to visit Hannah.


Did He Just Say Frolic? - 3 - MMW
In this ficlet Chris learns a lesson from his adopted son.


Doesn't Matter - Nettie Roe

Vin's Halloween Costume prompts questions about his background


Doggone It - Beth Green

Chris and Buck deal with rush hour traffic with unexpected complications due to an adventurous Ringo and Elvis.


Don't Leave - Jeanne

After Chris is injured in the line of duty, Josiah and the others discover just how deep the bond between Larabee and Vin has become. Later, that bond is put to the test when both Chris and Vin take big risks for one another.


Drive - Joy K

An accident with the chainsaw renders Chris unconscious and the boys need to find a way to get help even though they are only five and seven...


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Stories Starting with E


Easter Gifts - KT
Brand new to the Larabee home, Vin and JD discover the best and worst about Easter gifts.


EVERYDAY: This Wonderful Life - Sue M
Buck is stuck in Houston, and Vin is on a sleepover. JD's missing them and seeks comfort from Chris.



#1: The Easter 500 - Joy K

Our fourth series begins with Uncle Ezra presenting extravagant gifts to the boys and learning about being family. Vin has trouble in school over an essay about heroes, and JD struggles with the choice between Buck or his new truck.

#2: Face To Face - Chris G

A very excited and nervous Vin meets his birth fathers' friend, Major Carpenter, at last.

#3: Shields of Honor - KT

The boys get a special place to play, but JD finds it not quite to his liking since it leaves his friend Joey out of the fun.

#4: The Writing on the Wall - Nancy W

Vin is fascinated by the janitor’s spray paint, but when disaster strikes he has a decision to make. Meanwhile, the adults in his life fear there’s something very wrong going on with the little boy.

#5: You've Got Mail - Phyllis

The Granger family, including JD’s friend Joey, say good-bye to Denver. When JD realizes his friend isn’t coming back, he’s crushed. His Da finds a way to help his Little Bit overcome his sadness.

#6: Lots of Babies - Jeanne

When duty calls and Mrs. Potter is away, Vin and JD spend the evening with another agent’s family. The boys learn more than their fathers (well, Buck anyway!) expected, but it’s every day life on a working farm!

#7: Membering Day - GinaD

Chris, Buck and the rest of the team work to make Memorial Day, 2004 very special for li'l Vin and wee JD. Thanks to a lot of team work, Rachel Dunne and Rebecca Tanner are brought 'home'. Chris takes Vin to visit his 'borned dad's' final resting place as well

#8: Adventures in Babysitting - LunaDey

When the other members of team seven are called away, Uncle Nathan volunteers to take care of Vin and JD. When he suffers an appendicitis attack, though, the boys end up taking care of him!

#9: School's Out! - MMW

School's out for summer and the boys are celebrating. Things get a little tense as Vin anticipates a visit from Chris' father, and whether he can measure up to Adam.

#10: The Thing about Fathers - LaraMee #250

JD has an important question about fathering that he needs answered. The answer leads to a very special surprise gift for Vin as the boys celebrate Father's Day with their family.

#11: A Camping We Will Go - Winter

A family camping trip faces several challenges. First they have to assess the damage wrought by mice. Then Vin suffers and ear infection that resigns him to a weekend in the house. Buck and JD ride out alone, but Buck finds the perfect spot to set up camp.

#12: The Big Four Oh - KT

Buck is facing his 40th birthday. He finds himself facing a lot of "feel bad" thoughts that the other adults don't understand. It takes Vin and a visit to Dr. Will to help him come to terms with his feelings. Just in time to enjoy a very special celebration with his family and friends. Privately, Chris gifts Buck with a deed, making him half owner of the ranch.

#13: Salt and Pepper - Part 1 - Phyllis

When Chris chastizes Buck for taking undue chances on the job, JD misundertands the man's motives. He decides that he isn't as wanted in the family as Vin is, and vows to make changes. Then a series of mishaps almost leave him home alone, reinforcing his fear that he isn't really as much a part of the family as his 'brother'.

#14: Salt and Pepper - Part 2 - Phyllis

JD's acting strangely an no one can figure out why. The little boy ends up at odds with both Vin and Chris, prompting him to ask Buck to move from the ranch. A family pow-wow gives everyone a chance to make amends and let the little boy know that he is a valued member of the family.

#15: Do As I Say, Not As I Do - Estee

After seeing the "big boys" in town make a bike ramp, Vin decides to try one himself. A tumble leaves him with bumps and scrapes, but leads to a bigger problem. Not to be left out, JD tries his own ramp and ends up in the ER needing stitches. This leads the men to take a trip down memory lane, recounting their own "daredevil stunts".

#16: The Torkus Incident - Nancy

Vin innocently causes an accident that leaves both boys traumatized and Torkus on death's door. Can JD forgive Vin... and can Vin forgive himself?


Exclusive Membership - Carole
Uncle Ezra's disappointed about being rejected from an Exclusive Club, but the boys work their magic


Eyes of a Child - Holly

Vin's special gifts for his family take a new twist in the Lay-a-way department, teaching the true spirit of giving.


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Stories starting with F


A Family of Friends - Kili Craftybow

Misunderstandings and prejudice bring problems for the boys at school. This story deals with a sensitive subject matter

Dream 1: Sweets Dreamland - Lu
Dream 2: Cowboys - Lu
Dream 3: The Magician - Lu
Dream 4: Wizards - Lu
Dream 5: 'Toons - Lu
Dream 6: 'Toons Revisited - Lu
Dream 7: The Lamp - Lu
Dream 8: Space - Lu
Dream 9: The Video Game - Lu
Dream 10: The Duck and The Rabbit -Lu
Dream 11: Toys

Vin and JD have a series of dreams with some strange and humorous events


Feelin' No Pain - BMP
A new pain killer has an interesting reaction for Chris. Or does it?


Finding Me - MMW (ATF/Without A Trace)
In this crossover with "Without A Trace" Vin is missing in New York and the FBI Missing Persons unit helps Chris and Buck find him. Told from Agent Martin Fitzgerald's point of view.


Fire Drill - MMW

During their first week at school, Vin and JD's survival instints are in high-gear when the school holds a fire drill.


Firestorm - AJ
A fun overnight of camping turns into a nightmare for Chris and Vin.


Fishin' - Winnie

Vin and JD go fishing in a manhole. Can Buck and Chris pull a prank on them without it backfiring?


Field Trip - Angie (ATF)

The boys go on a class trip and are taken hostage.


For The Best - Heather F

Is Uncle Ezra just too dangerous to have around? The boys take a serious look at unadopting their Uncle when Buck is injured during a bust and it's Ezra's fault.


And For This We Give Thanks - Phyllis

A Thanksgiving story. A terrible accident leaves Buck and Lil' Vin in the hospital, while Lil' JD wanders the woods lost, alone and frightened. Can Chris save JD in time?


Four Nine - Joy K
Vin achieves a new height, but a misunderstanding dashes his hopes.


Free Weekend - Kili Craftybow
The Dads get a break from parenting responsibilities when Vin and JD spend the night with Billy Travis.


From A to B - KT
A forgotten permission slip forces the boys to stay home from a much anticipated field trip, but Buck steps up and delivers a fun day.


From the Heart - Joy K

(Follows "Coming Home Again"). Ezra receives a gift from Vin's heart and, even though it spoils his GQ image, he wears it. Despite the teasing he endures, the delight in Vin's eyes made it the greatest gift in the world...


Full Circle - Jeanne

Vin's been hiding his physical hurts, while Chris hides the ones inside. Can Chris reconcile the love he feels for his departed family with the love he has for Vin? Can he open up enough for Vin to trust him?


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Stories Starting with G


Getting Back - Xiola

A sequel to "Afraid. Deals with the aftermath of self-mutilation of one of the boys.


Go With Me - Sue M
JD has a bout with Tonsillitis.


Goin' To See The West - Jeanne

A surprise from Vin's past upsets the delicate balance of the family. Vin is torn between the desire to know his past, and the fear that he will lose his family.


Goodnight Cowboy - Carole

Chris and Vin share a special moment when Vin is sick and needs some extra T.L.C.


The Greatest Gift - Aussie Lass *Password Required
Vin won't ask for anything for Christmas and Chris has to work to find why.


The Gun - Sealie
Children and guns are not a good mix. Josiah's negligence initiates a stressful and frightening event for the family.


Gunfight at the LWTD Corral - Helen Adams
A quiet afternoon waiting for JD and Chris to return brings "trouble" at the ranch.


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Stories Starting with H


Happy Birthday Vin Tanner - Gunny

A poignant look at Vin's birthday from a different ATF AU viewpoint


Hats Have Their Uses - Susie Burton
Chris has a new hat, which mysteriously disappears at the same time that the yard gets too quiet.


He Broke It - Phyllis
Buck is on assignment and JD is having a hard time coping without him... especially when his comfort place is disrupted.


He Looks Just Like You - Phyllis
Buck reflects on being JD's "Dad" after an innocent remark on the playground.


He Needed Me - Miz Nettie
A unique point of view looking at the meeting of three hearts who need each other.


Heaven Knows, Mr. Wilmington - Nancy W
Just how did little JD wind up in Buck Willmington's heart and home? A poignant look at the first three days.


Hey Joe - Heather F.
An amazing collection of sweet and bittersweet recollections from Lil' Vin's diary, with trials involving yucky masked potatoes, stinky spelling teachers, and Mr. Ezra's recovery from a leg wound.


Hide and Seek - Silverwolf
A riotous twist on the hide and seek game!

Hiding (A Reflection) - Clara Moore
Vin realizes he doesn't have to hide anymore.


The Horse Warrior - Lynda
Vin's giftedness with horses is discovered and encouraged



A New Home - Angie (ATF)
Vin and JD care for orphaned puppies until they can find a new home.

My Place in This World - Jeanne (AU)
Takes Place in the Haven Universe. The adults are seeking someplace for the kids to stay while on a very dangerous mission against the PCCA. They find someone from Buck's past and a perfect person to care for the boys.

Angel Ride - Nancy W (AU)
Set in the Dark Angels alternate universe. Two boys are found by bikers and become a part of the gang.

Taking Annie Home - Laramee (AU)
Takes place in LaraMee's "Dark Travels" AU. Vin's ability to communicate with spirits leads him to a grieving family. With his father's help, he is able to give them closure on the loss of their daughter.

NORTH PASS RANCH: No Place Like Home - Joy K (AU)
Several small mishaps on their first campout cause everyone to feel there's no place like home.

Finding Home - KT (Lost Lambs AU)
While Chris is away trying to adopt Vin, Ezra's mother takes custody. Will they be able to bring him home?

Home For Christmas - Jeanne (OW)
Chris is called away by the Judge just days before Christmas and Mz Nettie must distract little Vin from worrying too much.

Coming Home Finally - Angie( OW)
The family, and Josiah make a trip to the city to sell some horses (and see the train).

What Makes A Home - LaraMee (ATF)
A prequel to the ATF LB Universe. The tale of how Vin and JD met, and how they got along until the fateful day that found Vin wounded, and the two little boys being found by Chris Larabee and the members of ATF Team Seven.

Riding For Home - LaraMee (OW)
A trip to deliver a horse to its new owner provides some quality time for father and son. But, when Vin is injured on the way home it is up to his father to take care of him and to get him home, safely.

Drawing Home - Joy K (ATF)
A miscommunication during art class causes a problem for Vin, but ends up being a blessing in disguise.

The Long Way Home - LaraMee (ATF)
Snowy Roads and a trip into town turn into trouble for Vin and Uncle Ezra.

Home Sweet Home - Angie (ATF)
It's one of THOSE days... when everything goes wrong, and everyone longs for a bit of Home Sweet Home

Where The Heart Calls Home - Helen Adams (ATF)
Ezra's been away for over a month and is looking forward to coming home... only to find that home isn't where he expected.


Homecoming - LaraMee

When Chris arrives home after an injury, Vin finds his greatest wish is not as easy as it seems.


Hunting Eggs - Lyn
Chris and Buck help Vin and JD with their first Easter Egg Hunt.


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Stories starting with I


I Don't Know You - Sue M
JD faces "stranger danger" on a trip to the zoo with the family and is abducted. This story contains strong language and references to a child molester.


I Just Thought - Ruby
Dark story that may not be suitable for all readers. A child dies under tragic circumstances and Vin and JD are having trouble adjusting


If Only - Phyllis

If only Buck and Chris had stayed home... If only Vin hadn't crossed the street, leaving JD behind... If only Rain had watched more closely... If only Nathan had fixed the door... When JD is seriously injured, who is to blame?


I'm Here - LaraMee

A short pwp (plot, what plot?) that has Chris recovering from an injury. He finds himself giving Vin reassurance that things are okay after a Thanksgiving gathering.


In The Beginning - Raven

Two little boys find themselves thrown together on the streets by tragic circumstances.



Vin must write an essay each week to keep up his skills during summer vacation from school. Using Vin's handwritten essays, the voice software on the computer, and JD's drawings, the boys make a memory book of their summer adventures for Buck and Chris.

1. 'Sponsible... - Joy K

In the first of the series, Vin and JD face a fearful night when a fit of anger seems to set off a frightening string of events.

2. One Little Word - Joy K

In the second of the series, the boys tackle Father's Day for the first time creating special gifts and an unforgettable breakfast. Will it all be ruined by one little word?

3. Plan B - Phyllis

What do Museums, McDonalds, Jacuzzi's and Teepees have in common? Find out when the boys and Ezra go with Plan B.

4. Batter Up - Joy K 

Do Wiffle Bats hurt? Buck seems to think they do when a batting lesson goes awry, leaving JD in tears, Vin confused and four men grinning.

5. Stripes and Fried Stars - Joy K

An Independence Day Celebration goes awry when JD is unexplicably stricken by some painful head trauma, with Vin unable to protect him, and Chris and Buck feeling helpless.

6. Midnight Snack - Winter

The little guys accompany the big boys on to a Conference and discover the hidden treasures in their hotel room.

7. Peso's Day Out - Joy K

What do corrals, swimming pools and highways have in common? Find out when Peso takes a stroll creating a worrisome time for Chris and Buck and the boys

8. Feeding Fishes - KT

It's hot, tempers are flaring, and there's no relief in sight. Chris & Buck come up with a creative solution that nearly ends in disaster for JD.

9. Special Delivery - Nancy W 

Nobody's letting the boys have ANY fun. What happens when a delivery truck arrives and two little boys are bored...

10. Fountain of Youth - Joy K 

It's Chris' birthday, a time that always brings back hard memories... but two little boys want to give him the "bestest" birthday party ever.

11. Camp Out - Phyllis

Wilderness... Camping...Two little trouble magnets... Join the entire gang on a week of camping capers and fun.

12. The Redemptor Horse - GinaD

Vin and JD quickly become attached to Josiah's new golden colored horse, Bubba. It doesn't take long to discover why Bubba was a "steal"

13. Head & Shoulders, Bees and Toes - LaraMee

The boys spend a weekend on the town with Uncle Ezra. Will Ezra survive the twin whirlwinds?

14. Smarts - Chris Gantt

School is starting and the last minute immunizations and shopping prove to be too much for Vin

15. Dancing With The Wind - Joy K

It's time to complete the summer scrapbook, but circumstances make it difficult to accomplish. All the "uncles" join in to help and Chris and Buck are presented with a treasure they will never forget.

In the Still of the Night - LaraMee

JD and Buck are gone and Chris tries to find out what's keeping Vin from sleeping.


Independence - KT

On the Fourth of July, JD and Buck talk about what "independence" means and how it applies to them.


Intervention - MMW
Chris has a "problem" and the boys decide it's time for an intervention.


It Don't Make Sense - Sealie

Vin struggles to make sense of certainthings; thankfully his dad and the others have his back.


It's Not Fair - Joy K

It's halloween and the fates are not kind to Vin as he falls ill.


It's Only Temporary - Angie

Trouble at work for Chris brings even larger trouble at home when the boys are "temporarily" removed from the home.

It's Only a Week - LaraMee
Uncle Ezra is in charge of the boys for a week. What could possibly happen?


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Stories starting with J


Jarred Memories - Joy K
Vin and JD give in to temptation, which brings back memories for Uncle Ezra.


JD's First Visit to the Dentist - Pat M

"Miss Christina" takes Vin and JD to the dentist, which results in a new housekeeper and JD being barred from going back to the dentist…


JD's Missed Adventure - Phyllis

While in Wal-Mart to get a pair of boots, JD is taken while Buck is distracted, leaving Buck and the boys to deal with the consequences as JD sleeps through the ordeal.


Joy Ride - Phyllis

It was supposed to be a quick trip to the gas station for gas and air before a camping trip, but it turns into a wild ride for JD when teenagers looking to take a joy ride steal Chris' truck, with JD in it.


JOY'S BIRTHDAY 'ZINE... (Collection)
4. Makin' Memories - LaraMee (ATF)

When Chris has to postpone some quality time with Vin, Uncle Ezra steps in to help out.

6. Waitin' and Waitin' - Jeanne (ATF)

Early release from school, a traffic jam and ATF meetings all day leave Vin stranded at school. Ezra escapes from the meetings and comes to his nephew's rescue awaking memories of Ezra being left waitin' too.

Judging A Book By It's Cover - Phyllis

Buck loses his temper on the job and it has dire consequences at home putting into jeopardy his chances to adopt JD.


Just the Two of Us - Rhiannon

It’s six months since the boys came to live with Chris and Buck and the family decides to celebrate. When Vin begins acting strangely, Chris tries to get to the bottom of things. What he discovers changes how both he and Vin look at their little family.


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Stories starting with K



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